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The Architect of Song (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hummingbird Heart (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Glass Butterfly (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Shades of Rust and Ruin (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seasons of Flesh and Flame (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Slasher Girls & Monster Boys(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anita Grace Howard is the author of the compelling Splintered trilogy. Born on June 9th in Massachusetts, she now resides in the Texas panhandle with her husband, two children, and two Labrador retrievers.

Howard not only enjoys her time creating the worlds in her stories, she also enjoys rollerblading, biking, snow skiing and gardening. As inspiration and to bridge her real life world into her writing she makes time to not only visit condemned buildings and 18th century cemeteries but takes a camera and does impromptu photo shoots.

More insight into Howard’s world is provided by her magnetism to the old world of antiques and Victorian style. Much of her popular trilogy has aspects of these themes and has become a staple of her writing. She has also been known to describe a favorite creature that only exists in literature but not in her own writings, unicorns. Howard sees them as enormous creatures that are quite, wise, observant, and kind. Along the lines of favorites, Howard says that fall is her favorite season because of the cool weather, the leaves, and of course Halloween.

Contrary of the writings that she creates, Howard is most afraid of heights, spiders, and creepy dolls. In a blog post that the author wrote, she maintains that humans can gravitate toward what they fear. Howard proves this point by highlighting her own fears in scenes of her writings. In the first book of her Splintered trilogy, Howard spotlights two of her biggest fears, spiders and creepy dolls at different points. After writing them and re-reading her work, she felt empowered by her ability to take her own fears that date back to her childhood and use them to her advantage, partly overcoming and rising above those fears in the process. Howard’s doll phobia started when she was seven years old during a Twilight Zone episode about a murderous talking doll. After watching that episode she noticed that her collection of dolls was not what she had once thought they were. She realized that the eyes of the dolls seemed to follow her every move. Upon staring at one of her favorite dolls she saw the doll’s mouth move slightly, a move that was enough to turn her away from dolls from then on.

When Howard’s spider fear began she was only age five. During an afternoon of outdoor playing Howard and her brother came across a wolf spider. Her brother smacked the spider with a log unknowingly dispersing dozens of babies that were piggy backing on their mother. The baby spiders scurried all over the tops of their feet creating what Howard describes as a red sea of attacking babies.

Howard describes these fears as difficult to control but writing and exploiting them in her work gives her a moment of control over them. She describes them as a constructive outlet for the irrational emotions that she feels.

As a paid writer Howard says that the most important thing to do is to finish. The first book that she ever created and finished was Infinity’s Pond. In this book, a young puritan woman is found to have been descended from an ancient sect of elemental witches. The manuscript won an award at a local writing conference.

However, a local writing award is not the only award under Howard’s belt. Howard has been on the New York Time’s bestselling list with the Splintered trilogy following Alyssa Gardner’s life.

In Howard’s Splintered trilogy, she has created a new take on the classic and well known Wonderland. A darker place than described in Lewis Carroll’s take in Alice in Wonderland, Howard delves into one of Alice’s descendants Alyssa Gardner. Alyssa Gardner is a sixteen year old in the first novel of the series, who has a mysterious gift, or curse of hearing insects and flowers talking. Her mother, who also has this strange gift has taken a turn for the worse mentally and is admitted into a mental health institute. Alyssa finds that her gift is related to a place called Wonderland. She journeys to this wicked and terrifying place where she must pass a complicated series of tests. Alyssa learns that if she does not pass these tests, and she fails to fix Alice’s mistakes her family will be the ones to suffer. Amidst all her troubles, she must also figure out which young man to trust, Jeb her best friend and crush, or Morpheus her suspicious guide through Wonderland who may or may not be trusted.

Howard continues Alyssa Gardner’s life story through her novel Unhinged. In the second novel of her series, Howard follows Alyssa’s life in the human world by her wants and desires for her high school graduation, prom, attending a prestigious art school in London and the surprising appearance of Morpheus in her world. The novel follows the struggle of Alyssa of whether to stay in the human world and endanger all those whom she cares about or go back to Wonderland where she knows she will be faced with a deadly battle that may cost her more than her own life.

In the third installment of the Splintered trilogy, Ensnared follows Alyssa and her father’s journey into the heart of all mayhem not only in search of her mother but also to set all the wrongs right between her two worlds. Reunited with her old companions Jeb and Morpheus, Alyssa must salvage what she can of the Wonderland that is in ruin. She is determined to achieve this peace even if it means challenging her mortal enemy the Queen Red to a final battle. Now that the rabbit hole is closed she must find a new way to enter Wonderland, even if it means entering the dimension of the looking glass; a world that is filled with many of the netherling outcasts, violent and mutated alike.

A.G. Howard is an author most noteworthy in her work. She has continually pushed the boundaries of reality with fantasy, old with new, dimension with dimension. Her work is riveting and brings to light the struggles of good versus evil in a new dramatic way.

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