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Always the budding writer from a very early age, the American author Rita Herron was a keen scribe, something which carried through with her to adulthood working as a writer of suspense and mystery novels. Knowing how to keep the reader hooked right until the very end, she clearly has a strong gift for engaging and tension building narratives, along with characters that her audience find themselves relating to extremely easily. Reaching the top of various best-seller lists on numerous occasion, this is a method that’s definitely working for her, as her global audience builds worldwide at a fast and rapid rate.
Early and Personal Life
It was at the young age of just eight when she first fell in love with the written word, as she read her first Trixie Belden mystery novel and was immediately hooked. Wanting to follow in this tradition of mystery novelists herself, she quickly developed her passion, never once believing that she could make a serious living out of it, instead just doing it for the love of writing. It was then at twelve she finally completed her first novel in its rawest form and, working in a number of other positions throughout the years, she would continually come back to her love of writing, never quite able to shake her primary passion.
Getting a number of jobs in the following years, she fell into teaching at a kindergarten with her teaching degree, something which she took with her as she continued to develop her talents. For some time she would work in the classroom, as she took her voice and crafted and molded it in the years to come, something which would work well for her. After some time she finally put the classroom behind her, as she decided to become the novelist that she’d always wanted to be instead, going on to sell her first books.
Witnessing the creativity of children and how they worked and played during her time in school really allowed her to explore all the possibilities of storytelling. Opening it up as an art-form for her, she was able to immerse herself completely in the practice, as she soon started to write children’s stories based on the what she had seen around her. It was then that she’d continue this interest, going back to her primary passion, as she started to revisit her own childhood love of mysteries and suspense.
Performing some of her stories to the children, she was able to refine and hone her craft at its primary stages, something which would help her in the years to come. Now living in Georgia as a native of Milledgeville, she continues to write to this very day, as she carries on this love of story-telling, sharing her gift with a world-wide audience this time. As more books are planned on the horizon, it appears this is going to continue for some time yet, as her career grows from strength-to-strength into the foreseeable future.
Writing Career
She has sold over fifty books to date and counting, many of them being suspense and romance novels, with a number of them also being tinged with mystery. Following her own schedule now, whilst keeping up family requirements being both a mother and a grandmother, it is around this time-frame that she finds her creativity is at its peak. Whether it’s gritty and dark thrillers, or suspense filled romance novels, she is constantly on the look-out for new and exciting ideas which can inspire her next story.
Respected by both her peers and contemporaries, she has critical success as well as commercial success, as her name has been nominated for various awards on a number of occasions. Achieving global success as well, there’s clearly an audience for her work that will continue to grow as time goes on and her books carry on being released. There’s plenty more books set to be released in the near future, many of which are franchises that maintain a keen following, something that isn’t stopping anytime soon.
Marry Me, Maddie
First published in 2001 on the first of August through the Love Spell publishing house, this is an early entry from Rita Herron, as it shows her talents burgeoning as a writer. Setting a certain style and tone for what was to follow in her writing career to be, she quickly amassed a following of loyal readers with this standalone feature. Creating a rich and vibrant tone, it carries through with a light-hearted pace and easy to follow narrative, that many among her audience clearly find engaging.
Whilst this book is a bright and breezy read, it clearly displays Rita Herron in her element as an author, allowing the readers a quick route into her work. Showing the relationship between a bad-boy bachelor and his romance with a southern independent woman, it charts well-worn territory, but with fresh eyes. Giving the readers what they want, it charts all the sparks and romance that comes from the relationship, as the chemistry builds between them. Can he settle down? What will become of them both? Will he say marry me, Maddie?
Worth Dying For
Initially published on the 22nd of April, 2014, through the Montlake Romance publishing label, it was to be the third part in the ongoing Slaughter Creek franchise. Set in Tennessee, this series has its own distinct style and tone which she has cultivated over the run of the books, creating a much beloved set of novels. With its ambiance as well, this particular entry enables the reader to dive right in as, whilst it may have a loyal following already, it is not entirely inaccessible either.
Set within the thriller mold, it sees Special Agent Liz Lucas returning from leave after dealing with the trauma of her previous case, only to be assigned to a case with the ‘Dissector’. Not only that, but she’s been placed under the lead of Special Agent Rafe Hood who’s taking charge of the investigation, someone who used to be her lover. So, despite being caught up in-between the chemistry she feels for her boss and trying to catch a killer, she must also get over the events of her past assignment. Will she be able to catch the killer? Can she keep her feelings in check? What will she find that’s worth dying for?

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