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Nick Heller Biography:

Nick Heller is a character introduced by thriller award winning author Joseph Finder.The American writer has a wide range of best-sellers, like Paranoia,Company man,Killer instinct and High crimes.Joseph Finder falls in the class of the most successful thriller novelist in this day.

Early life and launch of career:

He was born on October 6th 1958 in Chicago Illinois.His parents were constantly moving from Afghanistan and Philippines during his early childhood before permanently moving to the U.S. Harvard University was the foundation he needed to launch his career.While in Harvard Joseph studied Russian History.What is ironic is that Joseph never intended to become a novelist.In fact, his ambition was to be a spy.This was probably due to the fact that he grew up in Afghanistan and his interest in Russian history.

Fate had other plans for him however when he ended up publishing his first book”Red Carpet” in 1983.This was followed by “The Moscow Club” in 1991.Both books are about the Russian KGB;the first being about the connection between KGB and wealthy businessmen from America.The second book is a continuation whereby the previous connection leads to a coup in Russia.The books became an international hit instantly. He was immediately recognized as one of the best spy thriller writer of all time.Having gotten this positive review Joseph published more thrillers namely, the Zero hour, Extraordinary powers and High Crimes.The New York Times named him the master of a complex suspense formula.

Nick Heller series:

The character of Nick Heller is seen in three of Joseph’s books.The story begins in Vanished and continues in Buried Secrets and lastly Plan B.Nick is a intelligence officer with the special forces or what many would call a private spy.His work is to uncover secrets that powerful individuals would rather have buried.In the process, Heller finds himself at the center of a storm of conspiracies that are life threatening.He however has no choice but to find ways of helping the people he cares about as well as ensure he completes his missions.He has a stubborn nature and will always uncover any hidden truth,lies and conspiracies.


Vanished begins the story of spy Nick Heller.The plot starts with a young couple Lauren Heller and her husband Roger Heller.They go out one night only to be brutally attacked by unknown assailants.A couple of hours later, Lauren is in a coma at the hospital and her husband is missing.The hospital staff are not aware of a another patient apart from her.Nick is younger brother to Roger and the task falls on him to find Roger.His training in the special forces gives him the confidence that he will find Roger soon.His relationship with his brother is not a close one especially after their billionaire father “fugitive financier” was imprisoned bringing about a bitter scandal.Nick opted to move out while Roger continued to follow in his father’s footsteps.
However the case ends up not being easy at all.He discovers another dangerous life his brother had that could threaten the lives of Lauren and her son.The behavior of his contractor also seems quite suspicious.Horrible secrets begin to surface.As if that is not enough Heller finds out that there are some powerful people hell bent on keeping this information secret.Nick has to do everything to protect his family and also find his brother.Unknown to him is that he is taking on a most lethal enemy.

Buried Secrets:

Buried Secrets is yet another breathtaking Nick Heller series.The plot begins when Nick returns to his home in Boston.He is approached by an old friend Marshall Marcus.Marcus’s daughter Alexandra whom Nick has known ever since she was a toddler is kidnapped.What is worse is that her face is all over the internet in some sort of underground coffin buried alive where she is slowly dying.The kidnappers are professional so there is no evidence of her location.

Nick is Marshall’s only hope since he is a special intelligence agent who is good at uncovering such mysteries.However in the course of investigation,Nick discovers that Marcus is a fraudster.Marshall Marcus is arrested by the F.B.I. He is the head of a ponzi scheme that ripped many people off millions.There are also other terrible secrets that lead up to high ranks in government all connected to the kidnapping.Time is running out and people are watching via the internet.

Plan B:

In Plan B, Nick Heller is in Barcelona Spain on a mission.The objective is to save a kidnapped girl from a compound with high levels of security undetected.The compound belongs to a wealthy and powerful Spaniard.One thing about perfect well laid out plans is that something wrong always happens and this can jeopardize the whole mission.This is why Nick Heller always has a plan B.However he is completely unprepared by what he finds inside the compound.

The book is a short story with quite a unique ending.That however does not stop Finder from delivering his usual twists in the plot as well as having unpredictable events.Many readers have given this short story a thumps up.

To call Joseph Finder a thriller genius is an understatement.His books are so popular that they get sold out as soon as they are on the shelves.Many of his books have been turned into movies and they include Paranoia starring Liam Hensworth,Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford to premiere in August 2013.High Crimes starring Ashely Judd and Morgan Freeman,The Zero Hour which was turned into a series,Buried Secrets and Vanished.These movies have all been successful in Hollywood except Zero Hour which was pulled off after the first season.His other works include the Company Man,Power Play,and Killer Instinct.

His writings have won him numerous awards and recognitions for instance The International Thriller Writers Award in 2007,and Strand Magazine Critics Award.One thing is for sure and that is there is no stopping Joseph Finder when it comes to intense,heart-thumping and mind boggling novels.He is the real deal.Joseph Finder is married to wife Michelle and they live in Boston Massachusetts with their daughter Emma.

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