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A Small Death in the Great Glen (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Double Death on the Black Isle (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Abbey Wall (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
North Sea Requiem (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Low Road (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Kind of Grief (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

A.D. Scott is one of the noteworthy authors from Scotland, who has written some of the very successful books based on the mystery, literature & fiction, and thriller genres. The name is actually a pseudonym used by author Ann Deborah Nolan. She took birth in the Scotland Highlands and obtained her education at the Inverness Royal Academy as well as from the Scottish Royal Academy in the subjects of Drama and Music. Before the start of her writing career, author Scott used to work in magazines, theatres, and as a designer for a knitwear company. Currently, author Scott has houses located in Vietnam and Sydney, Australia; and she manages her days living in both the places. Author Scott has written the mystery series called as the Joanne Ross series, also known by the name the ‘Highland Gazette’ series. The series is set in the Scotland Highlands during the time of the 1950’s. She says that the books in this series are perfect character driven mysteries. It is her firm belief that she has written the series with a great determination and in an excellent way. The readers are required to try reading the series at least in order to get a taste of it. The main characters that author Scott has described in the books of this series are shown as the employees in a small newspaper agency called as The Highland Gazette.

McAllister is depicted as the new chief editor hailing from Glasgow, while Don McLeod is depicted as the sub-editor of the newspaper agency. The other important characters in the series include Rob, who is a young reporter; and Joanne Ross, who a part time typist. Another character named Hector is depicted in the 2nd novel of the series. All these characters form a good team and are liked by the readers very much. Author Scott has described the McPhee’s in the form of recurring characters, who tend to add more colors to the plots of the series. One among them is Jenny McPhee, who is a strong woman and the mother of the small McPhee’s. Jimmy is the eldest son of Jenny. Author Scott spent 40 years of her life in her birth country of Scotland, in which she was raised, completed her education, got married, and started her family. At forty years of age, she left for a region of warmer climates. Eventually, author Scott got settled in Australia and Vietnam. The first book written by her got published when she was 64 years old. In the year 1998, author Scott and her husband were offered jobs in an English newspaper in Vietnam. They took the jobs and lived in Hanoi for the first few months. Even though their jobs fell apart very soon, they continued to live in Vietnam and used the opportunity to get themselves acquainted with the life and happenings in Vietnam. Eventually, more job opportunities came their way and author Scott and her husband tried whatever suited them best. She says that the people of Vietnam are extremely lovable and humble. The other thing that author Scott likes the most about Vietnam is that the people tend to use bicycles more often than cars and motorbikes. In fact, motorbikes and cars are rarely seen on the roads for most of the time. Other than writing exciting mystery novels, author Scott likes to try different types of foods such as fish, chips, Troon, Ayr, Largs, and Nairn.

The Joanne Ross mystery series written by author Scott is comprised of 6 books published between the years 2010 and 2015. All the books in this series are set during the time period of the 1950’s and feature the journalists working in the offices of the newspaper agency called the Highland Gazette. The first book of this series is titled as ‘A Small Death in the Great Glen’. It was published by the Atria Book publishers in the year 2010. As the novel begins, it is shown that during the 1950s in the Scotland Highlands, the dead body of a boy is discovered from the conical rocks. A couple of small girls tell a fancy story about the disappearance of the boy, but nobody tends to believe them. At the same time, Joanne Ross is depicted as a typist in the newspaper. She is described to be trying to overcome from an abusive marriage. She and her seasoned journalist boss seem to be dedicated towards revamping the newspaper. Therefore, they set out to find the truth by investigating the crime. They begin by suspecting a few people from the town, but all of them say that they are innocent. Author Scott has described the neighboring glens along with the people from the town as well as the local staff of the news agency. Among the Glens is a refugee sailer from Poland, a corrupt clerk of the town who subverts the laws in order to fill his own pockets, and a family from Italy, which runs a cafe equipped with the first coffee machine in the northern region of Scotland. All these Scottish characters seem to be harboring troubling and deep secrets together underneath their respectable and polish veneers. In the end, it appears that the hidden secrets might prevent Joanne Ross and her colleagues to solve the crime, thereby causing the town to remain under the shadows from the past firmly.

The second book in the Joanne Ross series was published as ‘A Double Death on the Black Isle’. It was released in the year 2011 by the Atria Books. As the novel begins, it is depicted nothing remains at peace on the Black Isle. The local people always remain against the tourists, the farmers and fisherman do not like each others, the town and village people are disconnected, etc. However, when a couple of deaths take place on a single day with the involvement of the same families of the same estate, the town begins to seem forbidden. Being a typist, Joanne Ross is bound to report the murders. But, she seems reluctant to do it because the lady involved in both the murders her best friend. She very knows the fact if she reports the story, it could become a big break for her career. But, when the workers at the Highland Gazette goes on to investigate the crimes, they find that there many hidden secrets which, if revealed, could change the quiet and remote town of the Highlands forever. In the meantime, the loyalties are getting tested, ancient feudalism seems to be crumbling, friendships are getting broken, and the landscape’s sublime beauty seems to be losing its peace for ever.

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  1. Marie Diehl: 2 years ago

    I just read all 6 of A D Scott books and do hope she will be writing more on the Highland Gazette series. and would like to know if she plans on writing more .

  2. Patricia Bull: 2 years ago

    This is a wonderful series. I too, keeping looking for more!

  3. Diane klena: 2 years ago

    Really liked this series and keep checking to see if there are any after 2015. Would welcome any update on this author

    • Wanda Casper: 1 year ago

      Loved all 6 books. Would love more


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