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Carola Dunn is a well known American author of the Mystery, Thriller and Romance genres. She was born on November 14, 1946 in England, United Kingdom. Dunn is particularly famous for writing the mystery novel series, Daisy Dalrymple mysteries which are set in England. Before becoming a mystery writer, used to write Regency romance novels. In the romance genre, Dunn has written and released around 30 novels. She has also written more than 16 mystery novels as well. Before becoming a novelist, Dunn obtained her degree in B.A. from the Manchester University in the Russian and French languages. Being born and raised in England, Dunn has always liked to travel to a number of places. She has traveled to the remotest locations in Fiji and has since then, resided in California. Dunn has been living in California for the past 30 years, but still finds it new and feels like she had arrived there only a month ago. Before becoming a successful author of the mystery and romance genres, Dunn used to do a number of jobs such as market research, construction, child care and writing definitions for a science and technology dictionary. She was efficient in her work, be it forming foundation trenches, roofing or any other work related to construction, analyzing the market trends or doing baby caring.

Carola Dunn began her writing career in the year 1979 when she wrote her first Regency novel, which she was successful in selling to the Warner Bros Company. Currently, Carola Dunn lives in Eugene, Oregon. She has a son and a grandchild living in California. Dunn is very fond of pet animals. She owns a large dog named Willow, who is black in color and goes for a walk with Dunn every morning to the coast of the Willamette River. Author Dunn has written a total of three novel series’ in her career, the first one titled ‘Daisy Dalrymple’ contains 22 novels, whereas the other two novel series’ consists of 3 books each. They are called ‘Cornish Mystery’ and ‘Rothschild Trilogy’. Dunn is famous for characterizing the protagonist Daisy Dalrymple as an honorable lady with the habit of investigating crimes in the city. She is also known for plotting the character of Eleanor Trewynn in the Cornish Mystery series. Eleanor is described as a plucky widow, who runs a charity shop in a fictional village named Port Mabyn. The series is said to be set in Cornwall, England during the time of the year 1960.

The Cornish Mystery series comprises of 3 intriguing novels published between the years 2009 and 2012. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Manna from Hades’. The novel was published by the Minotaur Books in the year 2009. The plot of the novel introduces the central characters and the setting of the novel. The opening sequence of the novel shows the main protagonist, Eleanor Trewynn as a widow. She has been living in the fictional town of Port Mabyn for many years as a widow. Port Mabyn is a small village in Cornwall, England, where people are mostly busy with fishing. Before the death of her husband, Eleanor had traveled to the exotic parts of the world along with her husband. In Port Mabyn, she is retired and owns a local charity shop. She has a niece called Megan Pencarrow, who is a Detective Sargent and has been transferred to a nearby place. Megan has been appointed to work with a Detective Inspector, who does not believe in the idea of approving women for working in the police force. Also, he does not have healthy relations with Megan’s aunt Eleanor, as he thinks that she is kind of a thorn in his peaceful life. Soon, Eleanor and the vicar’s wife discover a dead body at the end of a hectic day of collecting donations. The dead body appeared to be of a young man with long hairs and a scruffy-looking face. The dead body of the youth is found hidden in the storeroom of the local charity shop run by Eleanor. Also, Eleanor discovers that some of the donated jewelry, that was expected to be fake and cheap, was actually real and very expensive. The jewelry was a part of a violent robbery that had taken place in London. The matters become even worse when it is found out that the dead body of the youth in the storeroom of the charity shop did not belong the group of the robbers. They novel keeps taking t=interesting turns filled with double cross, daring theft and the attempts of Eleanor in trying to bring out the truth and clearing her name from the crime that she had not committed. Eleanor decides to do the investigations on her own. She is required to find out the identity of the dead person along with the one who killed him and hid him in the storeroom of her charity shop.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2010 by the Minotaur Books under the title ‘A Colorful Death’. The novel, just like the first novel of the series showcases the witty style of writing of the author Carola Dunn. The novel continues with the mysterious life of the elderly widow named Eleanor Trewynn in the small village of Port Mabyn in Cornwall, England. After recently becoming a widow, Eleanor has moved to the village of Port Mabyn and hopes of spending the rest of her life peacefully along with her dog and some new friends of Port Mabyn. But, nothing happens as she had hoped. One of her neighbors Nick Gresham, who is an artist by profession, returns from his trip and finds that some of his paintings have been destroyed. He suspects his rival artist and local resident Geoffrey Clarke to have damaged of his paintings. Nick goes out along with Eleanor to teach Geoffrey a lesson only to find him stabbed to death in his studio. Geoffrey had been stabbed from the backside fatally and this has led Nick to become the prime suspect of the crime. He is arrested and put in jail as Detective Sargent Megan Pencarrow, Eleanor’s niece and Detective Inspector Scumble investigate the case. Eleanor believes that Nick is innocent and decides to do a little investigation on her own. She finds out that there was more than one person who had the motive of killing Geoffrey Clarke and Nick Gresham was far from being one of them.

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