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Publication Order of Rise & Fall Books

All I've Wanted All I've Needed (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Colliding With Fate (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beginning of Forever (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Worthy Love (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Three Kings Billionaire Books

Snow King Catches His Snowflake (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter's Eve Then, Now, & Always (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

A.E. Valdez is a published American author. Her full name is Amanda Valdez.

Amanda first found out that she had a passion for writing young in her life. Her fifth grade teacher happened to be the one that gave her a journal to write in, and Amanda set off full speed ahead. She has been coming up with her own poems and fictional works ever since that day, and coming up with her own narratives for her stories. When she was younger, she always had the idea that she wanted to read more stories that actually featured people that looked similar to how she looks.

As so many people do, she found herself drawn to a popular game known as “The Sims”. She started first using the game as a way to incorporate visual storytelling in 2019. The story that she came up with in the video game was all about romance and black love. She had plenty of followers and the storytelling went on for months. She had been keeping all of her followers entertained with the events of her storytelling for two years and had decided that it was time to graduate from keeping these viewers on seat’s edge and to start putting all of her work into a book instead.

A.E. will admit that when it comes to romance, she loves just about everything that has to do with it. This includes getting your heart broken (or a character getting their heart broken, rather), as well as getting the happily ever after ending that you had hoped for.

The author takes pride in not only telling the stories but putting some of her own heart and soul into them too. She believes that this is part of what is able to make them come to life. Having readers fall in love and out of love along with the characters is part of what makes her stories so enchanting, as they are able to effortlessly draw the reader in and transport them to an entirely new world outside of the day to day where the passions of the heart reign supreme.

In addition to writing her novels, Amanda is married. She shares two sons along with her husband and the family lives happily together somewhere in the Pacific Northwest region. She can frequently be found enjoying an iced latte to keep her hydrated while she does some writing or else along with her family enjoying some quality time together.

Amanda’s first novel to come out was All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed, a fictional work that came out in 2021. It is the first in the Rise & Fall series. The novel was quickly followed by the second installment of the series, Colliding with Fate. The third novel to come out was The Beginning of Forever, and the fourth novel to come out was titled A Worthy Love.

A.E. Valdez is also the author of the Three Kings Billionaire series of fictional novels. The series got started in 2022 with Snow King Catches His Snowflake and continued with the release of the second installment, Winter’s Eve: Then, Now, and Always.

All I’ve Wanted, All I’ve Needed is the first novel in the Rise & Fall series by A.E. Valdez. If you are someone that loves a good romance story, be sure to check this book out!

The main character in this novel is a woman named Harlow Shaw. She is someone that believes in romance coming true and she has always wanted to find herself the type of love that is able to light her up from the inside. She just wants her life to have that magical type of happily ever after ending in it that she’s always seeing in books and movies.

Harlow thought that she had that potential love with her boyfriend in their own relationship, but she’s starting to find out quickly that she could have been wrong. Her boyfriend has always had potential when it comes to his baseball career, and now it’s starting to take over their relationship all together.

When he poses a question to her that is life-changing, Harlow starts to wonder if the relationship that they have together holds the kind of love that she has always wanted. When she starts to take a closer look at the type of life that she is living, Harlow questions whether this is really the type of life that she wants for herself. Sure, it’s curated and put together, but it’s also something that could end up feeling just as fake and intentional as it’s starting to seem.

Harlow eventually finds a friendship that she didn’t even know that she needed in her life following an adventurous trip over to Bali and moving to Seattle. But could it end up leading her to a love that is so true that it is something that could stand the test of time and bring her everything that she ever wanted? Read this romance to find out!

Colliding with Fate is the second novel in the Rise & Fall series by author A.E. Valdez. If you love romances or read the first book in this series and have to experience more, check out this story and see what you think!

Main character Kyrell Knight is the type of guy that sees life as a game. He thinks that you should play it and enjoy it as much as possible. While he doesn’t usually take things as seriously as others think that he should, he also takes the chance to live in the now and tries to find pleasure with women as often as he can.

However, the women, money, the sarcasm and more are clearly attempts to get away from what he remembers about the past. Kyrell just wants to forget about his origins, and it works effectively until the present ends up being affected by the past.

Kyrell is at an engagement party for his best friend when he ends up connecting Quinn Halifax. She’s also their for the party since she is also best friends with the focus of the party! The two immediately form a friendship that changes over to a fiery relationship that requires nothing from the other.

Quinn’s trying to look out for the future, while Kyrell’s trying to come to terms with the past. The two may not be looking for love, but destiny may decide otherwise. Can the pair resist what may be fate? Read this romance to find out!

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