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Publication Order of .45-Caliber Books

.45-Caliber Revenge (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Fury (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Manhunt (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Deathtrap (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Widow Maker (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Firebrand (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Desperado (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
.45-Caliber Cross Fire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Peter Brandvold is an accomplished American author with quite a number of published novels. His writing genre is western fiction and he is well known for the .45 Caliber series of books among other award winning American westerns and has a large almost cult like following.

Education Early Life

Having been born and raised in North Dakota, Peter spent most of his youth reading western novels, watching old west movies and riding horses. This is where his love of westerns started. He later attended the University Of North Dakota in Grand Folks where he graduated with a B.A. degree in English. He taught English on Rocky Boy’s Indian reservation in North Montana for a while.

He wrote for a few western magazines such as True Western Magazine and Country Journal before he decided to start writing adventure novels in 1995. His first novel was released in 1998 and he has since gone on to write a lot of western novels, including some under his other pen name Frank Leslie. As Frank Leslie, he has written and published several books in the Yakima Henry series.He currently lives in Colorado and is the head of Mean Pete Publishing, where they publish westerns.

About the .45 Caliber Series

His most famous books are the .45 Caliber series of books which feature Cuno Massey as the main protagonist. The series includes the following books, arranged from the latest to the earliest to be published;

· .45-Caliber Cross Fire

· .45-Caliber Desperado

· .45-Caliber Firebrand

· .45-Caliber Widow Maker

· .45-Caliber Deathtrap

· .45-Caliber Manhunt

· .45-Caliber Fury

· .45-Caliber Revenge

The series is about a young man called Cuno Massey who goes about writing the wrongs in his life and the lives of others by hunting down lowlifes and killers. His multifaceted adventures lead him to meeting all sorts of interesting characters, making friendships, learning from others and killing some. They start off with a green Cuno Massey who has to master riding and gun skills in order to survive the harsh world of the old west, where the .45 s law. The series is an action packed journey which is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the characters and by the time you are done with one book, you cannot wait to start the other. These are the books you want to read if you are looking to fall in-love with the old west.

A Quick Look at .45 Calibre Revenge

In the first book, .45 caliber Revenge, CunoMassey is just a young man who can barely stay on a horse, let alone handle a weapon as volatile and unpredictable as a colt .45. He is forced to fend for himself after his father and step mother are killed by some low-life yellowbellied killers. He sets out to learn how to master a gun in order to challenge the notorious killers who killed his parents. The leader of the gang is a feared gunslinger whose gun toting skills are the stuff of legends and is well known for not having a conscience.

The story is filled with incredible characters as Cuno meets all sorts of people, some good, and some bad as you would expect of the old west. His journey to is action packed and gas everything from shootouts in saloons, wagon trains, fights with Indians, soiled doves, desert trails, ambushes and gunfights in canyons. Peter Brandvold’s descriptive style of writing will leave you at the edge of your seat as you experience disappointment, evil, love and loyalty, and the hopes and dreamsof the hero throughout the book. Reading this will make you yearn to read the next book in the series.

What About .45 Calibre Fury?

The second book in the .45-Caliber Series by Peter Brandvold is .45 Caliber Fury. Cuno Massey has just settled down when cold blooded killers take away his expectant young bride leaving him seething with rage and longing for the bitter sweet taste of vengeance. Cuno and his young bride have just started a life together after the adventures of the first book .45 Caliber Revenge, when a gang of blood thirsty bandits find out where he is living and invade his home. In the ensuing shootout, his young bride who is expecting their first child is killed.

Armed with his .45 Caliber, a horse and a thirst for vengeance, Cuno starts out on an action packed journey where a lot of people meet their just rewards at the wrong end of a colt .45. This .45 Caliber sequel is a book worth reading and you will find it hard to put it down for long. It is well written, with just the right mix of humor, suspense, violence and just enough emotion to make it a great western. Peter Brandvold’s writing never disappoints and twist at the end is a nice touch too.


Peter’s writing influences are Tolsoy especially the Cossacks are O.E.Rolvaag’s Giants of the Earth. He also reads pulp crime writers like Jim Thompson and Can Marlowe. His favorite western writer is H.A DeRosso. Peter wishes that DeRosso had written more than the five books he wrote. He appreciates the crude way that DeRosso writes and compares it to a primitive painter.

Peter is inspired by how incredibly visceral and emotionally sharp DeRosso is in his writing and the way that his words seem to tickle your insides a little. This style of writing is something that he tries to incorporate in the .45 Caliber series in order to make the reader invested in the characters and the story.

Awards and life After the .45 Calibre series

Peter Brandvold was awarded the ReadWest Award for literary excellence in 2015 which recognizes published authors who clearly represent excellence in Western literature. He incorporates historical accuracy in his writing and says it is important to get the details right. Whether it is a whale bone corset, a gun or a wagon or even the territories it is important to attribute them to the correct era and location. Peter is currently working on a screenplay for his popular 2001 and one novel The Romantics. He also co-writes the Guns and Roses series for DC comics which feature the western character Bat Lash.

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