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Publication Order of A.D. Chronicles Books

The A.D. Chronicles is a series of novels based on the Christian historical fiction and written by the husband-wife pair of writers, Bodie and Brock Thoene. The series consists of a total of 12 different novels published between the years 2003 and 2011. Authors Bodie and Brock Thoene have written the novels of the series as spin-offs the novels of the other popular series written by them called the Zion Legacy series. The first novel of the series is set in Jerusalem during the first century. It was a dark time for the city. In the middle of all the chaos, two lovers named Manaen and Susannah come close to each other. However, their love does not last for long and they get separated soon because of some impossible odd situations. The second novel of the series is also based it the same city during the same time. In this novel the main characters introduced are Cantor, Rabbi Ahava, Lily and Peniel, whose was once blind and now wishes to have a family and home. In the third novel of the series, the love story between a Jewish woman named Zahav and a Greek man named Alexander, is depicted. Even though they are forbidden to love each other, they do not want to get separated and try to face all the troubles and overcome the difficult and odd situations.

The first novel of the A.D. Chronicles series was published in the year 2003 by the Tyndale House Publishers. The novel was titled ‘First Light’. The plot of the novel is set in Jerusalem and is based on the lives of the main characters Susannah. Yeshua, Peniel, Zadok, and Manaen. The opening sequence of the plot of the novel shows the time of the first century, when the world is full of dark forces and the city of Jerusalem also seems to be turbulent It was previously considered to be the holiest place on earth before the arrival of the dark forces which ruined the city. The first character who is introduced in the plot of the novel is Peniel, who is a blind beggar. Peniel has suffered so much in his life that he wishes to come out of all his sufferings. After Peniel, the plot of the novel shows the characters of Susannah and Manaen, who are depicted as lovers. They seem to be separated by several odds of their lives. The other character to be introduced in the novel is that of Yeshua, who is depicted as an unusual healer. He is supposed to have the power to ignite a controversial spark in the fire of deceit, betrayal and hatred that always keeps burning in the ancient city of Jerusalem. The novel also brings the readers face to face with the final character of the novel named Zadok. The City of Jerusalem is filled with people who have longing, hatred, desperation and jealousy in their hearts.

The city is shrouded by the political and spiritual darkness, which was believed to be the holiest city in the whole world. The innocent people of Jerusalem are ruled by Rome and are often manipulated in the selfish interests of the religious rulers of the city. With the level of darkness increasing day by day, the people of Jerusalem hope that their Deliverer comes and saves them from the darkness. Amidst all this, Manaen and Susannah search for some meaning and hope of life desperately. Their desperate attempts, makes them believe that their love is forbidden in the city. The other prominent characters of the novel pray for the true light of their Messiah to show up at the dawn. These include Marcus, the Roman Centurion, the Chief Shepard of Israel, Zadok, the beggar, named Peniel and the 3 orphan boys who were adopted. All these people wait for the vision of hope. Soon, a healer in the form of Yeshua enters the city of Jerusalem. Although he claims himself to be the Messiah, the people of Jerusalem suspect him to be just like another imposter who are already present in the city. The novel became quite successful all over the world and went on to be nominated for the Christy Award for Historical fiction in the year 2004. It even won the Logos Bookstore Award in the Fiction category in the year 2004.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2004 by the Tyndale House Publishers. The novel was titled ‘Second Touch’ and is set in the Valley of Mak’ob. The lepers are in deep trouble due tot eh presence of darkness all over the valley and they hope that healer sent from God comes to their rescue. Soon they come to hear about the rumors that the healer is about to walk down the earth. They just hope that their prayers pays off and that the healer helps them to get over the darkness present in the city. During this time, the characters Cantor, Rabbi Ahava and Lily help the people of the valley courageously to get over the dying situation of the valley. They try to comfort the lepers and ask them not to leave their homeland. One of the lepers named Jekuthiel decides to find out the reality of the rumors. In his attempt, he risks home and family, that too at a crucial time when his child is about to be born. At the same deceitful times, Peniel, who was once a blind beggar decides to make a gutsy decision in order to get over his sufferings. However, he faces the danger of getting cut off from the Light, during the process. Zadok does not stop having faith in the Messiah and another character named Pharisee Simon, Ben Zeraim tends to hide a devastating secret from everyone. During such dangerous and dark times, the people of the town do not lose their hope about the transformation of the Messiah. The authors’ description of the story around the lives of the people in the leper colony, was very much appreciated by the readers. Even the depictions of the characters by the authors Bodie and Brock Thoene were praised by the critics as well as their fellow authors, other than the readers.

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