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Publication Order of Court Gentry / Gray Man Books

Court Gentry is a series of fictional thriller suspense books written by author Mark Greaney. The series consists of many books, the first of which (The Gray Man) was published in 2009 to both critical acclaim by renowned critics and raving reviews by audiences. The book series has since gone on to achieve worldwide success, with the stories translated into several languages around the world and negotiations for a film adaptation in the works. The series’ debut book, The Gray Man (2009), was also nominated for a Barry Award for Best Thriller.

About the Court Gentry book series

The Court Gentry series follows the life of former CIA operative and deadly assassin, Court Gentry AKA The Gray Man, as he attempts to make a living for himself as a hitman.

Court Gentry grows up with a father who works as a SWAT team instructor and who is an expert weaponist training hundreds of men to defend and kill. Court soon follows in his fathers’ footsteps and learns the unique art of weaponry as an adult, until one day things go too far and he is imprisoned after a frightening altercation with three Cuban drug dealers.

Upon hearing of his skill and notoriety, the CIA contacts him to join one of their top-secret divisions. Facing an alternative and bleak life in prison, he chooses to join the CIA and becomes one of their most powerful and feared killers.

However, it is not long before things take a turn for the worst, as Court Gentry is framed and betrayed by the very people he was persuaded to trust. With an attempted assassination by the CIA on his plate for ‘knowing too much’, Gentry goes on the run, working as a hitman for hire in order to survive and make money in the world of murder and betrayal.

This thrilling and suspense-fueled tale is told through the series’ first book, The Gray Man, published in 2009. Exploding with action, wit and ‘edge of your seat’ suspense, it is one of the best fictional thriller and suspense books of the last few years and has been a huge hit with thriller fans. With an impressive accuracy and clear depth of research in the books, author Mark Greaney has succeeded in creating a realistic and vivid world where few people would dare to thread. The exciting narrative, beautifully descriptive and intensely real scenes across the entire series will leave you with more than just another clichéd CIA assassin story; The Gray Man series goes above and beyond the well-worn and predictive narratives of fictional thrillers and gives great credibility to a genre often overlooked in literature.

Court Gentry’s Character

Mark Greaney’s character, Court Gentry, is a lone wolf; a freelance hitman who never misses, walking through the world as a dark shadow, unseen to untrained eyes. A strong and brave character with a conscience, the reader feels very invested in Gentry’s outcome and although he works as a deadly assassin, he never comes across as violent or bloodthirsty, only taking on jobs that he feels are justified. His dangerous situation evokes empathy as the audience fears for his life as one of the biggest and most powerful agencies in the world are out for his head. However, Court Gentry remains moral and ethical in an unmoral world, or at least as moral as a hitman can be. His character has depth, thoughtfulness and even a small soft spot beneath his cool, stone-like exterior. With the addictive story lines and fast-paced action, it’s a combination that makes you unable to put this book down.

Other Books in the Court Gentry Series

The second book in the Court Gentry series, On Target was released in 2010 and follows on from the debut novel in which Gentry is framed by the CIA. Set four years later, Gentry has survived until now due to his unmatched skill and impossible stealth as a freelance hitman. However, he assumes his work with the CIA is long in the past, until that is, an old colleague gets in touch.

The former colleague makes an unwelcome return into Gentry’s life, forcing him to go on a dangerous mission against his will; to kill Sudan’s President. However, with the CIA still relentlessly pursuing his every move, Gentry reluctantly agrees to take on their crazy mission, which will see him surrender his $4 million dollar reward for the kill, and instead hand the Sudanese President over to the CIA in return for a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

With few options, Gentry takes on the dangerous mission, possibly walking to his death. What will happen to Gentry as he juggles messing with several different and dangerous people at once? Can he come to an agreement with the people that framed and betrayed him? Will he be able to abide by his strict code of ethics in this senseless world where lines are blurred and motives hidden?

On Target is another page-turning, nail-biting, action-fuelled success from the The Gray Man series and fans of the original will delight in following in another adventure from Court Gentry.

And with two other books in the series, Ballistic published in 2011 and Dead Eye published in 2013, there is plenty of more reading and adventures from Court Gentry to keep fans thoroughly entertained.

Film Adaptations

As of 2014, Sony Pictures have optioned the rights to ‘The Gray Man’ book, with a script currently in development and talks of making The Gray Man series into several movies, including On Target, Ballistic and Dead Eye. ‘Captain America’ directors, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo are set to write and direct the film, while Joe Roth and Palak Patel will produce. No statement has been released regarding who will play the lead role of Court Gentry.

The Gray Man film was originally optioned by New Regency Pictures several years ago with talks of Brad Pitt starring as Court Gentry, however the options expired and Sony Pictures have since taken up the challenge.

The Russo directors and Roth hope that the film will become the next ‘Bourne Identity’ movie series and that it will enjoy just as much success.

A release date for the movie adaptation of The Gray Man has not yet been announced.

All four ‘The Gray Man’ books featuring Court Gentry are available for purchase in paperback, as audio books and in ebook formats.

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11 Responses to “Court Gentry / Gray Man”

  1. Eitan Urman: 1 year ago

    LOVE the series!! Red Metal was also great.
    Keep writing.

    • GG: 5 months ago

      .. discovered this series last reading them in order, but pausing 1-2 months between books. So far, so good..just finished Gunmetal Gray. Best series (IMHO) since the original James Bond set by Ian Fleming.

  2. Gene C. Pistorius: 1 year ago

    I have read all the Gray Man books at least a half dozen times. I enjoyed every one of the books, and can’t wait for the next book in the series. Mark Greaney is at MY TOP SELLER list, bar none.

  3. Anthony Dee Varrone: 2 years ago

    There is a mysterious assassin character in Robert B. Parker’s “Spenser” series, also dubbed “The Grey Man” whose emerging backstory could easily conflate with this. Wondering if that was intentional.

    • Tony Massingham: 2 years ago

      Spenser’s antagonist and occasional ally the Grey Man is Rugar of European background so unlikely

  4. Jim Mauck: 2 years ago

    I quit reading half way through the 2nd book. The first book was so improbable it was very hard to get into it. I thought I would be fair and give the second book a chance but while it wasn’t as unbelievable as the first it was still pretty bad.

  5. Rob Stewart: 3 years ago

    Suggestion: Setup a way to have a “wish to read” list for people. Could be as simple as “send me a link in email about this book or series”, if you don’t wand to create a system for it. This might be easiest for you to add, “no ongoing overhead or maintenance for you!”, we can track our own info instead of forcing you to create a complicated system.
    My problem is – I stumbled onto a series I would like to start reading, but am not where I can write it down or remember author/titles (age related memory challenges).
    P.S. BUG!!! My preferred email, does not work – your check responds Email does not exist! But it does! At least you saved all of my first typings so I could type this bug report at the end. With an alternate email!

    • Graeme: 3 years ago


      First very weird about the issue with your e-mail. I did a test with your other e-mail address and it worked fine.

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s something we are looking into with a new, big project in the future where you’ll hopefully be able to do that, and much more.

  6. Oswaldo Reyes: 6 years ago

    Have you read any of the Grey Man series, books ?

    • Glen Lundin: 5 years ago

      I have read “On Target,” & rate it pretty good. At the back, It had a bit of a 3rd Grey Man book excerpt!! I need to read #1, plus that # 3 when it comes out.

      • Oswaldo Reyes: 5 years ago

        All the books in the entire series are just fantastic. You will be left wanting more of the GREY MAN SERIES.


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