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Publication Order of 1-800-Where-R-You Books

When Lightning Strikes (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name Cassandra (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Safe House (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sanctuary (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing You (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born Meggin Patricia Cabot, Meg Cabot is a well-established American author of paranormal and romantic fiction for teenagers and adults as well. Despite the fact that a majority of her books have been penned down using different pen names, she currently writes her books using her real names. Currently, Meg Cabot has penned down more than 50 books and is widely known for the book series, Princess Diaries, which was later made into two feature films by Walt Disney. Due to her exceptional writing style, Meg Cabot is the recipient of numerous awards such as the New York Public Library Award, Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers Award, Young Adult Choice Award and several others. Meg Cabot also has several Mew York Bestseller’s books and more than 50 million copies of her books in print. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Cabot and her family resided in Indiana for a long time.

Eventually, after she was awarded her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Meg Cabot relocated to New York city, with the aim of furthering her career as an Illustrator. However, it did not take long before she quit her job as an illustrator and began working as an assistant freshman dormitory assistant at New York University. In the year 1993, Meg Cabot got married to one Benjamin D Egnatz, who served as a poet and a financial writer as well. The couple got married on April fool’s day, which was her husband’s idea. Meg Cabot’s husband believed that it is only fooled, who get married. Their wedding was an elopement in Italy and her book, Every Boy’s Got One is somehow based on her elopement. Meg Cabot has two cats, Gen and Henrietta. After residing in New York and Indiana, Meg Cabot splits her time between Bloomington, Florida and New York.

1-800- Where R You Series

1-800- Where R You is a book series authored by Meg Cabot and revolves around one Jessica Mastriani, a 16-year-old girl, who has been given exceedingly unique psychic powers after she was struck by lightning. The powers that she possesses in turn allows her to establish the exact location of some of the missing children. After she looks at the picture of a missing person, the person appears to Jessica in her dreams. The first four books in the 1-800 take place in less than a year and chronicle Jessica’s attempt to assist the missing children while avoiding the study of the federal government. The fifth book in the series was published more than four years after the fourth books and picks the story right after Jessica has turned 19 years old. As the story progresses, we get to find out that Jessica is romantically involved with a boy by the name Rob Wilkins. The only challenge is that Rob Wilkins is on the wrong side of her tracks.

The first four books in the 1-800 book series were penned down under Cabot’s pseudonym, Jenny Carol. Due to poor sales, the series was discontinued. However, after the books were republished using Meg Cabot’s real names, the sales picked up, which eventually led to the release of the sixth book in the series, Missing You, which was published in the year 2006. The 1-800 book series was used as the basis for the T.V series, Missing, that was aired for three seasons on Lifetime Cable Network. When Lightning Strikes is the first book in the 1-800 Where-R-U book series. In this book, the author introduces the readers to the protagonist, Jess Mastriani. Jeff is a misunderstood teenager, who is battling with anger issues, according to her counselor. One day, when Jess was walking away from school, she was struck lightning. Jeff managed to survive the ordeal and even left the scene unharmed. However, Jeff was unaware of the fact that the incidence was going to change her life forever.

On the next morning, Jeff wakes up and immediately knows where Shaun and Olivia are. However, the strangest thing is that Jeff has no idea who Olivia and Shaun are. Thus she chooses to ignore the dream. As Jeff was pouring milk from a carton into her cereal, she noticed the milk carton had two faces, with the names Olivia and Shaun written under the faces. It is at this point that Jeff realizes that Shaun and Olivia are missing children. Later on, Jeff comes to the realization that everyone who is missing wants to be found. Code Name Cassandra is the second book in the 1-800- Where-R-U book series. By telling a news reporter that she had just lost her psychic abilities to locate missing people, Jessica had hoped that she was going to throw the FBI off track. However, this, in turn, made them follow her everywhere she went. Jessica still has the secret packages from Rosemary, the person whom Jessica hands over the location of the missing children who want to be found.

Safe House is another excellent read in the 1-8000 Where R U book series. The book begins right after Jess has just returned from her work at Lake Wawasee as a camping counselor. Upon her return, Jess has two options; she either has to work at her father’s restaurant, or she should head over to Michigan dunes with Ruth Abramowitz, who is her best friend. From the look of things, this may not be a difficult choice. The only challenge is that her father does not believe in cables and also does not allow a phone within the house only during emergencies. On the other hand, Ruth is exceedingly busy with her boyfriend. Jess is informed that her aunt Ruth is going to come over to watch her and her brother, while her parents are taking her elder brother to Havard. However, Jess has no idea that Amber Mackey had gone missing, while she was still on vacation.

With that said, Safe House is one of the best books in the 1-800 Where R U book series. Apart from being straightforward, most of the main characters are around for such a long time. One of the most outstanding characters in this book series is Rob. Rob is not only a good looking guy, but he is also exceedingly fun as well.

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