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Publication Order of The Convergence Saga Books

No Gods, No Monsters (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lesson (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Caldwell Turnbull is a reputed American novelist of science fiction and fantasy novels. He is particularly well known for writing several successful standalone novels such as The Lesson, All the Hidden Places, etc. Turnbull has also written a few short fictions that have appeared in Nightmare, Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Verge, and Lightspeed. One of his short stories, Loneliness is in Your Blood, was chosen for the 2018 Best American SF and Fantasy. A novelette written by Turnbull for Asimov’s called Other Worlds and This One has also been included in an anthology as a notable story. Another short story penned by him is called Jump, which has been selected as the 2019 Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year.

Prior to making his debut in the field of writing, Turnbull earned his Master of Arts degree in Linguistics and an MFA degree in Creative Writing from the University of North Caroline State. He has also attended the 2016 Clarion West. Author Turnbull has set his debut book, The Lesson, in his native United States Virgin Islands and has described it as coming under alien colonization. This book has received great reviews, praise, and appreciations from many noteworthy magazines, editors, critics, and fellow writers. The highlights of the appreciations include starred reviews from Library Journal, Kirkus Review, and Publisher’s Weekly. A large number of readers have also spoken kind words for the book on various literary platforms and have appreciated Turnbull’s efforts in coming up with such a unique science fiction story.

Turnbull requests the readers to rate and review his work as much as they as he is new to the writing scene and desperately needs their praise to make a successful writing career for himself. He also expects his newly acquired fans to talk about his books on online platforms and share them among their friends so that they reach out to a wider audience. For the past two months, author Turnbull is on a book tour for promoting his first book. He has already visited my American cities and is expected to many more by September 2019. Throughout the book tour, Turnbull has been interacting with the audience, signing books for them, answering their queries and questions, and taking their valuable feedback. And going by the response he has been getting, he is hopeful that people from other countries of the world are also going to like his book and help it become much more successful.

Turnbull is also active on social media, where he interacts with the readers and gives them updates about the release dates of his books, a timeline of his book signing events, details, and news of his future projects, and much other information in regards to his writing career. He is grateful for all the love and support he has received from the audience throughout his country. Also, Turnbull is thankful to all the critics, reviewers, and fellow authors who have spoken good words about his work and praised his efforts. He is looking forward to writing a lot more novels in the years to come and entertaining the readers to the best of his ability.

The debut book written by author Caldwell Turnbull is entitled ‘The Lesson’. It was released by Blackstone Publishing in 2019. This book explores the belief’s nature and alien colonialism’s impact on human life. It is considered a breaking ground in the genre of science fiction. Set in US Virgin Islands, the novel is thought-provoking and delves deeply into colonialism’s allegorical themes. It also draws vivid images of the Charlotte Amalie community, where author Turnbull hails from. Initially, it is mentioned that a ship owned by aliens lands near Water Island. After getting acquainted with the local people of the community, the super-advanced race of aliens called Ynaa go on to live with them for 5 years. But, they do not disclose to humans the fact that they are carrying out a secret research mission.

The Ynaa race of aliens remains calm and composed throughout their stay on the Water Island, but they fight every step of aggression against them with equal force. After some time, the relationship between the local Islanders and the Ynaa aliens becomes strained. As a result, the peace between the two species gets destroyed. Later, a local young boy gets killed by the aliens and a year after this tragedy, three families united to fight against them. They indulge in an inevitable conflict that leaves them becoming victims of the wrath of the Ynaa. This event touches every human on the Island and teaches them a terrible lesson for life.

Another excellent book penned by author Turnbull is called ‘Monsters Come Howling In Their Season’. It was published in 2019 and contains illustrations done by Corey Brickley. Turnbull has set the story in St. Thomas and has depicted the lead character in the role of Nancy Stevens. The book opens by showing that a deadly hurricane hit St. Thomas and causes huge destruction. When the hurricane Owen subsides, Dr. Nancy Stevens sends a drone in the air to capture the extent of the destruction. She is shocked to find that the community has become completely naked. The leaves of its trees disappear and the soil beneath gets revealed. Trash and debris get tucked between the trees and every building in the community become tainted with dirt and soil.

Hurricane Owen leaves the mark of its destruction everywhere, exploiting each weak spot, stripping the trees, demolishing old buildings, tearing telephone poles, etc. Later, people come out to assess the damage caused by the natural disaster and help each other in clearing the debris. They call Nancy Stevens for help as she is equipped with advanced technology and can speed up the process of helping the community get back on its feet. This book was also highly appreciated by readers in all parts of the world. They praised the unique setting, engaging characters, excellent storyline, and interesting writing style of author Turnbull. The readers also enjoyed Corey Brickley’s interesting illustrations. All these factors helped the book become widely popular and reach out into the hands of readers far and wide. Author Turnbull received huge praise for his work in the book.

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