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Publication Order of Arcane Artisans Books

Enchantress Undercover (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enchantress Under Pressure (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enchantress Underground (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enchantress Under Fire (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Endurance Books

Endurance: The Complete Series (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

A.C. Spahn
A. C. Spahn wanted to be an interstellar starship when she grew up. She became a writer instead since nobody was hiring at that time. Spahn writes about broken heroes who still manage to laugh.

She enjoys organizing messy rooms, breaking boards with her fists, and debating the physics of different fictional technologies. When she isn’t busy commanding imaginary starships, she lives with her sons, husband, and feline overlord in the state of Pennsylvania.

She has written the USA Today bestselling the “Arcane Artisans” series and “Endurance” series. Her shorter fiction has been published by Daily Science Fiction, Star*Line, Flash Fiction Online, as well as others.

“Enchantress Undercover” is the first novel in the “Arcane Artisans” series and was released in the year 2019. Fugitive, artist, and enchantress.

Adrienne Morales is currently a hunted woman. Stalked by people who are immune to magic, called Voids, and pursued by her lethal past, she wants nothing more than to just avoid sorcery and spells. Her powers as an enchantress make this an impossibility, as every couple days she has to release all the magic gathering around her, or else it’ll rob her of her sanity. The single way to remain alive is to practice her magic in secret by hiding enchantments in works of art that she sells in her own craft store.

A fire breathing psychopath that’s controlled by enchantment attempts burning down her store, she unleashes her powers in order stop him. Unfortunately her battle has got a witness, which happens to be Adrienne’s business partner. It turns out that he is a Void, and sworn to a Union which executes the magic users. Worse, the fire breather is not the one and only victim that pops up around San Francisco, because somebody is using magic to destroy minds and create monsters, and the Void Union wants them dead.

Now Adrienne has to capture the rogue enchanter before they ruin even more innocent lives, and before the Voids can punish her for any of the crimes the rogue has committed. However Voids are not the worst thing that’s chasing her. Every enchantment that she crafts makes it that much more likely her past is going to track her down.

“Enchantress Under Pressure” is the second novel in the “Arcane Artisans” series and was released in the year 2019. Magic is breaking.

Adrienne Morales, who has just been recruited by the Void Union, plans on keeping on good terms with her magic-immune handlers. That is tough to do when everybody knows all about the enchantment tattoo which stores catastrophic magic all over her body. Then she finds a murder victim that has an identical tattoo. This corpse just means one thing: the cult which enchanted Adrienne has a deadly operative in town, and her fight with the Voids has became her littlest problem.

With some mysterious fires taking Voids out all over the nation, the Union Legionnaire has got his hands full. Catching the killer is all on Adrienne. However while her search starts to intensify, magic starts breaking down all around her: Ghosts are rising, the specter of war is looming over San Francisco, and enchantments are going haywire. Plagued by mistrust from the Voids, fears from her past, and the sudden unreliability of all her powers, she is unsure of where to turn.

Making things worse, her life is not the only one that’s hanging in the balance. Should she go down, her friends are going to fall alongside her, and the whole city could be next. In order to defend the paranormal world, she has to uncover the cult’s secret plot, catch the killer, and figure out who she’s able to trust—and at a time when she is uncertain if she can even trust herself.

“Enchantress Underground” is the third novel in the “Arcane Artisans” series and was released in the year 2019. The Void Union’s fallen.

Adrienne and her buddies have gone into hiding while Geralt’s cult tightens its grasp on the city. Currently San Francisco’s paranormal community is in anarchy. Most disturbingly of all, magic’s instability worsens with each day.

While chaotic magic begins ripping the city to shreds, Adrienne begins looking for allies to help rebalancing it. However any alliance would require trust, and trust is a rather scarce commodity in the paranormal world, particularly after Geralt’s offered some large rewards for Adrienne’s capture. There is betrayal lurking behind each and every smile.

Opposing this fledgling coalition is the cult’s savage new enforcer that will do anything he has to in order to bring Adrienne down. Between the treacherous diplomacy of paranormals and the enforcer’s own ruthless tactics, Adrienne finds that her heart is hardening. She realizes that to save the city, she has to also unite its magical inhabitants under her leadership. However this leadership may just twist her into somebody she’s unable to even recognize.

“Enchantress Under Fire” is the fourth novel in the “Arcane Artisans” series and was released in the year 2019. It is time to risk it all.

Adrienne’s lost much more than she ever thought. Friends are lying dead. The man she loves has gotten himself captured. The alliance she worked so very hard to forge is on the verge of breaking. She may have a plan to rebalance the world’s chaotic magic, however enacting it requires help from other enchanters. Unfortunately, they have either all been killed or recruited already by Geralt, which just leaves her with the option of infiltrating his cult.

Masking her own innate magical abilities, she goes on a dangerous mission so she can lure cult members to her side. That isn’t going to be at all easy since Geralt’s bought his followers’ loyalty and then filled them with suspicion of the outside world. Adrienne doesn’t have much to offer up against his promises of protection and belonging. However manipulation works two ways, and Adrienne isn’t any stranger to using the cult’s methods for her gain.

When she starts to bond with those that she was intending to exploit, her compassion for the cult clashes with her loyalty to the Underground. Caught in the middle between two different worlds, with a lot of lives on the line, she has to figure out what she really stands for before losing what little she’s got left.

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