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A.C. Gaughen is a noteworthy and hardworking author from the United Kingdom, who likes to novels revolving around the Young Adult stories. Gaughen was born on November 7, 1984 in Nottinghamshire. She is particularly famous for writing down and publishing the Scarlet series of novels. The novel series consists of three novels that have been released so far. Gaughen is still working the project and is all set to publish a few more novels in the series. She describes herself as one of her kind. She is different from others in her unique habits. Gaughen likes to stay up for long hours in the night doing some or the other activities like reading novels written by other authors, listening to music, watching movies on television or surfing the internet.

Gaughen likes to drink diet coke a lot as she thinks that it burns a lot of calories. Going by her heavy body size, she thinks it to be a necessity in order to stay fit and try to regain her appropriate body shape. She is also very fond of the country of Scotland. She fell for its beauty when she visited it for the first time as a young tourist. Gaughen believes that the country has stolen her heart and does not intend on giving it back. She humorously describes it as a case that she has put forward to the Interpol, which seems to be ineffective in getting her heart back from the country of Scotland. Apart from all these, Gaughen always remains interested in the life stories of the thieves. She likes to learn about their way of living and the methods they use to carry out the crimes. One of the other reasons for which Gaughen likes Scotland is that she finds all her answers related to her life study on thieves in the country.

Gaughen is often joked about the initials of her name AC as Accuweather. However, it actually stands for Anne Catherine. She is often called as Annie by her close ones and is quite fair in complexion. Her fair skin does not allow her to go out in the open sun as she gets skin irritation due to the sun’s heat. Apart from being a writer, Gaughen also serves in the non-profit organization Boston Glow as the Director of Girls’ Leadership. She works to encourage the teen girls by providing them opportunities to engage themselves in the Greater Boston area. Gaughen holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the St. Andrews University situated in Scotland and another degree in Masters in Education from the Harvard University. A.C. Gaughen was interested in writing since he was in kindergarten.

As a child, she would often get kicked out of her class for attempting to write funny and ridiculous stories. Gaughen still remembers reading and writing in her class and in front of her mother. After that, her long journey as an author began as she kept writing all through her middle school. Very often, she used to submit novels when she was about thirteen years old, which would eventually get rejected because of her unawareness about the norms related to the art of writing actual novels. She continued with her hobby of writing in high school also. The first time when she actually wrote something serious was when she was about to finish her college studies. At first, she felt weird and awkward in starting her graduate program with the reputation of being an amateur writer.

After completing her graduation, Gaughen spent around three years working as a freelance writer. During that time, she had started working on her first novel. She kept writing and submitting her novels based on a variety of subjects, in order to sharpen her skills in writing. The only part of it that made her happy was controlling the things that she write. When the first novel of the series, Scarlet was published, it became a huge hit. Gaughen began to be known as a skillful writer and felt the success to be a different experience. She found an agent to help her publish her future writings. Later, she signed up with the Bloomsbury publishing house and has remained a part of it since then. Currently, Gaughen lives happily with her Goldendoodle named Lucy and spends the most of her time in working on her novels. When not busy in writing, Gaughen likes to spend some quality time with Lucy as well as indulge herself in other fun-filled activities.

The first novel under the Scarlet series was also titled Scarlet. It was published in the year 2012 by the Walker Childrens publishing house. The novel is full of action sequences, romance and secrets. The novel depicts the events in the life of the main character, Scarlet, who is one of the thieves of Robin Hood. She strives to keep away from the wrath of Thief Taker Lord Gisbourne, who is an evil by nature. Scarlet has kept her identity as a thief hidden from the people of Nottinghamshire. She poses as a whip of a boy and is quite agile in her work as a thief. Scarlet is fearless by nature and a secret past. She attempts to help the people of Nottingham from the corrupt Sheriff, even though it poses a great danger to her life as Gisbourne also tries to stop her.

Scarlet is very much loyal to Robin, who encourages her to keep going and make her life worth dying for in trying to help the people of Nottingham. Robin’s sweet smile and sharp temper only have the power of of unsettling her. The second novel of the series was published under the title ‘Lady Thief’. It was released by the Walker Childrens publishing house in the year 2014. The novel continues to deal with the life of the main character Scarlet, who is a thief from Nottingham. The opening sequence of the novel shows that the true identity of Scarlet has been revealed and her future seems to be uncertain. She is in deep love with Robin, but is forced to marry Lord Gisborne.

The royal court of Nottingham is about to appoint the new Sheriff of Nottingham and the people of the country hope that their beloved Robin Hood will be appointed as the new Sheriff by Prince John. However, Prince John has some different plans that are based on the secret past of Scarlet, which she is not aware of. She is forced to take part in the court proceedings and take the side of her husband, Lord Gisbourne. However, she chooses to play the part of a noblewoman and take the side of Robin. She thinks of it as a worthy sacrifice that will give her a chance to have a future with Robin. The novel ends with a hint of an interesting tale to follow in the life of Scarlet in the next novel of the series.

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