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100 is a series of romance novels by #1 international and New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian, who has more than 4 million of her titles in print across the world. Adrian’s novels have also been named in Top Ten Romances of the Year on Amazon and their translations have been licensed to nearly two dozen countries. Her novels which have been described as one of the best vampire series, strikingly original, extraordinary, and addictively readable, have also been multiple time finalists for Best Romance of the Year by the Goodreads Choice Awards. Writing under the pseudonym Tina St. John, she has won tons of awards from Booksellers Best, Romantic Times Magazine, Reviewer’s Choice, and National Readers Choice among many others. She has also been a finalist for various awards that include Best Paranormal Romance for the novel “Heart of the Hunter” and Best Historical Romance for the “White Lion’s Lady” by the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards. “The Heart of the Hunter” which was recently translated into German also made the Der Spiegel bestseller list. Adrian traces her ancestry back to the court of King Henry VIII and the Mayflower. She currently lives in New England from where she writes her novels.

The 100 series is an erotic contemporary romance about the struggling artist Avery Ross who is working as a bartender/waitress in New York City and her lover, the mysterious, irresistible, sexy and self-made billionaire Dominic (Nick) Blaine. The story is a trilogy that walks us through the lives of two damaged people who are harboring dark secrets who are swept up by an intense sexual attraction after a chance meeting. Nick is a hotter than hell, arrogant, dark and mysterious magnetic personality with a possessive alpha male streak. At 28 he has worked hard to become a billionaire, owning half the city. As such, he knows how to get whatever he has always wanted in his life. Once he meets Avery, he knows that she is all that he wants and he will do anything to get her though he has commitment and trust issues. Avery has had a difficult life though she thinks that everything could be changing for the better. She works at a bar in New York but has always wanted to be an artist which is currently not happening. Just like Dominic, she has a lot of secrets which have caused her permanent scars. Nonetheless, while she is a stubborn and spirited woman, all her defenses crumble when Nick takes her in his arms. They have a strong connection even as Nick is dominant while she lets him take control. What they are is two people that truly care about each other in a beautiful and sweet romantic way, even though the secrets they harbor threaten to tear them apart. “For 100 Days” the first novel of the 100 series introduces a 25 year old woman named Avery who moved to New York City from her native Pennsylvania to become an artist. She had moved away from home to leave behind a horrific past that had brought about tragic consequences for her family. While she has applied herself as best as she could, she is watching her dreams shatter as she is struggling to survive in New York and is facing imminent eviction. But then her friend tells her of a dream opportunity to house sit an expensive apartment in one of the most exclusive district in NYC. This answers all her prayers as she will no longer have to worry about eviction. She can plan her next move knowing she has a steady income at least for a few months. On her first day at work, she bumps into Dominic Blaine a sexy billionaire who happens to live in the building. The mutual attraction is instant and in no time at all, they are swept up in an all-consuming and passionate affair. Nick is a controlling, and insatiable yet incredibly passionate and tender lover with a bit of kink and a fondness for dirty talk. He unleashed in Avery something she had never had before, and she is powerless to resist his incredible manliness. “For 100 NightS” the second novel in the series starts immediately following the events of the first novel. It tells the continuing story of the relationship between Avery Ross and Nick Blaine. Avery had managed to keep her past secrets from Nick for three months until he finally cornered her. When he found out that she had been lying to him, he had demanded 100 nights of access to the heroine for her lies and dishonesty. What follows is a passionate relationship as Avery gives herself to the man whose secrets run even deeper than hers. She had been struggling to make ends meet but in the past few months, she has been showered with love, passion and luxury that she has never thought she could ever have. But even in all the consuming passion, elegant and wild parties she still cannot believe that Dominic the billionaire who could get anything he wanted in pleasure or business chooses to be with her. He sweeps her to sensual heights never before explored and command her body even as he takes her heart captive. But in the mid of all this she knows that she harbors an even deeper secret that would threaten their relationship if it came to light. “For 100 Reasons” the last novel of the series is a suspenseful sensual conclusion to the 100 series. Billionaire Dominic Baine had come into artist Avery Ross’s life when she was at her lowest point. He had almost immediately become obsessed with the woman and knew that he wanted her. But what had been just lust and a seduction play spins out of control as they experience white hot passion they could not deny. But Avery and Nick are damaged people with mysterious dark secretes that could destroy their fledgling relationship. Nick has been shaped by an ugly past that is incomparable to the unforgivable deception that wounds Avery deeply and sees her push him away. He had always gotten everything that he has always wanted and now he must apply himself to ensure that he gets back the woman he believes is his soul mate. Avery Ross has experienced heartbreak, loss and betrayal but nothing like the deception that she had discovered of Dominic Baine. She is still reeling from the revelation that had struck her like a ton of bricks. Yet she will not let despair take over her life and instead will use the devastation to become stronger. But even in the mid of the heartbreak, she wants Nick, the man whose consuming love and possessive desires could shatter her forever or save them both.

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