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300 Moons Books In Order

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Publication Order of 300 Moons Books

Tasha Black is a published author. She is an American that specializes in paranormal fiction.

When she isn’t writing, she is busy hanging out in her small town. She loves living in her old Victorian house and is a big fan of all things paranormal or romance fiction.

She enjoys writing stories where characters cannot help but fall for one another in the deepest throes of love. The author herself has a deep love of all things pumpkin spice. She is also a best selling author.

Tasha Black is the creator and author of the 300 Moons series, which is available on Kindle. This series kicked off in 2016 with the release of the first book in the series, which is titled Bait This! She quickly came out with a sequel, which is titled Burn This! There are more books in the series as well if you want to check them out.

Bait This! is the exciting first book in Tasha Black’s 300 Moons series of fictional novels. This exciting book is the debut in a series that features a bunch of stand alone books from this acclaimed author.

Take one spell and put it together with four siblings, all having in common the fact that they are shifters. They have a debt that they owe. Pair that up with three hundred moons, and you have a recipe for something unique going down.

Meet a billionaire named Derek Harkness. He’s someone who has enough money that it allows him to play by his own rules. He’s also keeping a secret because he has a bear inside. Due to this condition, he makes sure to have a tight grip on every part of his life. All of it is controlled so that his secret does not get out and the animal within him never has a chance to be released.

Repressing the bear inside is the only way for Derek to be sure that he will keep the chaos from getting out. Having that control has worked for him so far, but there was a spell that was helping him do that all along. Now that time has passed, he is finding that the magic that helped him to control the bear that hides within is wearing off.

Without the help of the spell, Derek finds that it is increasingly more difficult for him to focus. He’s having a tough time dealing with it all and has no clue that he’s going to meet a stranger through an accident. That is how he meets Hedda Lane.

Hedda is a young woman that finds enjoyment in being independent and strong. When a mistake from her past affected her entire life, she found that she had to put her plans on hold. Hedda knows that she doesn’t want to make another mistake in relationships– falling for someone did not work out so well for her the last time, after all.

She is walking in the woods on an evening in the fall when she meets a handsome stranger. They’re both out in the cold air, but she’s intrigued by his presence more than his penchant to also be outdoors. The two of them have no clue what the other has been through. Before fate is done, the two of them will have to rely on each other if they want to survive.

Things are about to go down, and Copper Creek has become a dangerous place. Hedda will have to work with Derek if both of them are to survive what’s about to happen. The only problem is that the three hundredth moon is quickly approaching and Derek must contend with the consequences of that.

Can Derek hold back his inner bear long enough? Or is he going to have to fight every inch of the way to return to Tarker’s Hollow and have a chance at mastering the beast? If Derek gives into his feelings for Hedda, he may end up losing his only shot at being able to control what’s happening.

Can he resist his feelings or will his passion take him over in the end? Can the two survive long enough to admit their true feelings for the other? You’re going to have to read this romantic novel from Tasha Black to find out!

Burn This! is the second book in the 300 Moons series. If you loved the first book in this series, then you will definitely enjoy this sequel that focuses on Johnny Lazarus.

Johnny has a job that others could only dream of: he’s a rock star. With that comes all of the trappings of fortune and fame. Anything he wants from alcohol to women he has never had a problem summoning the finer things in life. No one ever says no to him.

What the girls don’t know is that he’s a shifter and can turn into a dragon on command. He’s been keeping this a secret all of these years, and no one has caught on. He’s been keeping this dragon repressed thanks to the help of a spell. However, the magic is slowly wearing off. Soon he’s going to be without the help of the spell to contain it.

He knows that he is starting to lose control, so he finds a place to hunker down and just make it through. No more music for now; he’s just going to stay in until it’s all over. Things are going well until Neve Whittaker comes along.

This nurse has a reputation. She’s called the ‘Angel of Malibu’ because she has helped so many people recover and get better– back to their lives as usual. She’s never had a patient like Lazarus, but she’s more than up for the challenge.

When she starts finding out that Johnny is more complex than she thought, the nurse is interested. Yet she can’t just figure out what’s going on with the latest patient she’s taking care of. Neve only knows that she is attracted to Johnny and wants to keep things as professional as she can.

Can she admit her feelings, or will she decide that her job cannot be put at risk? Read this book to find out!

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