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Publication Order of Lakeview Books

Still Waters (2004) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Die Before Nightfall (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Even in the Darkness (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
When Silence Falls (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Valley Of Shadows (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stranger in the Shadows (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Lakeview Protector (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Lakeview is a series of Christian romantic suspense novels written by American bestselling author Shirlee McCoy. The series is to date one of Shirlee’s most popular, fast winning and critiques alike with its unique take on Christian romance. The first novel in the Lakeview series of novels was the 2003 published “Still Waters” series that spawned several more titles, to become the second longest running series for the author. McCoy grew up daydreaming of invincible strong and gutsy heroines, and a strong desire for writing inspirational fiction, and all these aspects are reflected in her novel series. The novels are set in Lakeview, Virginia, a small rural town where the characters suddenly find themselves in some kind of danger that over time evolves into romance. With each novel in the series introducing a different set of characters, these novels may be read as standalones, as the only common thing that they have between them is theme and the setting of Lakeview, Virginia. The novels are a Christian Romance type of novels that focus on the nature of Christian relationships, particularly on what is expected of a man and woman in a relationship. McCoy’s Christian faith shines through as she portrays stories of great courage and love between her characters. Overall, the Lakeview series are meant to be uplifting and edifying novels that tell the narratives of women and men that are seeking to know God better, despite their troubles and trials.

The series has a range of characters both male and female with different dreams, hopes, and motivations in life. For the most part the men take the lead in the series as the protectors of the women, who oftentimes find themselves in some kind of danger or tragedy. However, it is not only the women that need to be saved or protected as the men too need saving. With the men fitting the romance stereotype of career-focused men that do not believe in love, Shirlee McCoy spins narratives of the redeeming power of a woman’s love. In the quintessential birds of a feather flock together, McCoy tells of how the sharing of faith-based values results in even deeper romantic relationships between two people. The men see themselves as having a mission to protect the women in distress and from danger. However, in their quest to protect the women, they often find themselves running with them, as they are embroiled in tragedies that bind them together in love. Over the course of the novels, the characters experience profound change in their beliefs on love, marriage and their faith. Used to being busy, organized or spending time alone engrossed in work, the characters soon come to the realization that they need each other and can only stronger if they are united against a common enemy. All of the novels are a lesson in triumph, tragedy, change, and pathos in the journey towards a more rounded Christian life in which romance adds the spice.

Shirlee McCoy combines elements of her Christian faith and her life experiences to write some of the most enchanting Christian romance in her Lakeview series of novels. The author herself lived in Thailand and in Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia, which explains the setting of the Lakeview series in the two places. She uses the settings and the characters to offer pointed views of Christianity and faith-based living. The Lakeview series asserts that living for oneself may seem to be satisfying and it could be for almost everyone, but ultimately living to help and serve others will give a better sense of satisfaction than a life of selfishness. Combining crime, tragedy, age-old secrets, mysteries and romance, McCoy writes highly charged novels full of hair-raising tension and suspense that culminate in explosive finales. The narratives in the series are suspense-filled stories that start with all out action that never slows down until the very end. From the time the characters run into some tragedy or other, the series treats the readers to highly charged narrative of a man and woman evading or escaping from a determined assailant that typically starts out in the mountains of Virginia and ends with the protagonists finding refuge in Thailand. Nonetheless, running away from the bad guys is never easy, as our protagonists have to contend with being framed, kidnapping, violent crime among other obstacles ,yet in the midst of it all bond in an amazing way that makes it all worthwhile.

“Die Before Nightfall”, the second novel in the Lakeview series of novels is a delightful novel of intrigue love and newfound faith. Raven Stevenson had been in the small town of Lakeview for less than twenty-four hours when someone whispered those menacing words. She was in Lakeview to not only make up with her brother over a big fight they had had, but also to reconcile herself with haunting memories tied to her childhood. Having been away for so long, she did not expect to find any community or friends, or even a three-decade-old mystery of tragic love. She also never expected to meet the honorable Shane Montgomery, whose love and loyalty for her ill aunt awakens something in Stevenson’s carefully constructed defenses. Her aunt Abby errs and reveals secrets that shed light into the age-old mystery, and it is not long before they become targets of someone who would do anything including kill, to make sure the dark secrets remain secret.

“When Silence Falls” is the adrenaline-charged and delicious fourth novel in the series, full of nail biting and heart beating suspense. Piper Sinclair, a Lakeview history professor loved his life organized and busy. After completing some new family research, she intends to get down to the writing of a new book. But all things go haywire when she is the witness to an attempted kidnapping, and soon finds herself the target. Someone that seems to know her all too well wants her dead – badly. Meanwhile Cade Macalister an expert former crime scene photographer is dealing with haunting memories of his former life taking photographs of grisly crime scenes. Meeting Sinclair at the crime scene stirs in him longings he knows he should not have towards his friend’s sister. She had grown into a beautiful though delicate girl that he was sure could not take on such a vicious assailant alone. Nonetheless, to keep her alive he would need to convince her of this fact.


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