Written by Graeme

Every two weeks I send out an e-mail newsletter with a list of book recommendations. I make it nice and simple – “If you like _____ then try _____”.

I only recommend one book per category and the category can cover a wide variety of topics. I know there’s a wide variety of readers out there, and my goal is to accommodate as many people as possible!

For example I may recommend a book if you like the character Jack Reacher. Or I may recommend a light Summer read for those times on the beach.

If there’s a movie coming out based on a book I might recommend that. Or if there’s a book that has just won an award I’ll recommend that.

On this page I list all of the archives of my recommendations. I have it easily categorized for when I go back to a category multiple times.

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And here are all of the recommendations I’m still organizing this section so it’s a bit messy right now.

Character/Series Recommendations:

If you like Jack Reacher: Nick Heller

Genre Recommendations:

If you like Historical Fiction: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.

Light/Fun Reads:

Going Postal – 33rd book in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Can be picked up and read without having read the others.

Specific Book Recommendations:

If you liked either the book or the movie The Dinner by Herman Koch, be sure to read the next novel he wrote – Summer House with Swimming Pool.

Books With A Movie:

If you like reading books which have a movie you can watch afterwards, go with The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin. Movie comes out October 2017.


For a humorous and interesting read, check out Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams.