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Vicki Lewis Thompson is one of the bestselling writers of America, who is particularly famous for her successful romance novels. Many of the popular romance novels written by her have featured on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller’s lists. Thompson was born on October in the United States and was interested in the literature & fiction as well as the humor genres from a very young age. Along with using her original name for writing her novels, Thompson also uses a couple of pen names to write other romance novels of her writing career. The pseudonyms include the names, Corey Keaton and Corey Kenyon that she uses to collaborate with author Mary Tate Engels. Before going to establish her as a noteworthy author, Thompson earned her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from the Arizona University in the subject of English. After that, she began as a journalist first and then as a high school teacher of English later. Author Thompson continued with both these jobs for a short period and eventually deciding to try her hand at writing romance novels. She developed her interest towards the romance stories after reading a number of popular romance novels.

The first romance book written by Thompson was published in the year 1984, which featured in the line of the Harlequin Temptation as the 9th entry. The successful writing career of author Thompson also gave her the honor of becoming one of the selected few launch authors for the lines of Harlequin Duets and Harlequin Blaze. She started to be listed among the prominent authors of her time with the success of the first novel of her popular ‘Nerd’ series, which was published in the year 2003. This novel went on to be selected for Reading With Ripa. As far as he personal life of author Vicki Lewis Thompson is concerned, she is happily married and is blessed with a couple of children. Her daughter named Audrey Thompson helps her to manage her personal website. Author Thomspon has always believed in the magic of love in changing the lives of people forever. She says that love is what makes the world move around and the trip is made worth taking with the help of laughter. These two elements play an important part even in the successful and healthy life of author Thompson.

Throughout her writing career, she has been able to write and publish more than 90 books, many of which have gone on to become international bestsellers. Because of her excellent writing career, author Thompson was awarded with the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award by the RWA. With the development of the plot and characters of her novel, Nerd in the Shining Armor, she is believed to have become the pioneer of a new type of romance hero. After the success of her ‘Nerd’ series, author Thompson went on to launch one of the boisterous paranormal novel series featuring a matchmaking wizard and witch, an ADD dragon in the name of George, as well as a black cat, which was inspired from her pet pussy named Eve. Author Thomspon began with the love affairs of her cowboy protagonists with the Lone Ranger, and continued through the Maverick and finally ending with the Zorro. She considers herself fortunate to be living in the Arizona desert, where she can easily find lean hipped and broad shouldered cowboys, based on whom she was able to develop the male protagonists of her romance novels.

One of the successful novel series written by author Vicki Lewis Thompson was published under the title ‘Sons of Chance’. It consists of a total of 17 books published between the years 2010 and 2014. The first novel of this successful series was released under the title ‘Wanted!’. It was published by the Harlequin Books publishing house. The main plot of this novel is set in Shosone, Wyoming, United States, during the time of the year 2010 and revolves around the lives of the main characters named Nick Chance and Dominique Jeffries. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Dominique Jeffries is introduced as a photographer, who travels t Wyoming with the intention of discovering her creative and sexual self. She is also trying to overcome the bad experiences of a failed engagement and wishes to break loose so that she can spend the rest of her life living on her own terms. And in order to so, Dominique thinks that seducing a sweaty and shirtless cowhand would be a perfect start for her. Nick Chance is introduced as not exactly a cowhand, but he possesses everything that Dominique wants. However, Nick soon realizes that things more than a quick roll of hay in his life. He sees something in Dominique that makes him fall for her, something that he feels will make him complete in every sense. But, the only problem is that Dominique is not at all interested in engaging her in another relationship. She wants to have a fling and enjoy her life to the fullest. However, she does not realize the fact that she will be persuaded to take another chance with Nick Chance, once she gets a taste of his manhood.

The second novel of the Sons of Chance series written by author Vicki Lewis Thompson was published under the title ‘Ambushed!’. It was released by the Harlequin Books publishing house. The plot of this novel is also set in Shoshone, Wyoming, United States during the time of the year 2010. The main characters in this novel include Morgan O’Connelli and Gabe Chance. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Morgan O’Connellu is depicted as hating her restless lifestyle that she had during her childhood. Now, all that she wants is to build a real home for herself in the small town of Wyoming. At first, Morgan gets rid of her real estate agent and then borrows the horse of Gabe Chance, who was the hottest of all the cowboys of the town as well as a cutting-horse champion. He gets blown away when the feisty redhead named Morgan O’Connelli lands in his bed unexpectedly. As she continues to make her way into his heart, he begins to realize that she is perfect in every way for him. Soon, he realizes that he has everything that he has that someone like her wanted desperately, which was the ranch of his family. After knowing what she is actually after, Gabe Chance is not willing to give up the legacy of her family. He does not care even if Morgan is the sexiest women he has seen in his entire life.

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