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Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Collections

Daft Wee Stories (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
That’s Your Lot (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Brian Limond is a comedian, actor, and writer, best known for Limmy’s Show (2009), The IT Crowd (2006), and Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe (2013).

He was born October 20, 1974 in Glasgow, Scotland to Billy and Jessie Limond, and grew up in the Carnwadric area of the city. Brian studied multimedia technology at Glasgow Caledonian University, graduating in the year 1996. He found success as a Flash developer and website designer after he began working at Black ID, a Glasgow-based new media company.

During the summer of 2000, some employees of Black ID created Flammable Jam, a rival company, that Limmy was a director. While he worked there, he was asked to contribute to “New Masters of Flash: The 2002 Annual”, a resource for Macromedia Flash developers. Then in 2001, he co-founded the company Chunk Ideas, selling off his stake in the company in 2006 to Donnie Kerrigan (co-founder), in order for him to focus on his comedy career.

As he worked as a website designer and Flash developer, he started releasing comedy on his blog and website,, which contained his various Flash-based projects. Late in 2006, he released this daily podcast called Limmy’s World of Glasgow, which gained him interest from the mainstream British media.

After working in comedy for a number of years, he was commissioned by BBC Scotland to create “Limmy’s Show”, a sketch show. It ran for three series and a Christmas special between 2010 and 2013, winning two BAFTA Scotland awards. He returned to BBC Scotland with one more sketch comedy series called “Limmy’s Homemade Show”, with a one-off episode in 2018 and a full series in 2020.

He has been noted for the parody tributes that he often tweets on the announcement of a celebrity’s death; invariably posting that he had the pleasure of meeting them at some charity do one time. They were surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny. After nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow’s death, his tweet was mistakenly reported as an actual tribute by Sky News.

Limmy is an atheist, and is in support of Scottish independence. He has been teetotal since 2004. He was in a relationship with Lynn McGowan from 2000 until their separation in 2022. He and Lynn have a son together.

The List, Scottish culture magazine, listed Limmy at No. 14 on their “Hot 100” list in the year 2006, which celebrated the people that made the largest impact on cultural life in Scotland.

“Daft Wee Stories” is a short story collection that was released in 2015. “Daft Wee Stories” is Limmy’s first book. It is a collection of stories. There are longer stories. There are short stories. Some are thoughtful stories, while others are stupid. There are normal way up stories, and there are upside down stories. There are odd stories, and some less odd stories. There are totally odd stories. There is nothing else like it. Have a listen.

This is a fantastic read if you are an oddball that likes the surreal, strange, and brilliant. There are so many funny and slightly twisted wee stories. Each of these stories makes you laugh.

“That’s Your Lot” is a short story collection that was released in 2017. This is Limmy’s second book. It is a whole load of odd, new, and hilariously grim short stories.

Tom is in this soft play with his daughters. He is bored. So much so that he can move things around with his own mind.

A man sits in his wheelie bin at two in the morning, and he would really like to tell you why.

Another man fills up his mate’s biscuit tin without ever telling him about it, just to see what will happen.

Kenny’s mate Scott is suicidal and is guilt ridden. Kenny takes him on a holiday to Benidorm. It’ll be quite the laugh.

Iain, Maggie’s boyfriend, bought this curtain. And it continues to attack them. She would really like it if it was out of the house.

This is an incredibly hilarious book, and is one of the funniest that some have ever read in their lives.

“Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2019. He’s Limmy. Maybe you know him from “Limmy’s Show”, or you may not know him at all. Don’t worry if you don’t know him.

They asked him to write a book about mental health, since he sometimes talks about his mental health in interviews and tweets, like anxiety and suicidal thoughts, and what he has done to try and deal with it.

Limmy told them that he was not sure that he could fill up an entire book with only putting that in there. However how about he write a general autobiography sort of thing and all of the mental health stuff is going to naturally appear along the way? He could talk about growing up and slashing his wrist and taking acid all the time. Getting done for car theft, and feeling like such a mad freak who would never amount to anything.

And how he made his own sketch show. He directed it himself. Plus he is a dad, and an adult. Yet he still feels like a mad freak from all those years ago. He still feels like throwing it all away, just to get a laugh.

Limmy asked them if they wanted him to write about all of that, plus a few other things. Like being an alky, and his sexual issues. Stuff like that. And they said yes, so it is all right here.

This book is painfully honest, hilarious, moving, and everything that you could possibly want in an autobiography. Limmy delivers a book that is charming, although at times rather harrowing, tale about a guy with so many ideas in his mind, yet so many issues that hold him back, and the battle to overcome demons in order to do what he wants to do, and do it his own way. It’s highly readable which appears to feature a strangely high level of honesty and self-deprecation.

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