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AD Justice is a bestselling author of general romance and romantic suspense novels that is best known for the “Steele Security” series of novels.

Justice made her debut in the world of fiction publishing when she penned “Crazy Maybe,” the first of the “Crazy” series in 2013.

She has become quite the prolific author since then with more than twenty titles to her name spread across several series, single-standing novels, collections, novellas, and contributions to series by other authors.

AD Justice currently makes her home in the mountains of northern Georgia, where she lives with her husband, an alpha male man in his own right.

AD is quite the reader and loves to read romance fiction, speak fluent sarcasm, and twist words. She is also a chocolate sommelier, a master procrastinator, and an avid animal lover who owns two spoiled dogs, three cats, and two horses.

Even though she prefers to write romantic suspense fiction, she has recently been getting into other genres.

“Wicked Games” by AD Justice tells the beautiful story of Brianna Tate, an investigative reporter. She recently stumbled into a career-defining story that has only improved her prospects in life.

Her investigations had ultimately led her to unearth a toxic web of lies, which meant she had to choose between giving up her entire life for success or destroying the man she loved.

She goes on to spend three years undercover but everything comes to a head when her location and true identity come to light.

Noah Steele the man nicknamed “Reaper” had made his money running Steele Security but ever since he lost Brianna his life has never been the same. He had become a philanderer but could not give his heart to anyone else.

He spent most of his days at work but then Brianna throws a spanner into the works when she breaks into his house. Reunited, they rediscover their old passion, which is still as hot and alive as ever.

But he struggles to allow her back into his life fully since he still remembers the sting of her betrayal. There was no other woman he had ever loved but treachery is something he always hated.

However, for their love to survive, they need to work together to uncover the truth and face one of the biggest threats to their very own lives.

AD Justice’s novel “Wicked Ties” is the story of Bull and Chaise. She had crashed a wedding but could not get in as the Steele Security men barred her.
The leader of the security team is a man named Bull who thinks Chaise is a troublemaker trying to disrupt Noah and Brianna’s wedding.

Upon closer inspection, he believes she could be in trouble and is truly scared and decides to take her to the Steele Security Headquarters for questioning.

But things go wrong when they are ambushed by some bad guys. Fortunately, Bull and Chaise manage to get away and head to their destination.

Bull is a cool-headed man who never trusted anyone and believed he had his life figured out. He does not believe in love and never lets anyone in. But there is something to Chaise his newest client he can’t put his finger to.

He knew she was in trouble but was keeping her secrets close to her chest. Her life is in danger and Bull agrees to help her find a loved one that has gone missing and protect her too. Soon enough their attraction flares very hot and Bull finally offers her his trust.

But as lifelong secrets and different worlds collide, Bull starts questioning his entire perspective in life. When Chaise goes missing the men of Steele Security are activated to find her but will they get to her in time?

“Wicked Nights” by AD Justice asserts that first is love, followed by marriage and ultimately a baby carriage. But life is never that simple.

Brianna and Noah Steele had been living happily as a newly married couple, as they had put the past behind them and were constantly improving their lives. What had once been hopes of the future had now been transformed into reality rather than idle fantasy.

Chaise Steel and Colton Lanier had also found love though it had happened in a very peculiar way. While they were having their whirlwind romance, they had managed to break the wicked ties and now enjoy very strong bonds of love.

They had also mended fences with estranged family members and now have a chance to find happiness. But there is an unknown danger lurking in the distance and they may sink into despair if they fail to take the right actions to avoid the danger.

Are the Steeles prepared for some very dangerous and wicked days?

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