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Publication Order of Triple Threat Books

Face of Betrayal (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hand of Fate (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Heart of Ice (2011) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Eyes of Justice (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Triple Threat series is a novel collection of four very exciting mystery novels. The series was written by the New York Times bestselling American author Lis Wiehl and the novels were published over a period of three years from 2009 to 2012. Being published by the Thomas Nelson Publishers, the series depicts the story of three highly dedicated and intelligent women, one of whom is a Federal Prosecutor, the other is an FBI agent and the third one is a TV news reporter. These women live in Portland, Oregon and have formed a team to investigate criminal activities in the city. They together form the ‘Triple Threat’ as felt by the criminal who fear their professional expertise. The author Lis Wiehl used to work as a Fox News legal correspondent and a former Federal Prosecutor. This is the reason for her to write such a novel comprising of all her knowledge about the three departments. The plot of the series is full of suspense and thrill as the three women encounter various hurdles in solving the crimes. The author collaborated with another New York Times bestselling author named April Henry from Portland, Oregon to complete the series. The contribution of April Henry cannot be sidelined as she has also been an important aspect for the success of the novel. The initial couple of novels were very successful and helped Lis to write a couple of other novels in the series as well.

The first novel of the series was titled ‘Face of Betrayal’ and was published in the year 2009. The novel introduces the three main characters of the series who form the a team known as the ‘triple threat’. The characters are described as intelligent, professional and dedicated to solve the crimes taking place in the city. Cassidy Shaw is a reporter, Allison Pierce is a Federal Prosecutor and Nicole Hedges is an FBI Special Agent. The plot starts in the city of Portland, Oregon, where a 17 year old senate named Katie, who has returned home for the Christmas vacation, goes missing while going out for a walk with her dog. Reporter Cassidy Shaw id he first person to bring the story into limelight. A wide outrage spreads in the media and Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI Special Agent Hedges also come to know about the news. These three are lifelong friends and have formed The Triple Threat team to fight against such crimes.

The name Triple Threat has been derived from their favorite dessert. The ability of these three women to crack cases on the basis of their powerful positions automatically makes them a triple threat for the criminals. Katie is believed to be kidnapped or having run away out of fear of someone, by the authorities. However, all these theories become baseless when Nicole discover’s Katie’s blog. The blog reveals that she was getting troubled by her mysterious relationship with an old man, possibly a U.S Senator. The three women strive hard to find Katie alive, but have to face betrayals from many trusted ones. They have to find that one face among a growing crowd of suspects before becoming he victims of betrayals themselves. Their inner demons and a number of external enemies are brought out due to their emotional involvement in the case. The novel was very well written by Lis Wiehl and April Henry together. Wiehl’s expertise in politics, law and criminal investigation and April’s narrative genius can be very well seen in the novel. The gripping mystery of the novel filled with descriptions of real life danger and rich characters give it a satisfying finish. The interesting twists in the end are appreciated by all the readers. The novel was considered as a sizzling political thriller by the Publishers Weekly. The Suspense Magazine termed the novel as one of the top ten best thriller books of the year.

The second novel of the Triple Threat series was published with the title ‘Hand of Fate’ in the year 2010. The novel was again published by the Thomas Nelson Publishers and continued the suspenseful plot from the first book. In this novel, the triple threat club of Cassidy Shaw, Nicole Hedges and Allison Pierce continue their efforts of making Portland a crime-free city. But this time they have to face a more difficult situation. Famous radio talk show host Jim Fate, is murdered brutally in his studio. The murderer filled Jim’s studio with poisonous gas during one of his talk shows ‘The Hand of Fate’. Due to the poisonous gas, Jim dies tragically leaving behind an outnumbered list of suspects. Jim was believed to be of an outspoken nature and because this only he might have been might murdered. The three begin their mission of finding the killer by piecing together the motive, mystery and madness of the crime.

This time the committed crime is a personal loss the three women as one of them was in a secret relationship with Jim Fate. No one was aware of the one among the three who was in love with the victim. However, that person had the access to Jim’s house and also possessed some very important evidences. While trying to solve the case, the women confront a sense of betrayal within the team. The not-so-public life of Fate came out during the investigation process and this gives rise to a feud among the women. It was getting clear that the murderer was becoming successful in breaking the team. He had hit the right mark at the right time. Soon the women realize that they must stick together in order to nail the murder and bring justice to Jim. They keep aside their differences and decide to move ahead with the investigation, but this time with a new energy and firm determination. The novel received wide recognition from one and all and the suspenseful narration of the authors was very much appreciated. The critics described it as a pulse-pounding plot and full of twists and turns. Lis Wiehl received great motivation from the success of her initial novels and completed two more novels in the series. She also wrote several other novel series’ based on the mystery and thriller genre.

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