Jack Reacher Books In Order

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Books

Killing Floor (1997) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Die Trying (1998) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Tripwire (1999) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Running Blind / The Visitor (2000) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Echo Burning (2001) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Without Fail (2002) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Persuader (2003) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Enemy (2004) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
One Shot (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Hard Way (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Bad Luck And Trouble (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Nothing To Lose (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Gone Tomorrow (2009) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
61 Hours (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Worth Dying For (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Affair (2011) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Wanted Man (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Never Go Back (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Personal (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Make Me (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Night School (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Midnight Line (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Past Tense (2018) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Chronological Order of Jack Reacher Books

In chronological order, The Enemy would be the first book to read, as it takes place while Reacher is still in the Military followed by Night School. The Affair would be the next book to read, as it covers the end of Reachers Military career, and leads into Killing Floor. The short stories have Second Son(Reacher is 13) and High Heat(Reacher is 16).After that, all books would go by the order that they were published. Persuader also had flashbacks to during Reacher’s military career.

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Short Stories

Second Son (2011) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deep Down (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
High Heat (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Not a Drill (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Small Wars (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Collections

No Middle Name (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Jack Reacher's Rules (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Jack Reacher Biography:

Many individuals may be familiar with the Tom Cruise One Shot movie featuring the character of Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher is the lead character and the protagonist in the series of books by British author Jim Grant who writes under the pseudonym of Lee Child. The books in the series follows Reacher as he goes through a number of exploits in his world. Lee child has been called a “master of his craft” by publications such as Entertainment weekly. One of his early novels (in fact the first) that has gotten outstanding acclaim is the Killing Floor. In his debut Reacher novel,in 1997, Child won the Barry award for the book of the year, and also the Anthony award for literary work. This book wowed readers and critics alike. Child is the author of 17 novels featuring the character of Reacher and goes on to detail his exploits in several books that detail the title character,drifter and assumed possible low life Reacher. Jack does show a number of redeeming characteristics however, and is a reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover.

The Jack Reacher books are well written, gripping, and allow individuals to identify with the title character. Thee are many ways to enjoy a good book and the action of Reacher allows you to do so. The books have continued to attract a certain segment of the population that enjoy mystery and adventure stories. These are quality books by a quality author.

The Killing Floor details the story of a ex military policeman and a drifter by the name of Jack Reacher. Reacher is just passing through a town by the name of Margrave, Georgia to find out information about a musician by the name of Blind Blake, and finds himself arrested for murder in less than an hour. Reacher is quite aware he did not kill anybody. The detective finds the phone number of a man named Hubble in the shoe of the dead man. Both Reacher and the next defendant Hubble are arrested for murder,and sent to the state prison. While in prison Reacher meets Roscoe a female police offiicer who helps with the two individuals defense.As Reacher alone is not about to convince anyone in Margrave, Georgia of his innocence.

The book details some of the exploits of Reacher as he tries to convince an unwilling populace that he is not guilty of the crime he is accused of committing. The book details Reacher’s interactions with a detective by the name of Findlay one of his main accusers.There are other characters that feature prominently in the novel as well. Some of the other characters of note that are part of the plot in the Kililng Floor include Chief Morrison and his wife who also are murder victims. There is also a multi billion dollar counterfeiting ring that comes in play in the action of this award wining book. There are other sorts of interesting plot twists within this novel that many people will read. Use this story for a great summer read and enjoy the time to delve into this exciting and powerfully written novel.

Some of the acclaim attached to this book includes USA today who stated the “indomitable Reacher burns up the pages. The New York Times called the action “Smart and Breathless.” Newsweek also called the action in he Killing floor “Subtle and nuanced with seductive writing and irresistible plot twists.” This book was followed by a succession of other novels featuring Reacher. All of them have been well regarded and well read. This book is something that you can find and take advantage of when you are looking for classic mysteries. This is one great read, and the Jack Reacher story The Killing Floor is a real page turner as literary critics and readers both agree.

The second Reacher novel to hit the scene was Die Trying. Although, the first novel the Killing Floor was widely acclaimed it did fall party to some critics who stated that the character of Jack Reacher was an unconvincing protagonist.Child attempted to address some of those concerns, in the second novel, lathough he largely paid no heed to the voices of the critics. The second novel may be one of the attempts to get the support of both readers and the voices of the critics.

In the second novel the ex military policeman Reacher is walking by a Chicago dry cleaner when an FBI agent also attractive and young, by the name of Holly comes by carrying some large packages. Holly is also the daughter of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. she is Kidnapped off the street along with Reacher. Only Reacher has the complex finely honed instincts to foil the kidnapping plot, and to see beyond the complex deadly plan of the Montana militia group that has kidnapped him and this young woman. The leader of the military group is a dangerous and charismatic leader who has some brutal action planned for both the kidnapped, and ruthless plans for the United States as a whole. This is a thrilling novel that has numerous plot twists to keep the reader entertained.

This novel is one of the things that you can look forward to when you are looking to find novels that have great stories and the great action that you need to stay involved This novel is one that will thrill the individual. It is one that makes a great summer time read.Readers will be stunned by the action with Die Trying when they decide to read this novel.
Both of these novels follows the larger than life character 6’5 Reacher as he gets very involved in the action and is a hero in his own way. His military training comes in handy within these novels. Read both of these novels as an introduction to the Jack Reacher character, and you may find that you wish to read more. These are some of the amazing novels by Child and can really be interesting and easy to find.

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  • Praveen

    Why isn’t “The Visitor” mentioned in the List of Books?

    • Hi Praveen,

      The Visitor is the UK title for “Running Blind”, Jack Reacher #4. They are both the same book. However the list SHOULD note that I’ll make a note to update that.

    • wes

      it is under the america name

  • Henry Wolpert

    Whoever wrote the Biography above needs to hire a good editor.

  • babygirl

    Anyone know what the chronological order of the jack reacher books is??


    My absolute favorite author! Thanks for the great reads!!

  • Steve Speidel

    The poll below puzzles me. Really? A plurality of readers think “Tom Cruise ruined the series”? That’s just weird. I enjoyed the movie and started reading lee child novels because of it. I’m about half-way through everything he’s written. His direct prose reminds me of Hemingway.
    About Cruise. Although he’s a short guy, he has the presence to carry off a big role like jack reacher. Cruise inhabits a role. I’m never aware I’m watching a big shot movie star, but the character he’s playing. Ok, that’s my defense of Tom Cruise, like he needs my defense: he’s the richest guy in Hollywood!

    • charmain

      It would not be weird if you had read the books first. After 10 plus books of picturing a 6’5 hunk whose powerful body is a character of its own, an image gets ingrained in your head. You love it and want to keep it. Watching someone 5’7 shatters the image and makes it hard to reconnect to the person in the book, especially when the author tries to reemphasize that image after he has sold out.

      • Anona Mouse

        Guess Mr. Cruise must be one hell of an actor to shatter the image of a literary character in the hearts and minds of men/women readers. I expect most readers can get past the movie, and enjoy it too. So every author whose book is made into a movie has ‘sold out’? I suppose that could be seen as literally true, no double meaning intended… Jim Grant/Lee Child was co-writer on the screenplay, but usually selling out means either no product left on the shelf, or some kind of disservice for personal gain. Have the two books since the movie been compromised by the movie release somehow? Did the literary character get chopped off at the knees? Do authors have to ‘pass’ on movie deals to keep their ‘integrity’? Mr. Cruise is a producer on the movie and may have been the force to get the first movie of a Reacher book made… And so perhaps wanted to star in it himself. Oh well… too bad for fragile mental images. Just pretend the movie is about Jack Creature and let it go… and stop blaming the author for his payday.

        • Grannys42

          Anona, we are not blaming Lee for selling the rights to Tom Cruise, but Tom as an actor and producer, should have realised he was wrong for the role and given the part to somebody more suitable. As somebody said, Jack is a badass with bruises and scars all over his body. He inevitably breaks the law and kills someone. Tom does not have that look.

          • Anona Mouse

            Tom’s not 6’2″ and 250lbs, yes. And yes, the post I responded too DID blame Lee for having “sold out”. I was not responding to “we”, I responded to charmain. Still there are lots of characters done by actors who don’t ‘fit’ the part. I have some in mind myself, but indignation and slapping the author who gave us all the stories in the first place… doesn’t play well.

          • Yorkshire Lass

            Exactly, and Jack Reacher wouldn’t need a step stool to reach his opponents neck to break it in one swift move. Poor old Tom would be elbowing his victim in the kahunas instead of his windpipe!:-)

          • Psst

            My guess is that Childs didn’t realize that Cruise would be the lead until too late. Reacher is Childs cash cow, providing all his income with one book per year. He has a lot of long time dedicated fans, but a new reader thinking he writes action novels is unlikely to finish one book. That decimates his potential fanbase growth.

        • beach_girl

          Yes the literary character was indeed “chopped off at the knees” in terms of height! As to the “casting decision” of Tom Cruise, I’d heard that the actor paid for Jim Grant/Lee Child for the movie rights. I certainly found the movie an incredible let-down as Tom Cruise in that role was just laughable. How many (yes I really mean how few) bad guys would be intimidated by a guy who looks like him? Not many!

        • Psst

          Selling out means compromising something essential for something not.

          Selling book right without retaining complete artistic control of the character that has been provided , and will provide your income for decades is stupid, but not necessarily selling out.

          It depends on the authors circumstances at the time the contract for film options was written. Selling the rights for unlimited use of a character would be moronic under any circumstances. I doubt that is the case here.

          • Anona Mouse

            Hollywood rarely does anything verbatim. I agree… I doubt the author sold all the books away to Cruise’s company. I don’t think the author was stupid, moronic, or… selling out.
            Selling out is a common expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.

      • I wouldn’t say it shatters the image but it certainly falls short of the character, as you say the way he is described is very much part of his character. Also Reacher is quite the “good bad guy” and no matter how hard he’ll try, it’s not Tom Cruise forte. My take is, Hugh Jackman would have been perfect for the role, Viggo Mortensen or maybe Russel Crowe but definitely not Tom Cruise.

        • James Hoffman

          The books came out long before the movie. The movie and word of mouth got me interested in the books. However, I made sure I watched the movie first, and I preach this, if at all possible, always always watch the movie first. Inevitably the books are almost always better. If one reads the books first, the movie will probably be a letdown. IMO this is a classic example. Hollywood likes to take liberties with a story that avid readers will frown upon.

          • Teresa

            Well said…I couldn’t agree more. The movie all most always is a true let down unless you have a horrible writer. I first noticed this many years ago I believe in Junior High where I read Gorillas In The Mist…based on a true story. Sigourney Weaver played the main character and although she is a fantastic actress…the story lacked like so many others. Details are left out for time allotment. Which is disappointing to say the least.

          • Yorkshire Lass

            Absolutely, unfortunately as we’ve all between reading the books for the past how many years, watching the film first wasn’t an option, also, without all the loyal followers of Jack Reacher they wouldn’t have been a film in the first place. As every book without exception mentions his 6`5″ 250lb frame the last three film makers could do is find an actor to fit the bill. Personall, I wouldn’t have been able to have watched Tom Cruise as JR without laughing out loud 🙂

          • Steve Speidel

            Apparently, many of the “loyal” fans of Jack Reacher stayed away because the movie blasphemed against the true Jack Reacherism.

          • Roguewave1

            I’ve read ’em all and I was surprised that I still enjoyed Cruise in the roll despite having him casually thrash 5 or 6 thugs at once called on all my capacities for dispensing with disbelief. I guess I just like the Reacher character so much any bit will do, but I must say the last three novels have toned him down too much. I am 6 chapters into “Night School” and he hasn’t so much as slapped anyone around yet…and this is when he was a Major in the Army!

          • sweptarea

            “…dispensing with disbelief…”

            Umm… don’t you really mean ‘dispensing with belief’. At least that way it makes sense.

          • Roguewave1

            No, I think I got it right. You have to look past the disbelief in order to allow yourself to enjoy the unlikely events in the book. If you keep telling yourself, “This is beyond credibility,” the books will rapidly lose their appeal. They aren’t written for close examination. I used the term in the same manner that H. Clinton infamously used it when speaking to General Petraus and remarked, “I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.”

          • constitutiononly

            I just finished “Night School”, and I was unable to stop reading it. Kudos!

          • Terry Housman

            No, it is called “willing suspension of disbelief” and is a requirement for reading fiction. In other words, I believe in the character and characterization, not in the actor in the role.

          • Dan Shumway

            GOOD THING you didn’t. Worse than laughing out loud, I just about puked.

          • Judith Gardnr

            Couldn’t agree more no way would I go and watch Tiny tom as Jack reacher.

          • Psst

            Watching a movie first creates an enduring realistic visual image, without an emotional investment. Nothing is left to the imagination. Unless the character does something impossible, absurd or uncharacteristic, the image stands as real.

            Reading the books first builds an enduring mental image similar to the author’s, and the more specific the authors description, the more enduring the imagined character.

            When the ptotsgonists physical characteristics are critical to the believability of the written character and the story, a reader remembers them, refines and reinforces the mental image. The character becomes partly the creation of the reader – a child of the imagination of the reader and the author.

            This very few book series set in the real world present time are sucessfully adapted to movies and become commercial sucesses eithout major changes. The closer they are to reality, the more the differences between the book characters and the movie character sticks out.

            In an action genre film or book, the protagonist fills a slot in the story; the story is more important than the protagonist. In Reacher novels, which are crime stories, the protagonist being what and who he is, is all that makes the stories work.

            It’s better to make the actor as much like the described character as possible, or make the setting radically different by setting it in a different era or society and/or the characters name. If the first isn’t possible, the second one clearly separates the two characters.

            In this case, you’d think that Cruise would have known that. It’s why his MI character wasn’t Jim Phelps, even though the Bond films proved it was possible to switch actors.

          • R. Don Steele

            ONLY DANIEL CRAIG worked, the others were as unbelievable as Cruise is in Reacher movies. I read all the Fleming novels back in the day and once again this summer, they are free if you read online. Fleming is the best. His descriptions and characters are the best. His Bond is FOREVER.

          • Psst

            I like Craig, but looking at the first 2 films, Connery looked the part and having no experience as an actor, played it straight within each scene. The later movies were so over-produced and over-choreographed that they themselves didn’t match the books upon which they were supposedly based, which were relatively terse, direct and relatively realistic. In early films there was no polished, swave, sophisticate in the action scenes, because Bond was not that by nature, and neither was Connery.

          • sweptarea

            “…Inevitably… almost always” ?
            Sort of, kind of, exactly, almost precise.

          • Michelle Yde Boden

            totally agree…movie first and then the book

          • Psst

            I’m always disappointed by fantasy movies based on book set in the real world. The producer and director seldom are familiar with the books and insist on stamping their own brnad into the production, obliterating the authors intention, tone and nuance, and too often amplifiying inconsequential events into hyperinflated action set pieces.

            I’ve now seen enough Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise for too many years. From now on his name on a film as the lead will be enough for me to take a pass.

        • Dean Dear

          I think Dolph Lundgren would be the absolute best actor to portray Jack. He has the Height, the build, the presence and whilst not widely recognized as being extremely handsome, he has charm. Tom Cruise did an amazing job playing the character, however through no fault of his own he was not the right choice. The height and build of Jack play such a major part in the books that it simply cannot be brushed off. Also tom cruise is a “pretty boy” or Hollywood hunk” or once was whilst i don’t recall Dolph ever being called these things. Make another movie, use Dolph and the readers, i think, will recognize him as the Jack they have pictured.

          • Jealith

            Dolph can’t act though and that would definately ruin the story.

          • Psst

            Not if it were a Jack Reacher storyminstesf of s Tom Cruise story.

          • Psst

            Jack Reacher wasn’t an actor. If Dolph played it straight, he’d be credible.

          • Michelle Venier

            However Jack Reacher is a man of few words preferring to use his fighting skills coupled with his enormous strength which Dolph could do without much acting skill. I have to agree with the others that Dolph fits the physical description perfectly.

          • Tony Joe

            Sorry, but Dolph just doesn’t portray the intelligence of Jack Reacher…and as far as using TC as Reacher, the only thing they got right with that was the attitude!!
            Although he is four inches shorter than Reacher is supposed to be, I could picture John Cena as Reacher quite easily

          • Daryl Sawatzky

            Dolph comes very close to my head picture of Reacher. But the voice of

            Dick Hill over at has become my go to Reacher voice. He sounds like Stan Lee… and I like that.


            My husband and I also
            think Dolph would have been a better choice. Get him a diction coach and we’re all set!

          • Psst

            You need to hear him speak out of character. He’s not the stiff clod that he gets type cast as. He has a university degree in engineering and speaks clearly with a very slight European neutral accent, which fits Reacher being raised on military bases all over the world.

        • Mary Wilson

          I so very much agree. I will stick to the books and my idea of Jack Reacher ( a young Tom Selleck would work for me!)

          • Yorkshire Lass

            A young Liam Neeson for me 🙂

          • Ned Hoon

            Jack Reacher in my mind is Clint Eastwood in his prime you need that tall rangy raw boned look.

        • Bill Hom

          When I read about Jack Reacher, I instantly think of Dwayne Johnson playing him. The Rock is 6’5″ and 270 lbs and ripped. The Rock could crush Tom Cruise with his shadow. Dolph Lundgren would be a good physical choice but a poor acting choice. The Rock can definitely act better than Dolph. At the very least, I would be understand him when the Rock spoke.

          • Kirby Bonano

            Love the Rock,, but you may recall Reacher is supposed to be fair haired! Maybe Mike Holmes can take a break from renovating houses in Canada!

          • Bill Hom

            True but Cruise isn’t blonde either. At least the Rock is the right size.

          • Psst

            If you are going to base and promote a movie on a well established book character, you need to recognise and respect the most critical chatacteristic of that character when they were essential to thevstory.

            Hair coloring was never a critical factor in the Reacher stories, but size akways mattered. Think of King Kong on film portrayed by a normal size ape, knocking planes from the sky, holding a woman by its hand while climbing the outsude of a building.

            Reachers coloting/race could become indeterminate without a problem, but his size/physique couldn’t without major changes in the kind of story and/or plausibility. .

          • Brandi Marie Court

            Nice analogy!

          • psychokittyface

            I realize you wrote this comment a year ago, but “The Rock could crush Tom Cruise with his shadow” remark made me laugh out loud. Kudos!

          • R. Don Steele

            Dwayne would be as unbelievable as Cruise. There are hundreds of out of work actors who are good and built and tall but CRUISE PUTS UP THE MONEY AND BECOMES “THE MAN”. SHAME,SHAME, SHAME.

          • sweptarea


          • Darrell Clarke

            Correct, cash speaks all languages and Cruise has it.

          • limpet_jr

            I’d like to have seen Leiv Schreiber, Clive Owen or third choice Liam Neeson. If you can have Cruise as a choice, at least all of these are many times better choice. Unfortunately, I cannot get that image of Tom Cruise without a shirt, out of my head. Wish I’d never seen the Movie

          • Wendy Weatherhead

            All of your choices are good but I still choose Mr. Max Martini! I loved him in the Unit and still like his other roles.

          • Joe White


          • Joe White

            Me too! – Nationality is much less important to the character than his “Fists the size of frozen chickens”.

        • Ava

          I can’t see any of the actors you listed as Reacher. Maybe Jensen Ackles? He’s the right height, right age, good looks, and he’s proven he can do action.

        • Jeremy

          Generally I prefer to read the book first.
          Obviously books take longer than a movie and that makes the thrill of being
          sucked into the story a much longer experience and much more exciting. I
          enjoy movies a great deal as well. I love to pick out things that don’t
          belong…cars too new for the period and such. Having read the book I
          get to find things out of place in that regard as well. I got turned on
          to the Reacher series just before the movie…I think I was half way thru the
          second one. My wife rented the movie so I went ahead and watched it and
          intend on skipping One Shot because of this. I just don’t like reading
          the book AFTER I have seen the movie.

          In the case of Jack himself I am in the anti
          Cruise camp. First, I just don’t like the little twerp in general.
          Second, while he didn’t ruin the character for me (and thankfully I do
          not picture him when reading either) I think he was a lousy choice. We
          don’t need much of an actor to play Reacher. His character is not
          demanding and I kind of picture him as somewhat awkward as a character now in
          the civilian world after being military for so long. As such I don’t
          think we need much beyond the typical ‘action hero’ type acting ability.
          Not Crowe, not Jackman and or Mortensen. The all have too much
          ‘type cast’ vibes and are not the right type of down-home-good-looking-farm boy
          type I think Reacher should be. Not Johnson because I he is the wrong
          ethnicity for Reacher. Lundgren and Neeson are both too old and too
          foreign (which is ironic in a way) How about someone we really dont know
          as an actor, painfully farm boy…John Cena. Johnson proved you could come
          out of wrestling and shake that prejudice off pretty quick.

          It is somewhat pointless because we will never
          know but Cena is the kind of guy I picture as Reacher and definitely not the
          runt who got the job.

          • Psst

            I’m a pretty fast reader. A Reacher novel takes me about 4 hours, includes lot more information. Inconsistencies stick out.

            A typical 90 minute film has a screenplay of about a quarter the amount of screenplay pages as the corresponding novel. Much critical informationis omitted, entire scenes dropped, rarely any internal thinking or back storues. Characters are shallow. If they can’t do something or say something it doesn’t happen.

            That’s the nature of movies.

            Put Cruise in a film and it had to be a blockbuster to judtify the investment. Blockbuster audiences want action, not introspection, not internal dialogues, not soliloquies that exceed a quip.

        • alveolarnasal

          No offence to Hugh but he just doesn’t have the look of a smart, tactical-thinker, kinda guy.

        • Thomas G

          I always picture Jason Statham. That’s Reacher.

          • Nancy Walsh

            I most certainly agree. I too almost pucked over Cruise. I would be ready for the next one …

          • Psst

            He has the visual toughness, but not the stature. Reacher was more of a tactical brawler than an karate guy. He used his mass and strength because he had them.

        • Paul Nemecek

          If they were making the movie 30 or 40 years ago: there’s a tall actor who used to be an Army captain, West Point grad, and golden gloves boxing champion – – Kris Kristofferson would have worked I think.

          • R. Don Steele

            KRIS should never be permitted in front of a camera, ever. UGLY weirdo great song writer, but please don’t sing.

          • Paul Simon Hay

            He could act it very well and has everything including the ability to appear hard and mean, but he’s not a large man. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kristofferson in Maui and he’s 5’8″-5′-9″ tops. He boxed as a Middleweight in University so not a big guy. A songwriting Great and a good guy though. I saw him do a solo show in 2011 2.5 hours no repeats. Sorry to hear about the Lyme disease. That sucks.

        • R. Don Steele

          That’s a poor, lame pun BTW. falls short, EGAD.

        • sweptarea

          Dwayne Johnson ?

          • Psst

            Too much baggage playing soft action heroes who happen to be strong.

        • Nigel Stretton

          Gerard Butler or Sean Bean

        • Andy Kent

          I thought a young Nick Nolte would have been great!!

        • j mendez

          David, Yes, Viggo could nail Reacher. In my mind, Lee Child is Jack Reacher. Check book jacket photo

      • Leigh

        I hate to have to agree with you on that, Charmain, but the moment I heard about Cruise being cast I thought the exact same thing in those very words.

        A parallel but ultimately very different outcome happened with Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, going into its second year as a mini-series (though not so mini) on STARZ. Although the books are very different, the fan base is even more intense. Just in case anyone from “Ladies of Lallybroch,” the oldest of her fan pages reads this, I won’t depict them – and me – as rabid. Diana held out for years, refusing to sell the rights, until the producer and the staff who would be working with him told her how much they all had enjoyed the series and promised to stay as true to it as possible. Diana was involved with the casting, and kept us up-to-date; she’s credited as a consultant, and she even had a guest appearance with a line to say! Since the first novel takes place in Scotland, in both the 18th and 20th centuries, Scottish actors were cast in the Scottish roles. The main problem casting Jamie, the main male lead, was very similar to Reacher. In fact, Jamie is very much an 1700s, red-headed Scottish version of Reacher. Claire, his female counterpart, often mentions the fact that she never worried about losing him in a crowd because he stands head and shoulders above the rest, with his long red hair, consisting of all the different hues of red, shining bright. That was a problem for me, because the actor cast had to dye his hair red, and it’s just not the right shade. It’s kind of like his hair, and hers for that matter, along with their eyes have become characters in their own right. But Diana finally had enough of all the suggestions from fans who thought this actor or that me would be better in the role. And she sent out a post reminding her fans that she knows the characters best, because she created them, and so she knows better than anyone what they look like. Luckily, she was right. I only wish that Child had followed Diana’s example instead of Anne Rice’s.

      • socilasatelite

        I think Tom Cruise is shorten than 5 7 could be wrong still pretty short

        • Psst

          5′-7″, 17lb.

      • Gregory Ruiz

        I totally agree I’ve always pictured Jack as a 6 foot something dude. I think the actor who played The Punisher in the War Zone Punisher movie should’ve played Jack Reacher. Or Leiv Shriver from the Wolverine movie.

        • Bertie

          Chris Hemsworth. Big guy, blond hair. That is Jack Reacher.

        • Psst

          Or the actor Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest.

      • Yankeluh

        I agree; since they are filming from a trench to make Cruise look larger they might as well use Danny Trejo at least he looks tough enough.

      • Wendy Weatherhead

        Max Martini, formerly from the Unit etal, would have been MY perfect fit for this role. His build, walk, style and voice all fit what Jack Reacher is described as. What was Lee Child thinking when Cruise got this role. I would never watch the movie be will remain and avid fan of the books.

      • Johnny Thorne

        The only man who could convincingly play Jack Reacher was Clint Walker, who played Cheyenne on TV from 1955-1963. Walker is still alive at 90

    • Scott in MN

      Before “One Shot” was made, a friend and I discussed who would be the perfect Jack Reacher. We’re about 50 years late, but the perfect Jack Reacher would have been Chuck Connors, hands down.

      • Jim in OR

        I agree with that.

        • Grannys42

          Me too.

      • Yorkshire Lass

        Still think Liam Neeson, he was impressive in Taken!

        • Steve Speidel

          Liam Neeson doesn’t do humor, that I’ve seen. He’s very heavy.
          The Jack Reacher books are laced with dry humor that Tom Cruise brought to the screen very well.

          • Bart

            I know this is late and a side track. But I was surprised to watch the movie Gun Shy (2000). Liam Neeson did well in the action/humor role.

      • tanka

        oh yeah

    • Jealith

      I actually had the book for years on my kindle and never bothered to read them until I saw the movie. I agree that Tom Cruise isn’t the ideal body shape but he’s probably the only one who didn’t turn it down. I would have loved Daniel Craig in the part. Shame though, I would have loved to see a series of movies made from the books. But I guess since they already have Bond they don’t need another bad boy.

      • Psst

        Cuise didn;’t offer that part to anyone else. He bought the movie rights.

    • Grannys42

      Lucky you Steve. Unfortunately for me, I have been a fan of Lee Child for many years and eagerly await his new book each year. Yes, Tom Cruise played a good part, but as an actor, he should have realised he was the wrong choice.

    • Yorkshire Lass

      Rubbish, Reacher should have been played by a younger version of Liam Neeson. To put vertically challenged Tom Cruise to play 6`5″ 250lb Reacher is ludicrous and totally unbelievable to every avid Reacher follower

      • MATomlinson

        Neeson would have been good as Reacher….. but what about Gerard Butler? He’s only 6′ 2″ but could pull it off.

    • Mary Jane Rice Meaney

      Tom Cruise may be too short, but he has the attitude down. His production company, Cruise/Wagner, is the one who finally got the books into film. Something several other companies had failed to do. He brought to the screen “Jack Reacher” in more ways than one. Tom Cruise is one of the very few actors that could have pulled “Jack Reacher” off right. So, he is too short, we have seen this kind of thing going from books to movies a million times. I want the personality, the drive, the attitude. Truely, size, in this case, doesn’t matter! I am still buying and reading the books… I am a Jack Reacher Junkie!!!

    • Toby Belch

      i just finished the entire series, and, while Tom Cruise is not who I would cast as Jack Reacher, the film is very good. A famous author was once asked if he liked what Hollywood had done with his novels. He gestured toward his library collection and replied, “Hollywood didn’t do anything with my novels. They’re all right there.”

      • Steve Speidel

        Ha ha ha. That’s good.

        • Toby Belch

          I did not know about Vince Flynn and I am very sorry to here this. I tremendously enjoy his novels.

        • Psst

          He’s only 62 in 2017.

    • mike6700

      I agree completely with you about Tom Cruise. I did not think he could pull it off but he did. My choice for the role would’ve been to Wayne Johnson, a.k.a. The rock.

    • geust

      So disappointed Tom Cruise was chosen to play Jack Reacher. Couldn’t watch the film for all I would have on my mind was he was a midget to Jack Reacher’s height.

    • socilasatelite

      Reacher is supposed to be a huge guy maybe that’s why ? other than that I think Tom Cruise is perfect.

      • Psst

        Cruise has the ego of a much bigger actor :-D.

    • Donna Gettings Apperson

      Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher as described by the author, not even close.

    • erix rodriguez

      I never would have know of Jack Reacher if it weren’t for the movie if anything it’s quite possibly getting the series more attention

    • Sheryl

      I have read most of the Jack Reacher series. I did so before the movie appeared on television. Seeing the scrawny Tom Cruise in the title role had me wondering who the casting director was. There is no way on God’s green earth that Cruise can pull off the role. The whole idea of the character is his intimidating presence because. The only way it could be pulled off with Cruise as the leading character is if most of other characters were little people.

    • Gh Sebren

      Tom Cruise does NOT represent the physical character of Jack Reacher. As others have said the fact that Reacher is 6’5″ is what enables him to take care of the bad guys in fights. No way 5’7″ Cruise could believably take on 4 guys in a fist fight and come out alive. Sorry Lee Child sold out to the movie producers. Just hope in the next movie he doesn’t let them change the story line as well as the character.

    • Dan Shumway


    • sweptarea

      “…he’s the richest guy in Hollywood”
      Um… not even close. Nice try though.

    • May Gilchrist

      I have to agree with Steve….I’m working my way through Lee Child’s books because of Tom Cruise – I ignore the image portrayed in the books and just get down to the story, which I have found entertaining. I like the way Lee Child writes and will continue to buy his books

    • LongIslandDad

      So I am NOT a fan of Tom Cruise, but in my case I hadn’t read ANY of the Jack Reacher books before seeing the movie (a dozen times). (Kind of like any Lethal Weapon movie, if you’re clicking around the channels and come across it, you watch it).
      Anyway, I’m watching the movie – again – and my wife suggested that since I was looking for a new books series to start , I should checkout the ‘Reacher’ series.
      I am currently on the 13th book in the series. I have actually gone back and watched the movie – again – to look at Tom Cruise’s portrayal with fresh eyes.
      Yeah – he’s NOT the same guy from the book – but I still think he killed it. I have tried to think of who in Hollywood could play a ‘true to the book’ portrayal of Jack, and the only guy I could come up with is Bradley Cooper after his role in American Sniper.
      Not sure if changing out Cruise at this point would help – book readers are a finicky lot, always bitching about what was cut to compress the story into 2 hours. Often hate the adaptation! Hollywood goes after the non-reader, and little Tommy Cruise fills seats.

    • I survived the kenyen

      Too many scenes in the books use Reacher’s size as how he overcomes many situations. Cruise could NEVER show that.

    • treetop

      Just read your post Steve. I also am a Jack Reacher fan. I’ve read everyone and I’m now in the process of reading through a second time from start to finish. Like you I personally thought Tom Cruise did an excellent job. But just like anything someone will always be ready to criticise whoever played the part.

    • Skippy The Elder

      Tom is a midget. Reacher is a giant.

  • Josh

    Can we include the short stories too? I’m trying to figure out where in the series each belongs and when they were released.

    • ben10011

      They are all over. Second son is when reacher is 13 and is about him and his brother in Okinawa. High heat reacher is 16 or 17. Attending west point but the story takes place in Manhattan during the heatwave/blackout of the summer of Sam. Deep Down
      reacher is a captain MP he’s undercover trying to figure out who is selling secrets to the Russians. They are good stories but nit add great as the books.

    • frank o’shea

      All writing by Child in the Reacher character is good and quite unique. The short stories as presented in the volume ‘No Middle Name’ are pure Reacher; if not always going anywhere, but he is a drifter following the whims of the moment. All good.

  • MissCassieAnn

    Ive been a Michael Connelly fan for about ten years…just read FACEOFF (head to head short story thrillers) looking for new authors to get interested in and came away starting with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher… I’m thrilled with the Reacher series … in about a month I’m through to the seventh book. Great Stuff … look for faceoff it is good stuff

  • Kat Denton

    I also stgarted reading the books after the movie. I almost didn’t see the movie because I dislike Tom Cruise as an actor. (Sorry, Steve Speidel, he just doesn’t work for me.) However, I enjoyed the movie, started reading the books and discovered that I, too, would have prefered an actor with the same stature as Reacher. I am reading the books in order and have just finished The Persuader. It’s almost like being addicted. I can’t wait to start The Enemy!!

    • Teresa

      Im reading ny very first Jack Reacher and it us Persuaded. It is Awesome! Have been checking online to get books at a good price considering there are 19 Jack Reacher books….one fan states readers should read The Enemy first and The Affair 2nd and then read the rest in order. I hope thats true

  • mormorme

    Why do the audio books use someone with a gruff, old man’s voice?..

  • Shannon

    I have to agree and disagree about Tom Cruise portraying Jack Reacher. I did enjoy the movie, he may not have been the best pick for it, but he did do a very good job. It was disappointing to see that the character we’ve all come to know and love in the books was not shown on the screen. But unlike a few of the comments I’ve read, he didn’t ruin the literary character for me. I like the books and the author enough to move past Tom Cruise as the visual character. As would anyone that is an avid Reacher reader.

    • Bill Morris

      I have not and will never watch the movie. In my mind the Jack Reacher that Lee Childs built and which dominates the entire scenario and context of the stories could never be portrayed by a runt.

      • Deb

        I regret watching the movie. I watched it a few weeks ago, after reading the first 12 Reacher books. Tom Cruise did not fit the image.

        • Brandi Marie Court

          You wrote this 3 yrs ago but I still totally agree with you. I regret watching both movies especially the last one.

      • Yorkshire Lass

        Here here! Brigit the Midget yes, Jack Reacher never!

    • apache

      Tom cruise SHOULD NOT be portraying Jack Reacher. PERIOD

      • Brandi Marie Court

        Agreed! 110%

    • constitutiononly

      Cruise is a dwarf. Reacher should have been acted by a better actor and one who fit the physical description. Sheesh!

  • Harbourcay

    Let me get this straight— Tom Cruise agrees to star in your movie— and you turn him down? Good thinking—! Who would your pick be— John Cenna,? Hulk Hogan? The Rock? uhh I think I will take my chances with Tom Cruise.

  • Joseph Southen

    Love the Reacher books! My vote for Reacher in the movie would have been Tom Selleck, in his prime. Without the mustache, of couse. Movie wasn’t bad, but Cruise just isn’t Reacher.

  • Joel Clarke-Morgan

    Why is it that the short stories are only ebooks, what about us luddites who don’t want to read e stuff

    • Gil Gilman

      I thought the shorts were on the line in certain paperback novels as well…

  • Dan Matthews

    For me Sam Elliott should be Jack Reacher. Plain and simple – Sam Elliott. At 6′ 2″ he is tall enough (Cruise is 5″ 7″ and it is evident when he is frame with about any common object) and he certainly has the deep serious voice that is required. Well, that’s just me . . .

    • Brenda Murrey

      Great choice… he fits the physical description in addition to having a face that shows life’s challenges well met and he has the voice & physical presence you take seriously. Cruise is a light weight by comparison. Reacher is never a light weight!

    • Steve Speidel

      He’s so old and arthritic he can hardly move! I like the guy, but not as an action star.
      Y’all are making height the be-all and end-all, like all the NFL teams that passed on Russell Wilson. Ryan Leaf was real tall, too.

      • Kirby Bonano

        Not just height. Most actors just aren’t rugged and tough like our own Jack Reacher!

  • Grannys42

    I read Jack Reacher books as soon as they are published and Tom Cruise as Jack is ridiculous. Liam Neeson would have been a perfect choice, but someone who wears lifts in his shoes isn’t. The first impression of Jack is his sheer size and ruggedness. Tom Cruise with perfect face, perfect body and short stature, never. Sorry Lee, but you duded us.

  • Gil Gilman

    I am currently reading Gone Tomorrow, was disappointed with Nothing To Lose, after having read the previous books in order. The flaws in the series thus far, I consider to be 1) formulaic 2) every woman is the most awesome babe you ever met…except for the ugly ones leading into 3) Reacher being as horny as a rooster. Well, what do expect from all that testosterone? We certainly don’t expect a casual nomad to be monogamous. Gone Tomorrow also has the big three for the big man, but at least the story is back on track with rock solid storytelling. Having some little experience in depicted experience, I would have to say that some of it comes across spot on while the beautiful babe angle seems totally designed with “equal parts brilliant cunning and sheer testosterone (Man Who Knew Too Little)” for the eventual Hollywood extravaganza. Don’t laugh now when I tell you that I am reading Jack’s lines with the voice of a young Arnold Schwarznegger. It gives many of his quips the panache of the one liners good old Arnie was so fond of in his heyday. It also obliterates the voice in my head of Tom Cruise, who much like Kevin Costner plays the same character in every movie, just with different names. In my mind there are numerous big men in the industry who could act Reacher, as long as you don’t insist on the fair hair, without relying on a shrimp, Russell Crowe excluded from those who could do it.

    • Reading Bum

      I agree with your bullet points, but…

      Regarding point #1: Child does a better job than most. BUT it is a series, and series after a while, tend to become a little predictable. Knowing there were more books to read in the series gave me a clue that he wasn’t going to die, and he was going to take out the bad guys. It’s about the story of the journey from point A to B.

      Regarding point #2: Maybe his spectrum of beauty is not as narrow as some.

      Regarding point #3: “Running Blind” was my first Lee Child book, there wasn’t any sex in that story. Not that that was a bad thing but it was refreshing to read a story where the author didn’t have the need to have an oversexed bull roaming the country; breaking noses, fingers, skulls and occasionally shooting some one to sell his books. Now that I am about to begin his latest release “Personal” I am sure that I will not be surprised to read …coitous as usual …with the hottest babe in town. Oh well.

      All women want to be with him …all men want to be him.

      • Gil Gilman

        After getting involved in reading the November Man series, I can say without doubt, that if I had to take a space shuttle to find a Lee Child book, and could walk across the room to pick up a Bill Granger book…well, I’m sure you get my meaning. I’m a Pierce Brosnan fan, so I thought I’d give the series a run through…took me ten days to get through the first one, not a page turner, and swore that was it, but here I am reading Schism, going on a week and only a third of the way through…so Child better than most? At least that…

    • thia1013

      I am shocked that no one has mentioned how well Jim caviezel fits the description – both in physique and attitude.

      • Gil Gilman

        I am amazed that no one has mentioned his chilling performance as the terrorist Carroll Oerstadt in Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. He is no blondie, but neither is the shrimp. Yes…he could do it…but he is almost 50.

  • Kimberly Joseph

    Mr. Speidel- Add me to the “plurality of readers.” After ripping through the first 14 books in the series, I stopped cold right in the middle of Worth Dying For and haven’t read a word of Lee Child since. I was so turned off by Tom Cruise playing Reacher that I felt I could never look at Reacher in the same light again. And I normally look forward to Tom Cruise movies!!
    I am not sure that we can blame Child on this, since no one CHOSE Cruise to play Reacher. Cruise simply bought the rights and cast himself. Child was anxious to get one of his movies to the screen and he did not object. Still, it has been a couple of years since I bought and read a Reacher novel. I have now decided that I will not let Tim Cruise ruin something I enjoy, I have recently purchased The Affair and A Wanted Man. But I will never watch the movie, or any sequel that Cruise has planned.

  • Kimberly Joseph

    By the way, I am in the minority here but I have always thought that Dwayne Johnson would be the perfect actor to play Reacher. First of all, he is already a 6’5″ 250lb badass. The Rock is used to playing taciturn characters (Driven, Snitch) as well as tough smart-ass military guys (Gi Joe, Fast & Furious 5-7) and he has gotten much better as an actor over the past few years. Changing the character to a mixed race person is a minor detail, since race has never played a role in any of Child’s books. The right size and body type trumps everything else.

    • Grannys42

      But could take Dwayne seriously. He always strike me as a tongue in chi type of actor. I thought Chris Hemsworth or Liam Neeson. Liam is my favourite.

    • Steve Speidel

      Yeah, I could see him. The tongue-in-cheekiness that Grannys42 refers to would serve him well in the role.

  • Jeff Griz

    I actually had a conversation in New Orleans with Mr Lee Childs about Tom playing the role of Jack Reacher and I actually ended up with an answer that struck me a bit odd. Lee explained to me that there is a shortage of A-List actors with any kind of height, rather interesting when you get right down to it…marketing was the point. I also asked why so many facts about the Marine Corps was so far off considering his passion for getting the Army facts nailed to the tee, after all Jack’s father was a Marine. He just said that the average citizen didn’t understand the difference or organizational disparity between the services and he would rather not stir the pot of public perception. All in all, I like the series and I’ll continue to read them as he publishes more in the series. Thanks for the smoke Lee. Top Griz

  • Tim D

    I always use a disconnect when watching a movie based on a series of books I like. As an example I could use the Hobbit series of movies – I like them, but they are not the book, which I loved… same goes for the Lord of the Rings, excellent movies, but not the books. I watched the Tom Cruise movie, it was ok. Mr Cruise is not even close to my favorite actor. The book is not even close to my favorite Reacher novel. To me they came out even. I hope they choose another actor if they go forward with making the Reacher novels into movies. I would probably watch them, on DVD or Cable even if Mr Cruise is Reacher. Books, to me, are better.. they let the mind’s eye work. Movies show both too much and too little. And being 2 hour time slots, more or less, they cannot go into all the things a book does, and will leave stuff out or put stuff in(again the Hobbit is a good example – 3 movies out of a fairly small book?). As far as who could play Jack Reacher? I am not sure the previous choises all have their merits. Of them I like Vigo. To add one – Timothy Olyphant(spelling?).

  • jnr2223

    Having Cruise play the role of 6′ 5″, 250 lb Jack Reacher – is even WORSE than if Cruise played the role of John Wayne. Wayne, 6′ 4″ and maybe 230 lb. Utterly contemptuous. There can be no defense of having Cruise in that role. It’s Hollywood’s way of denigrating a white 6′ 5″ super strong hero. That is that. Jewry’s unmitigated hatred of the Caucasian race. See:
    Check up on WHO lobbied & pushed the 1965 changes to our immigration law. Also – see how long they worked on it. But – it did NOT happen until they aced JFK. Soon after! Kennedy was absolutely antithetical to THEIR plans for America. But – look at Europe – see how they are doing the same to them also.

    • Grannys42

      And here was me thinking it was just because Tom Cruise bought the film rights to the book. Shows you how dumb I am.

  • Mike McMahon

    One name…Duane “the Rock” Johnson. That’s who I envisioned while reading the books. Tom Cruise? Great actor, but not Reacher.

  • Vicky Eldridge

    Am a huge Jack Reacher fan…Started reading Book 10. Very disappointed with the movie, though. I would have chosen Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson or even Vin Diesel. They have the BODY and the TOUGH LOOK. But hey, who could refuse TOM CRUISE?
    Well… If only Jack Reacher is younger, my choice would have been THOR! Chris Hemsworth, you Rock!

  • Reading Bum

    Clint is my all time hero and a better choice, even at 85, than Cruise anytime, then again anyone over 6 foot tall is a better choice.

    But, not so much Clint Eastwood but some of the ‘Clint’ characters like; Josey Wales or Jim Duncan (High Plains Drifter) …minding their own, doing what needs to be done to live their lives …then they made it personal”. Even Harry with the appropriate sense of justice, using “HIS rules”.

    …And built like Dwayne Johnson… Huge! …with a huge presence. Tommy, not so much. I don’t think there is anyone with enough talent to make up for such a huge disparity.

    When I saw the first attraction for the movie, laughed! …thought it to be a joke. The more I saw the angrier I became …I ranted and raved. explained it to my wife dozens of times …why it was so wrong! I boycotted the movie. Sneered when it came to cable.

    However, I think the upside of the movie it brought a lot more exposure to Lee Child and Jack Reacher. I know people who began reading the series. It was interesting to hear how they felt about Cruise playing the part of Jack. They thought he he did a good job. But shocked at how differently Jack was portrayed in the books. It became a whole different experience. Seldom does the movie do the book justice.

    It would be great if Mr. Grant could get Eastwood to produce/direct his series. Then you know we’d get the right casting! I think Clint can pull it off!

    • Gil Gilman


    • Grannys42

      Well said. I reacted exactly the same and my husband, who isn’t a great reader couldn’t understand. Mr. Child makes such an issue about Jack’s size and weight that I couldn’t believe it when they said Cruise would play the part. Agreed, Jack will get more exposure to more people, and Cruise was the one who bought the book rights, but he is so full of himself, he couldn’t see he was wrong for the part. Or, maybe he suffers from small man syndrome and thinks he is that big, who knows, I do know that I was bitterly disappointed and walked out midway through .the movie

  • Anna Berry

    My take… Movies and books, at best can they complement each other. It’s like coffee and dessert. You can order pumpkin spice coffee, but it will never be pumkin pie. But still, each is enjoyable…. Obviously, books and movies are totally different forms of entertainment. But even if you think of a movie in terms of literature, a it’s a short story.

    So for me, I am able to enjoy them seperatley. The short story version… A shorter, slimmed down, slightly oversimplified, “cleaned up” version… starring Tom Cruise. Filtered and molded by the artistic/financial vision of many… 2 hours in and out. And the real thing, the novel, bigger, beefier, complicated by backstory scars and a larger cast of characters… Hours and hours of reading to let Lee Child’s vision (of mostly one) unfold before me, one page at time.

  • Greg Parks

    Jim Caviezel is who I see as Jack Reacher.

    • Anna Berry

      Funny… I used to swim with Jim Caviezel before A Thin Red Line was released. He’s no Jack Reacher. Tall, yes. Blue eyes, yes. But that’s it. Certainly not the physical presence of Jack… Or even Tom Cruise.

      • Greg Parks

        Anna, I have never met Mr Caviezel so I can’t comment on him first hand. My reasoning is based on his role in “Person of Intrest “. The soft-spoken tough guy image he plays is how I see Reacher in my minds eye. Based on your first hand description of him leds me to believe he might be a better actor than I thought. There are few who could be Reacher and I am not saying Caviezel is one of them. I only think he can play the part.

        • Anna Berry

          Since I met him “before”… In fact I interacted far more with his wife, I’ve enjoyed watching his career. Yes, I agree, Jim Caviezel’s acting keeps getting better and better.

  • Anlin Asha

    i love yr books i became a book addicted because of u love u lee child and i hate blake in the character and love reacher and harper

  • Jon Rzepecki

    Honestly, I don’t think the movies get made without Cruise. Yes, Reacher is larger than life, but as an actor, who is a bigger star than Tom Cruise? I though he played it very well. There just aren’t many actors who are above 6’2″. Most often they don’t fit into frame, and don’t have the same talent or range to pull of a total badass AND someone who is smarter than most everyone in the room.

  • Denise

    Jim Cavaziel from Person of Interest. Tough, tall and handsome, in great shape and could bulk up a little. And excellent actor.

  • Vicki Osborn

    Max Martini of “The Unit” . I pictured him as Jack Reacher from the first Jack Reacher novel…tall, sandy hair, rugged, bad ass and looks like Army.

    • Gruncle

      Hahaha I had no idea who you meant when you said Max Martini from The Unit. I loved that show, but we’ve always referred to him as “Bulldog” because of that character. Never knew his real name 😅 and yes you’re right!

  • Billy Gray

    Neil Flynn the tall actor Mike Heck from The Middle. I can not get his image out of my head when I think of what Jack Reacher should look like.

  • Evon Hoogeveen

    Where dose “the visitor ” fit in the series?

    • The Visitor is known as Running Blind in North America. It is the 4th in the Jack Reacher series, after Tripwire and before Echo Burning.

  • Andrew Sheehan

    Here’s a few for you all to consider…
    Clive Owen 6’2.5
    Gerard Butler 6’2
    Eric Bana 6’3
    These gents all have the “rugged” look I believe needed to play JR.

  • woooooyawhoooooo

    Yikes, lots of complaining about Cruise in this role. He did a great job with the role, if you couldn’t get passed the size that’s unfortunate. I don’t understand people talking about the rock in this role, Cruise played a great character, the rock is big but he doesn’t have the chops and he’s ripped in a way Reacher wouldn’t be caught dead. If you guys are Reacher fans then you know he’s naturally athletic and big, gets in shape through physical work but doesn’t lift weights. The rock would have ruined it for me, Reacher’s character is about no bs, getting it done, buffing up in the gymn is not his style at all, it’s the kind of self focus that is the opposite of who he is. Jackman could do it well, tone down the workouts.
    Cruise brought life to the character. There’s so many characters that get re-invented over time. How many different versions of superhero adaptations have there been, in print and in film? Someone reimagines it and goes with it. James Bond films are filled with different takes on the hero.
    If Cruise ruined it for you then that’s too bad but he seemed to capture the character. Someone like the rock couldn’t do it. The rock is the type of gymn rat that Reacher would take down because he’s smarter,, more trained and a badass. Reacher is big and strong just not in the beach body muscle way.

  • Brooke Quinn

    I literally stopped reading Reacher novels for a year after the movie. I have a very vivid imagination and I kept seeing his face in the same sceneries and senarios of this other faceless yet hunky tall man that was hard to miss. Tom Cruise has one of those blends in with the crowd looks. It made it hard to enjoy the jokes of how he stood above everyone and picked out of a crowd easily. Its like we read a book on little people and how they live in their house with the conviences of a little person and then the movie is made with an average size person. It just takes away some of the context. Good movie, great books, just two different things.

  • kimiata90

    The perfect Jack Reacher would be Gerald Butler. All 6’2″ of him. His 45 years are also right on. AND he can act.

  • Carl

    I’m not a Tom Cruise fan at all. But I have to say, even though I wish they would’ve gone with a different actor (Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, even John Travolta -loved him in General’s Daughter), Cruise did a good job. He wasn’t his normal, grinning-idiot self, which made him a little more sullen and matter-of-fact.

  • John Zepplin

    A young Fess Parker is a perfect Jack Reacher. Dwayne Johnson ok or maybe the actor that played Longmire. I like tom cruise. But not for reacher.

  • John Zepplin

    ok. I decided after saying I thought Cruise was a bad cast for Reacher. So, after reading five of the books, I watched the Reacher movie again. Cruise actually does a great job in that movie. The only mistake he made was not putting his hand over the rifle barrel when he shoots at the range. Jack does that when he shoots long distance. Guess I am ok with Cruise after all. Just saying.

  • Travis Matthew Finley

    OK. I just hafta say it. LC sold out. How old is Reacher? How tall is Reacher? What ethnicity is Reacher? Getting a 50+yr old to play a 35-45 year old is just s setup up for having to get someone else in another 5 years. But I guess they do it with Bond and Batman. Any way, I think they should just get Dick Hill to do it.

    • Grannys42

      I also thought Tom Cruise was a bad choice, but who is Tim Hill, I’ve never heard of him?

  • Alan Klaffke

    Sean Bean would have made a great Jack Reacher….

  • Leigh

    Whoever wrote the synopsis of Killing Floor should be as ashamed of (probably) himself as the casting agent who thought Tom Cruise would do well as a 6’4″, 220 lbs. of pure muscle, blond, blue-eyed retired U.S. Army M.P. major with “hands the size of dinner plates.” (Hold on…that sounds familiar for some reason…hmm, blond…oh yes! Lestat, in “Interview with a Vampire,” and my favorite character of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I knew from the moment I heard Cruise was cast as the blond, French, sexy “Brat Prince” that the second and best book in the entire series, “The Vampire Lestat,” would never see the screen, and sadly I was right.) Tom, please put aside your massive ego and choose to opt out of the future Reacher movies. Alas, a vain wish.

    But back to the enthusiastic reader and less than capable writer. Have you no pride? You’re not emailing or texting a friend. Try learning the basic rules of grammar. It’s lazy people like you who make the rest of the world, most of whom speak and write English far more fluently and correctly than you do, think all Americans are illiterate. I’m not so sure they’re wrong. Learn which words must be capitalized, and how to use punctuation properly. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to review a book, at least get the basic facts straight! Reacher did NOT meet Roscoe while he was inside the prison. He met her in the Margrave police station, while he was being questioned by Detective FINLAY – no “D.” Rather than proving that you mean what you say, and you read this novel and loved it, it appears to be another of those cases where the writer of the blurb on the dust jacket or the back of the paperback never bothered to actually READ the book; he simply drew all his conclusions from the cover art. At the very least, please spellcheck both manually as well as with your computer before you submit a document for publication. Sheesh!!!

  • Robin Freestun

    This list doesn’t show “The Visitor” published in 2000. Any reason.

    • The Visitor in the UK/Europe is just renamed. It’s Running Blind in North America.

  • Justin

    i actually think Joe Manganiello would have been the perfect jack reacher. He’s kind of who i see in my head when i’m reading these books. Also hits the height at 6’5″

    • Kirby Bonano

      yeah, and we could get Joe to dye his hair blond (don’t think he’d do it, but he IS 6’6″!

  • Lenny Jay

    Liam Neeson would have made a much more realistic Reacher than Cruise. I watched the movie and could never get my head into it because Cruise does not fit the book character.

  • Kirby Bonano

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the only actor I can imagine coming close to the “real Jack Reacher”. Sorry, Tom Cruise.. you trying to be the real “Jack Reacher” is like maybe his little boy trying on his daddy’s shoes.

  • Peter Kane

    Tom Cruise is a teeny weeny Jack Reacher. There is no way else to say it. Cruise is NO Reacher. 5 foot 7 inches is not 6 foot 5. Sorry Tom you just ain’t got it.
    Jim Grant sold out. Sorry to say but Cruise has a lot of money $$$ so maybe you too would sell out.

  • Gruncle

    I really can’t see how the series is “ruined” because of Mr Cruise, I’m not going to stop reading the books because I disagreed with a casting choice (it’s not the first time) Yeah; I liked the movie, I thought Tom pulled off Jack’s nuances quite well. No; I wasn’t even remotely happy with the casting choice, but what are you going to do. Yes I’m going to go see the new movie when it’s released, even tho Mr Cruise is still at the wheel. On a side note; I believe John Corbett would have been an excellent choice as Mr Jack (none) Reacher, he’s the same height, same age and has blueish eyes, tho he’d have to bulk up 40 odd pounds like Chris Hemsworth had to for Thor 😅 Can’t wait for a new novel.

  • Psst

    When I read the books after warching the film (which was ok) I couldn’t believe they were about the same character.

    I experienced the kind of cognative dissonance I had seeing Adam West as Batman the first time, but without the excuse of it being a campy parody, or the James Bond films that drifted away from the brutal direct Fleming character into an unbelivable romantic Hollywood charactature.

    As an avid reader, I can fully understand why a devoted series reader would find Cruise unbekievabke in tge role of a character who could intimidate simply by walking into a room, who believes only a dozen people on Earth might be a physical threat to him.

    Cruise isn’t that kind of presense. His sucessful characters share a common thread of brains not brawn, courage and determination being the reasons for success, not physical prowess. His characters are a better version of himself. Though they always seem to share a little bit of being a arrogant jerk, that flaw makes the characters more human, and is even mocked by antagonists in the MI films.

    Reacher is a polar opposite. He isn’t courageous because he has no doubt that he will prevail. There’s no question that he will succeed by just being there. Seen from the outside, he could be a robot. Reacher appeals because the reader had no doubt that the bad guy will lose, the wrong made right without trickery, but using the kind of brute force that can’t be ignored.

    If I had been reading Reacher novels for 10 years, I would have expected to see someone like Dwayne Johnson or Daniel Craig in the movie, or it done like a first person shooter game (Doom) with
    some CGI or long shots of the character in the action scenes. The menace of the character needs to manifest in his voice, like Darth Vader.

    While I will continue to enjoy Cruise in other roles, I’m doing my best to forget the Reacher movie, and won’t watch the sequel until long after I’ve read the final novel that Child writes.

    Although I think the film can stand on its own, it would have been better to change the protagonists name.

  • SU Features

    Tom Cruise spoilt it.
    A bloke who’s really big-made (Like Steven Segal) should have been Reacher.

  • Paul mann

    Michael Madison would make a good jack reacher not tom cruise

  • Anna Lee

    I just heard that Tom Cruise is going to be in the new Reacher movie. Too bad. He is too short and doesn’t have enough macho to portray Reacher. Another disappointing movie.

  • Bill Cord

    Started reading the books when the first one came out and the image of Cruise as Reacher was a problem. Cruise did an aright job as Reacher but I have to agree with the Johnson as a better choice simply based on body size.

    It does not matter since Cruise has a second Reacher movie due out in October 2016 but perhaps Reacher can become like Bond and have several actors play the part since Child has produced far more books than Ian Fleming and the movies could continue for years.

  • Sue

    I had my serious doubts when I heard they had cast Tom Cruise as Reacher. For one thing, his diminutive size belied the character. However, after seeing the movie I was very much surprised and pleased. I think Cruise has the right amount of ego and chutzpah to pull it off. He WAS Jack Reacher. Kudos to the casting director.

  • Dominique Villarreal

    Can someone explain to me the short stories? Should I be reading them in between the series in the order they were released?

    • I wouldn’t worry about when you read the short stories. They’re standalone and even though one or two of them “fit” between books in the chronological order of there’s nothing to them that is required reading. A couple of them go back to when Reacher is a kid or not in the army yet. You could read them whenever.

      • Roguewave1

        Forget ’em. Every one of them suck.

  • R. Don Steele

    TOM CRUISE IS THE BEST 5-6 GUY EVERY TO PLAY A 6-5 JACK REACHER. Casting must have been a bitch. “Bad guy wanted, any ethnic group, MUST BE SHORTER THAN 5-6.” Female action character, must be no taller than 5.0. And so on. Cameraman must be able to get camera low for every shot including fight sequences. Prop master must have boxes of heights 2 inches to 12 inches for Cruise to stand on for scenes involving face to face dialogue.

  • R. Don Steele

    MAKE ME read another 500 page mystery by David Child, use a .357 because that’s not what I want for my $10 paperback! Action, thriller, adventure. Paladin reborn. Paladin didn’t solve mysteries. WTF is Child doing? Agatha Christie has Mysteries all locked up. EGAD! Shame, shame, shame and then to make another Reacher movie with Cruise,should have cast Peter Dinklage because he can actually act.

  • Terry Bailey

    I did not like the idea of Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher. He would have to look up to everyone, something Jack would never do. After saying this I forced myself open minded to watch Öne Shot” and thought he did quite well. The actor that came to mind to take the part of Jack Reacher was Clint Walker of Cheyenne Bodie fame TV series in the ?60’s. A tall well built, luberring slow talking cowboy not to be trifled with.

    • Clint Walker, otherwise known as “The Chest” We had real men as actors back then, not these pretty-boys who run around pretending to be tough guys.

  • Joel Morales

    I am a HUGE Reacher fan and I just hope than one day I can enjoy a movie with Tom Cruise playing Reacher. It is so difficult to overlook the lack of size. In One Shot, Tom Cruise beat up 5 skinny 15 year old kids instead of what should have been 5 huge +200 lbs men. So dissappointed!

  • Art Encineas

    I get what most of you are saying about JRs physical attributes and how it affects the character being portrayed. I am a huge fan of reading as well as watching movies.I saw the movie first, that being said I believe that a movie should have a beginning a middle and a end. It should take you on a ride transporting you into the the character and the story. Not knowing the details of JR were unimportant to me just was the story and actor believable IMO Tom cruise did this I don’t care about his beliefs the size of his wallet or what he does off set did he play the role was it entertaining and believable.. I am running out of things I want to read and stumbled into this site. So i am going to start the series and see where it takes me I know I will enjoy the books more so then the movie as far as reading and interpreting the characters in my mind and look forward to getting to know the writer and his character.this will be my around my 150th book this year I mostly read sci-fi and fantasy looking forward to a comfortable change.

  • Hamish Alcorn

    I’ve read this thread of comments and what has become clear to me is that the movies need a new actor, someone we’ve never seen before. Basically they need to go through the portfolios of the major acting agents, cull them to all the fair haired males of between 6’3 and 6’6, and then pursue a rigorous audition process, with the proviso that they’d have to be able to seriously beef up in the gym, if they’re not already.

    I think that could be magic, and of course launch a new career for the actor. Sure you lose the major star factor for audience pull but, a) the novels are already immensely popular and if you get the character right the fans of the books will do your publicity for you, and b) you still have available of the trick of a star cameo in each of the movies. Each of the books has a potentially amazing female role btw, and not just for young spunks.

  • Bynx

    When doing the Reacher books in chronological order I wish someone would include the 9 or 10 short stories – novellas as well. It says above, the first book to read is The Enemy. I think it should be the short story Second Son since it takes place in 1977 when Reacher was a boy.

  • Simon Cutts

    I have just watched a interview with Lee Childs on the main news channel in the UK and he said the only reason that Tom Cruise got the part as JR was that Lee and the directors was having a really hard time finding a good looking 6’5 actor for the role and that Tom is a avid Lee Childs follower that really likes the JR books. As to a comment about always watch the film before reading the books is not quite right….more often if you watch the film you wont enjoy the book and like wise if you read the book first you might enjoy it and really hate the film. Its everyone’s choice what order to watch/read. Although Tom Cruise is the total opposite to the JR character he played JR really well and look forward to seeing the new film. On a final note I love watching movies and I really love reading the JR books however I also think that the movies are a lazy way to use your minds compared to reading, the movie tells you everything who the characters are and what they are doing where as with the books you still have to use your minds as well as your eyes. And last of all keep on writing the JR story’s Lee we all love them.

  • ArgleBjargle

    I enjoy the books and enjoyed the movies. In my humble opinion, if someone’s mind is incapable of working around or through inconsistencies in life, (especially in fiction) too bad for them.

  • The perfect actor to have filled the Reacher movie role was James Arness. Alas, he was about 40 years too early. Chuck Conners could have done a decent job also.

    • Roguewave1

      Chuck Conners would have been a prefect visual from my mind and his gayness never leaked through, which Reacher would definitely not understand.

  • Sher

    I have read all of the Lee Child’s, Jack Reachers series books but the latest one. I am sorry but Tom Cruise is no way a Jack Reacher.

    • frank o’shea

      Don’t apologise, Cruise is a huge minus-force in the series. So give him credit for that😱

  • jtrocker

    Interesting comments here about Cruise ruining the series. My take – he didn’t ruin the books for me because when I read the books I picture what is described, not Tom Cruise.
    On the other hand, I think he ruins the movies – but for a different reason than just his height. It’s the money. Cruise movies need to hit $200M for them to continue into a series, in part because of his high salary and the production costs of the action sequences his fans want. Jack Reacher hit that mark, but Never Go Back did not (or has not yet). If a third is made, it will probably generate even lower revenues and that will be the end of the series.
    So by making Jack Reacher just another Tom Cruise action flick with the high costs of Cruise productions, it is effectively killing the movie series.

    If on the other hand they had found a more suitable and lesser known actor to play Reacher in terms of looks, size, demeanor, etc AND if they kept the story line closer to that of the book (fewer high costly explosions, etc), the movie would have had lower revenues but a higher likelihood of continuing as a series.

    There is just something about Cruise that is polarizing. Someone else here commented that when they see a Cruise movie they picture the character not Cruise. For me it is the opposite, he seems pretty much the same from movie to movie so all I see is Tom Cruise. And now that he has done the first 2 Reacher movies, it is unlikely another actor would be able to take over the role because he is such a big name. So I just don’t see how the movie series will continue after 1 more Reacher movie (if even that).

  • I survived the kenyen

    Great series. Read all 20 books. Reacher gets nastier as the series goes on.
    The two movies did’t match up. Cruise was not REACHER. I would have been better.

  • Brandi Marie Court

    I have just read Never Go Back and it was phenomimal! I have read all the previous 17 books and have watched the first movie. I haven’t watched the second movie but will be very shortly. I agree with the Tom Cruise thing. He just doesn’t fit the character. Not only physically but how he acts too. I can’t really put it into words but the way Cruise “acts” as Reacher doesn’t feel like the book. It just doesn’t fit. Tom does a great job as always but I don’t feel he was right for the part in many ways. They May have cast him because he is a big name and they thought he might make the movie more profitable. I honestly think that the story would have sold it just as well. that being said I absolutely fell in love with this series. I am looking forward to the next three and any more that may be written. Thank you Lee Child!

  • Brandi Marie Court

    Was very disappointed with the 2nd movie. They didn’t follow the story very well. Tomorrow Cruise is not the right actor for the part. the physical aspect is obvious but he still doesn’t feel like the Jack Reacher I have grown to love over the last 18 books. The first movie at least stayed close to the storyline. The second movie wasn’t even close. If you haven’t read or seen Never Go Back skip the movie. Unless you’re really bored. I very much love the series and am looking forward to Personal. Lee Child you are a brilliant writer. Don’t let them make another movie please.

  • Teresa

    Chris Hemsworth would make a much better Jack Reacher!! He has the build for him!!

  • Johnny Thorne

    I just found out today that Jack Reacher is a series of books. I loved Tom Cruise as Reacher. Tomorrow I’m planning to visit my local library to borrow a Jack Reacher novel.

    I love the Joe Picket series by CJ Box. I’ve nearly read all the Clive Cussler adventures. I set aside 3 hours nightly to read and I’ve never fallen asleep at the book yet.

  • Warren Blum

    Tom cruise is the wrong person to play jack reacher. I’d like to see the guy from grimm, Sasha roiz, who played the captain of the police dept.

  • Psst

    SInce there are 16/17 books and all have been optioned for films, even if Cruise wanted too, by the time the last one is being done he won’t be around, having died on during the filming of MI9 at the age of 66 trying to prove that he could still do all his own stunts.

  • Kathy

    I never read a Jack Reacher book until I saw the movie with Tom Cruise. I thought he was great in the movie and being from Pittsburgh where the first movie was filmed, I was thrilled to see Tom Cruise come to the movie theater for the premier of the movie. He went to each theater and spoke. He was so polite and charismatic. I have since started reading the books and even though, the character is described as a big guy, I picture Tom Cruise as I read the books and am thoroughly enjoying them. I guess you are either a Tom Cruise fan or not, I am a fan. Everyone has their favorites.

  • Valerie Luscott

    I have read the Jack Reacher book as they were published and thoroughly enjoyed them.Like many I was disappointed to see Tom Cruise as “ Jack Reacher” I guess the almighty American dollar was the reason .

  • T.L. Briggs

    First, I thoroughly enjoy these novels. Have read 5 so far and intend to read them all.

    However, I wonder why the author never did proper research on the US Army and the Army military police. Having left the Army after 3 years with the rank of Captain, I can say had the author known anyone who had served he could have avoided some painful lack of reality in Reacher’s background.

    Reacher is a West Point graduate and never would have been an investigator. Criminal investigation is handled by Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and while officers supervise CID the highest rank of a military CID investigator is Chief Warrant Officer (CWO4).

    “As the U.S. Army’s primary criminal investigative organization and the Department of Defense’s premier investigative organization, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, commonly known as CID, is responsible for conducting criminal investigations in which the Army is, or may be, a party of interest.”

    Until 1971 the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Agency was under the direction of The Provost Marshal General. On September 17, 1971, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command was established as a major Army command removed from the direction of the Provost Marshal General of the Army.

    In 1971 the CID Command was vested with command and control of all Army criminal investigation activities and resources worldwide. Granting major command status to the CID facilitated CID communications with all levels of the military and civilian governments while providing a centralized controlling authority over the Army’s investigative resources and activities. The Commander of CID is directly responsible to the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Secretary of the Army. The organization of the CID command brought to an end the 50-year-old problem of how to administer the CID. It has been said that the removal for cause of two Provost Marshals between 1964-1970 led the Army to decide to take the CID out from under Provost Marshals.

    CID does not employ commissioned officers as Special Agents (investigators) and CIA battalions and groups are commanded by commissioned officers from the Military Police Corps. CID special agents may be military personnel (NCOs or warrant officers), or appointed civilian personnel (special agents).

    By my calculation, Reacher entered on active duty in the early 1980s and being a West Point graduate would have been a 2nd Lieutenant. At the time of his separation from active service he was a Major. If he had spent his service time in the military police he would not have ever been an investigator. Perhaps, he might have been a military police commissioned officer supervising CID activities, but never an actual investigator.

    In my day, enlisted military policemen were military occupation specialty (MOS) 94B, however that was changed to 31B in today’s Army. Military police (MOS 31B) protect the lives and property on Army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations. They also control traffic, prevent crime and respond to all emergencies. They are supervised by commissioned military police officers.

    MP job duties include: law enforcement patrols; Interview witnesses, victims and suspects in investigations; crime scene security and processing; arrest and charge criminal suspects. The duty of interviewing in investigations is similar to what uniformed beat cops do in civilian police forces, i.e., initial interviewing before the plain clothes detectives take over.

    Reacher could not have spent 12 years as an investigator and reached the rank of Major doing it.

    Military assignments are usually for 2 years, may be for 6 months from time to time, and can be for 3 or 4 years. No one spends 12 years in one short assignment after another. As an officer West Point graduate Reacher would have lived in Bachelor Officer’s Quarters (BOQ) not in barracks.

    Right now, I can’t think of other anomalies in Reacher’s Army background but this seems to be enough to highlight the author’s inadequate research on US Army military police.

  • Robert Reynolds

    I think Chris Hemsworth would have been a good choice

  • Joe

    Tom Cruise if far to pretty to be Jack Reacher. Nuff said!

  • mandy rivera

    I have read every Jack Reacher novel and I have always thought that a younger Clint Eastwood would have made the perfect Reacher. Wishful thinking I know but that is the real beauty of reading, you can put ANY face
    you want on the characters you’re reading about.

  • Ferd Smurf

    I will not even watch the movie with Tom Cruise cast as Jack Reacher. I laughed out loud when I heard they had picked him. Tom Cruise was barely acceptable in Top Gun but fighter pilots are supposed to be wiry little self confident jack asses. Tom fit the role well. But Jack Reacher? No way can Tom pull that off. I’ve not even watched him in the Mission Impossible movies but that was mostly because the scripts and special effects were so ridiculous.

    Anyway, I’ve loved the Reacher series since I picked up my first one in an airport departure lounge. So far I’ve read 14 of them and have two more on hand for my next long flight. So far I think Persuader is my favorite. There’s only been one I didn’t really like.

    About my only complaint is I always catch Lee Child’s making a couple of factual errors per book. The one that I remember was Reacher seeing the “gleam of polished walnut” on the stock of an M16. There is no wood of any kind on an M16. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

  • Utah Bob

    Cruise is box office gold. Very simple. But having read the series, his Reacher role did not really ruin anything for me. I still enjoy the Reacher books and view the movies as a separate entity.