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Will Trent is the lead fictional character in the Will-Trent-series written by Karin Slaughter. He was first introduced in 2006 in the novel, Tryptych. Will had a tough childhood from day one. He was found abandoned in a dumpster when he was just a baby, and spent his childhood growing up in the Atlanta Children’s home. Even after several attempts Will was never able to find a family that was willing to adopt him and stayed in the Children’s home until he turned 18 and moved out. He immediately began working for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in the Major Case Squad and was eventually recruited into the Special Criminal Apprehension Team.

Will has a long-standing, inconsistent relationship with Angie Polaski, a girl he grew up with and known since she came to the home when he was eight. Although she is the love of his life and thinks of no other woman, Angie does not seem to feel the same way about him, dumping him several times throughout the series. At one point, Will finally gets Angie to agree to marry him, however, they never actually do.

Will is described as tall with broad shoulders and dirty-blonde hair. He has multiple scars covering different parts of his body including one on his forearm from an attempted suicide. Despite his scars, many women still find him attractive, although, he only has interests in Angie. He is reportedly dyslexic but manages to find clever ways to hide his disability. He is difficult to work with and not very social, however, he is a genius when it comes to puzzles and taking things apart and putting them back together. He has a record of solving 89 percent of his cases.


Special-Agent Will-Trent of the Criminal Apprehension Team teams up with Atlanta police detective Michael Ormewood when the victim of a brutal murder, Aleesha Monroe, is found mutilated. The team is called in when Ormewood discovers that this case is only one of a series of similar attacks.


In the second novel of this series, Will Trent teams up with Detective Faith Mitchell, who isn’t particularly fond of Will, to investigate the gruesome murder of Abigail Campano’s daughter. Will and Faith must work together to find the killer that is targeting one of the wealthiest parts of Atlanta before he or she claims another victim.


Will and Faith are back on the scene in the third installment of the Will-Trent-series. This time they are investigating the case of a woman who was found tortured and hit by a car. After returning to the scene of the crime, Will discovers a hidden torture chamber and comes to a frightening realization that this victim is only the first. Will and Faith team up with Sara to find the psychopath behind this devious plot before he claims yet another victim.


When a young woman is found dead in Grant Lake, what seems like a suicide ends up being a cold-blooded murder. Will cancels his vacation early when he is called in to investigate after Sara calls the Georgia-Bureau-of-Investigation. This case proves difficult to solve when Will is met with nothing but silence. When nobody is willing to talk in this tight-knit community, it seems like Will cannot find any good leads.

Other Novels Starring Will Trent

Will Trent has gone on to star in five other novels written by Karin Slaughter including Fallen (2011), Snatched (2012) Criminal (2012), Busted (2013), and Unseen (2013). In Karin’s most recent novel, Unseen, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotional twists. In the story, Will is posing as Bill Black, an ex-con, in order to solve a case in Macon, Georgia. His love Sara, unknown to both of them, is working on the same case after her stepson Jared is gunned down in his own home.

About The Author

Karin Slaughter was born on January 6, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia. Having written her very first book when she was only six years old, Rolleo and Polio, Karin has always been an aspired author. She graduated from Morrow State High School and attended Georgia State University. Karin worked several jobs prior to opening her own sign business. In 2001 she published her first novel and first in the Grant-County-series, Blindsighted. Since Blindsighted, Karen has published 17 other novels in the past 13 years. In addition to her publications in English, several of Karin’s books are published in British, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, French, Greek, Brazilian Portugese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian languages.

Karin has been awarded and nominated for several local and international awards throughout her career as a writer. Blindsighted was nominated for major awards including a Dagger, a Barry, and a Macavity. It was also on the New York Times Best Seller list along with her second novel, Kisscut. She received a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Romantic Times for her third novel, A-Faint-Cold-Fear. Beyond Reach and Fractured have both earned her Silver Fingerprint Awards for Best Foreign thrillers by the Crime Zone in the Netherlands. She also won an award from the American Association of People with Disabilities for having her character, Will Trent, have dyslexia.

Karin is well known for her brutal and bloody novels, and she responds to the question of why in the Frequently Asked Questions page on her website. “I so love and look up to Mary Higgins Clark and had a really great time with Janet Evanovich or two, that is the reason why in my writing I opt to have it in a violent way or show violence for what it is. For how many years, women were silent about these crimes despite the fact that we were most likely the victims. I guess it’s already time for us to talk about violence and rape against women. While growing up, these subjects were “boys only” territory in fiction, so I find it very refreshing to see authors like Denise Mina and Mo Hayder really opening up the conversation about sexual assault and abuse. I don’t mean to say that men are not capable of writing these topics, its just that women authors bring a different perspective.”

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10 Responses to “Will Trent”

  1. Ray: 1 month ago

    I’m a new fan, a middle-aged (71) man who volunteers at the local public library, and Karin was on my list of to-read books that I was formerly unaware of. Recently I watched the Netflix movie and learned it was based on one of Karin’s novels, and so far I’ve the first 2 Will Trent novels. What a great author!

  2. Olga Adams: 9 months ago

    I love all of Karin Slaughter’s books, but I especially love the Will Trent books. I was surprised and excited when I saw Will Trent the series on ABC. I started watching the first episode, but as soon as I saw the TV Will Trent character I was turned off because he looked nothing like the book Will Trent (don’t get me wrong, I am not racist, I’m Hispanic, too.).
    This past weekend my sister-in-law and I were talking about TV shows we’ve watched or are watching and she mentioned Will Trent. I asked her how she liked it and she said that she really did like it. She had binged watch 4 or 5 episodes one weekend. I told her about Karin Slaughter’s books. Now she’ll be reading Ms. Slaughter’s bookks & I’m going to watch the TV Will Trent series.oa

  3. Pat Allen: 11 months ago

    I love this series on tv. I had already read most of the books, then found this series. Friends and I binged watching one rainy weekend! Fast moving, believable and just plain interesting! Can’t wait for Season 2 to start! Will is smart, Faith is a cool cop, Angie sorta bad girl! Love the no nonsense Capt. too!

  4. Kathy Fisher: 1 year ago

    Will Trent novels are outstanding
    Can not wait to read the next one

  5. Dennis Buckelew: 1 year ago

    Going to read the books. TV show good, but all the commercials make it unwatchable, otherwise love the show. So many commercials make ever sports unwatchable, yet they think football, basketball etc too long.

  6. Linda L landis: 1 year ago

    love this show, am now reading all Karin Slaughter books. BEST Show on TV!!!!

  7. Sherry Fisher: 1 year ago

    I just discovered Will Trent on the tv series, now I want to go back and read all the books. The show is amazing! I love all the characters and the actors do a great job.

  8. Sherri Tegtmeyer: 1 year ago

    confused as it starts out that Angie is Will’s love and then the next person is Sara. Also the TV series in know way looks like the Will described in the very first story.

    • Lee NYC: 1 year ago

      None of the lead characters look like the ones in the book. The TV show, rightfully in my opinion, has a multi ethnic cast.

  9. Dover: 2 years ago

    I got interested in her books when I watched “Pieces of Her” on Netflix. I read the book, not knowing it was going to be part of a series and then found the Will Trent series. AMAZING!


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