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Publication Order of 86 Bloomberg Place Books

I Heart Bloomberg (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let Them Eat Fruitcake (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spring Broke (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Melody Carson is an award-winning author who has penned more than 200 books for teens, adults, and children as well. Ever since she became an author, Melody Carson has managed to sell more than 5 million votes. A majority of her books have been included in several bestsellers books including ECPA bestsellers and many others. Carlson has also penned down several Christmas books for young children including Baby’s First Book of Prayer, His First Bible, Her First Bible. Melody Carson annual Christmas books normally perform exceedingly well each year. Melody Carson’s best Christmas books include The Christmas Dog, The Christmas Bus, as well as the Christmas at the Harrington’s. Melody Carson is also the author of numerous teen books, some of them falling in the Amish fiction, which gives the readers a different look at culture as well as the life of those who are involved.

Anything But Normal, Just Another Girl, The Life at Kingston High School, Diary of a Teenage Girl and True Colours book series are some of the popular teen book series by the author. During an interview, Melody Carson noted that she loves to pen down non-fiction books for women and her novel, Everything Your Teenage Daughter Wants contains lots of advice for daughters and moms as well. Carson has also penned down numerous books for the modern woman. Due to her unique talent and her exceptional writing skills, Melody Carson was awarded a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, Gold Medallion, and RITA Award. Melody Carlson was born on 2 March 1956 in San Francisco, California. Carlson grew up in Springfield and attended Lane Community College. Melody Carson’s parents got divorced when she was just three years of age. The main reason why her parents separated was that her father was an alcoholic. Her mother took care of Carson and her 16 months old daughter. Currently, Melody Carson resides in the District of Sister’s in Oregon, with her husband and a yellow Labrador.

Melody Carlson is the mother of two sons and the grandmother to Anika. During her free time, Melody Carlson loves to play with her granddaughter Anika. She also loves to research on wild nature, bike, ski, hike and even camp. Ever since she was young, Melody Carson was interested in writing. She not only wrote songs but also poetry and articles as well. Due to her love for writing, Melody Carlson and her husband have converted their old bunk house into a writing studio. Melody Carlson also loves to write on the beach and also her motor home when on the road. During an interview, Melody Carlson noted that she is a fast writer and that she has never written two books at a go. Melody loves reading, and some of the books that she fancied reading when she was still a young child include The Diary of Anne Frank, The Little Mermaid, and killing a Mockingbird. Melody Carson’s favorite writers include Anne Tyler, Rosamond Pilcher, and Elizabeth Berg as well.

Carlson is also a fan of classical novels such as the Bronte Sisters, and Jane Austen. Melody Carson’s books cover a variety of topics and genres from real life situations to serious situations such as the death of a family member, schizophrenia, to the lighter. Melody Carlson is also a member of the Bellevue Baptist Church. Ever since she was young, Melody Carlson did not attend church. However, she began attending church during her teenage years. Currently, Melody Carson is completely devoted to her religion. Carlson’s book, Finding Alice has been adapted for a screenplay, and currently is its production phase. Another of her work, Christmas at the Harrington’s has been considered for a Television movie.

86 Bloomberg Place Series

I Heart Bloomberg is the first book in the 86 Bloomberg book series. As the first book in the 86 Bloomberg book series, I Heart Bloomberg is made up of several chapters, with each of the chapter being from the perspective of each of the four chapters. The constant switching of the perspectives, in turn, made this book the first read because with each chapter you get to learn new things about the main characters. One of the main characters that Melody Carlson introduces the readers to is Megan. Megan has recently graduated from college and has a passion for interior designing. She is not only stubborn; she is a hard worker and the most hardworking of all the four girls. Among the four girls, Megan is the only Christian. Apart from Megan, the author introduces the readers to Lelani, a med school dropout, who hails from Hawaii. Lelani is easy going, thoughtful and exceedingly compassionate.

Anna is the third character, who unlike the first two is a mama’s girl, who is more than determined to find independence from her Latino. Out of the four girl’s Anna is the most outspoken, concerned, motherly and supportive as well. Kendall is the fourth girl that we meet in this book. Apart from being self-centred, Kendall is exceedingly lazy and the most spoiled of the four girls. Furthermore, she is a jerk and not loveable at all. With that said, all the four girls have to find a way of living with each other and also must ensure that they stay away from a kidnapper who is busy kidnapping young women. Let them Eat the Fruitcake is the second installment in this highly entertaining book series. As the second book in the series, we meet once again with the four protagonists, as they are beginning to get used to one another. All of the four ladies are faced with different challenges in their relationship as well as their day to day lives.

Just like the first book, the author uses Let Them Eat the Fruitcake to show to the readers how these four ladies deal with their challenges in different manners. The author also uses Let Them Eat the Fruitcake to show how these four ladies deal with the holiday madness. Unlike the first book, Let Them Eat the Fruit cake has more Christian implications and references as well. From the look of things the four ladies are going to get saved by the end of the series.

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