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Carolyn Brown is an award winning American author who has published more than 60 books which includes historical and western romance novels. The USA Today and New York Times best selling author was born in Texas and raised in Southern Oklahoma.

Thirteen of her books have been translated into foreign languages and fourteen have been published in large print. Most of her books are on historical romance and contemporary romance. She has also written historical series, contemporary single titles and contemporary series. Some of her famous literary series includes Spikes and Spurs, Cowboys and brides, Honky Tonk and Lucky Penny Ranch.

She has won the National Reader’ s Choice award for two times, the Diamond award from Mont lake for selling one million books and the Bookseller’ s best award. Her novel Love Drunk cowboy was New York Times and USA today bestseller. Moreover the novel The Ladies’ Room was a RITA Finalist.

She has been married almost half a century to the retired English teacher, Charles. They have three children enough grand children to make them busy and young. She credits her family writing ideas and humor which she implements throughout her novels. She is popular among the readers for her trademark sense of humor which is present i all of her novels. She currently writes both cowboy romance and women’ s fiction.


Love Drunk Cowboy is an award winning novel published on May 2011. It was the New York Times and USA Today bestseller. It is the first book of Spike and Spurs series.

The novel is centered on a high powered career woman, Austin Lanier saddled with her inherited watermelon farm. She is determined to sell the farm, when her new neighbor Rye O’ Donnell shows up.

The story begins with the demise of Austin’s grandmother. She left all her possessions to Austin including the water melon farm, with specifications on how to dispose of her body. She got surprised when Rye, the next door neighbor whom she imagined to be elderly turned out to be fairly hot and young. Their relationship thwarts her efforts to sell the farm.

Austin has clearly worked hard to be successful in her chosen career. Her mother and two aunts whom she sees as role models are married to their profession. While spending time at her grandmother’ s farm, she unfolded another path before her which requires lots of guts. Rye on the other hand has a well mapped out life plan. He is handsome and attractive farmer who instantly falls for Austin despite the concerns of his sister. Their relationship was sweet rather than sultry and they spent a good time getting to understand each other over the phone.

Austin’ s original plans to sell the farm faded away as running of farm and the business of raising the watermelons got under her skin. She had taken two weeks vacation from her original job to look after the farm. But as the vacation neared to an end, she was accustomed with the everyday running of the farm. She became more loathe to leave it.

The story depicts a mother who is determined to get back her daughter to continue with her career, a sister who doubts the city girl over her relationship with her brother, and a granny who guides Austin’ s life from greater beyond.

In this book, Brown brings a delightful romance through a heroine who is willing to make her own decisions. Still, the hero’ s way of manipulating her makes the novel more charming. Switching back and forth from one perspective can be a bit confusing, but it keeps the reader on their toes.

One Hot Cowboy Wedding:

One Hot Cowboy Wedding is one of the most popular books by Carolyn Brown. It is the fourth book of Spikes and Spurs series which was published in April 2012. The story begins with the meeting of cafe owner Jasmine King and the rancher Ace Riley. Since the meeting, Jasmine has played several roles in rancher’s life. Best friend, confidante and the source of the most therapeutic hamburgers he has eaten ever. Neither of them expected to get married, let alone to each other. When Ace’ s grandfather passed away, he inherited his ranch. But he came late to realize the stipulation in the will. He was to be married within two years of his grandfather’ s demise or else the property would be forfeited. The deadline of two years shortened to two weeks as he acknowledged this. He shares his bad news with Jasmine and she offers to help him by arranging a temporary marriage. They makes a quick trip to Vegas and get married. They keep the marriage as secret for the required year and later arrange for a friendly divorce.

Jasmine feels happy for her help and Ace is beyond grateful to her.Their happy reunion as friends came to an end when a contest boot- kicks from low key to national news. Jasmine’ s mother feels cheated after hearing the news and forced Jasmine to move with Ace. Everyone eagerly waited for them to start a family. This put both of them in dilemma and now they are each secretly worrying.

Marriage of convenience and friends to lovers are two popular themes exhibited in this novel. Carolyn Brown blends them both to create a charming experience in the story. The author complicates the story with Ace’ s determination to hang onto his heart and Jasmine’ s hesitancy to stand up to her mother. Despite the external forces, they manage to stay as best friends. Ace’ s thoughts are uncensored and male.

New readers to Brown’ s Spikes and Spurs series may find the characters a little bit overwhelming. The community of Ring gold and the newlywed’ s family and friends provide a backdrop of conflict, caring and fun. The villain is not interesting as other characters, but is responsible for pushing Jasmine and Ace closer together.

One Hot Cowboy wedding is a best example of Brown’ s Texas style story telling with her unique elements of humor.

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