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Originally created by the authors Tracy and Laura Hickman, the ever popular series has had a few writers write for it, such as popular American author Margaret Weis. As one of the principal designers of the series, Weis has used her direction to drastically alter this continually expanding collection of books. Always increasing, there are many within the series with more being constantly added, as there always the potential for new add-ons to the franchise. Working as a fully immersive gaming universe for readers and players to get involved in, they function as a set of books to accompany the gaming materials as and when they are needed. With over 190 novels utilizing this particular world, there’s always room for more stories to grow within its setting. Featuring Krynn, it takes place in this fictional universe that expands across a number of different continents, employing a multitude of characters.

Using the setting as a starting point for the readers and players to get involved in, it then provides the characters as a conduit almost into the action itself. With a number of spin-offs and many talented authors working on it, it shows no signs of finishing in the near future. There’s plenty more on the horizon with a lot more characters to introduce and worlds to explore for the legions of fans out there. This is evident in the many subsequent spin-offs from this series alone, as each novel has the potential to expand further, allowing the readers greater interactivity with the smaller aspects.

Dragons of Winter Night

The second book in the Dragonlance Chronicles series, this was preceded by the first which was Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Published in July, 1985, this was the book that saw the rise in the overall popularity of the series, establishing its tone and premise further. Looking to give the characters a more in-depth set of personality traits as well, it managed to create a deeper analysis of the world they lived in.

There are a whole host of different characters here, each with their own respective traits and races, from Elvish to Dwarves. As spokespeople for their own races essentially, they have a variety of vested interests which come to light as the novel progresses. With all their different goals and attributes, they work towards setting the foundations of the Dragonlance series overall. Working alongside each other, they each have their own traits which work well together complimenting each other. This is evident in Weis and Hickman’s writing, as they are well known for their strong characterizations. Weis is particularly known for her dark characters, whilst Hickman is better known for her good characters, thus ensuring their compatibility as writers. Giving them strong starting points forms the basis for much of what is to come in the following novels.

Starting in the Dwarven city of Thorbardin, it opens with the many refugees from Pax Tharkas in the middle of a presentation as they award the dwarves with the Hammer of Kharas. This is only the beginning for the companions though, as they must now contend with the War for Krynn, which is going to be one of their greatest challenges yet. With a once disgraced knight along with his two fellow companions, it appears that all hope rests upon their shoulders, as they must struggle to bring the worlds back together. Will they be able to reunite the lands as they learn the truth of the dragons of winter night?

Dragons of Spring Dawning

Initially released in 1985 in the month of September, this was the third book in the Dragonlance Chronicles, continuing on from the last. Bringing in new characters, as well as building upon old ones, it works as a novel that’s now fully invested in its world. Allowing the readers to get involved at a far deeper level, it enables a much more immersive experience for the now loyal fan-base.

With a lot of the same characters as before, it also works in setting up the ‘Dragonlance Legends’ trilogy that acts as another spin-off series. Still continuing with their plights, it manages to simultaneously bring in new characters as well for the readers to invest themselves in. Overall though, the main idea behind the character’s growth in this series is to become fully independent and fully realized characters. With Hickman and Weis using their character skills once again, it’s clear where their loyalties now lie in regards to certain people. This can be seen evident in their preferred personality traits, which are stronger and more prominent here than before. What this then enables for the reader is more insight and more immersion, as they have more ability to choose when playing. The readers are then able to be given a clearer idea of what’s to come in the many subsequent novels, as they make their choices early on.

Picking up where the last left off, this continues the struggle to unite the lands and maintain the peace following the great war that threatened to engulf them all. Combining forces they must collectively overcome their differences once more if they’re to have a hope of saving the world and ensuring everyone’s safety. Can they manage to return the peace once again and this time discover the truth behind the dragons of spring dawning?

The Dragonlance Series

This series has been running for a long time now and there’s always areas that the chief designers are able to improve and expand upon. With the fact that there have been over 190 novels to date and counting using this franchise, it looks like the world of Krynn now has a life of its own beyond Weis or any of the other authors. The books themselves may only just be the beginning, as gaming is now expanding as an industry, largely thanks to the formulas and templates set by these forerunners of the movement. This looks like something that’s here to stay on into the foreseeable future, as it appears Margaret Weis or any of her contemporaries are stopping anytime soon.

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