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A.J. Aalto is a reputed Canadian author of fantasy, paranormal, comedy, and humor stories. She is particularly famous for writing The Marnie Baranuik Files series. The series has garnered great reviews from one and all and has helped author Aalto to establish herself among the ranks of the prominent authors of the paranormal genre. She considers herself a writer of rambling nonsense counterbalanced by factual gore. Aalto also thinks that she is an unrepentant liar. When she is not working on her stories, she likes to indulge herself in creative hobbies. Her writing is often described as descriptive and gritty. Almost every other sentence of her prose contains a unique phrase. Aalto likes to eavesdrop on strangers, stalk her eye doctor, and sing her favorite songs in the shower.

Author Aalto was born on July 22, 1973, in St. Catherines. She takes great pride in being a Niagara Region native. Aalto is married and lives with her loving husband named Jason and her 2 quirky children. Her fondness for pets has enabled her to keep a puppy and 2 cats in her house. In addition to being a writer of paranormal novels, Aalto is an enthusiastic biologist, criminal psychology and behavior student, belly dancer, badge bunny, goofball, Sudoku puzzler, PVP gamer, etc. She says that she has a great weakness for Snickers bars and can never say no it. Aalto achieved a great amount of success with the first book of her widely popular series. She said in an interview that the story of that book, Touched, started as a joke. On the suggestion of one of her friends to try and write a lighter story, Aalto attempted to develop a silly character as the main lead. For this purpose, she took inspiration from her own life and from those of her goofiest friends. As a result, the character of Marnie Barabuik was born. Aalto loved the character so much that gave all other projects and started focussing on this character.

Following the success of her first book, Aalto gave up her day job and became a full-time writer. Currently, she is working on the next Marnie Baranuik novel and hasn’t figured out about the series’ deadline. Aalto’s success as a writer has made her a more disciplined human being. She prepares her desk every night for her morning schedule. She also sets out her tea supplies and goes through whatever she has written to have an idea about how she must move ahead with the story the next day. Aalto has become an early riser, waking up at 4 am every day. She starts writing right away until her kids wake up. Then, she prepares them for school and starts writing again up until late afternoon. Every Sunday, Aalto takes a print out of the written matter and visits a local breakfast center to enjoy a healthy breakfast and edit her work. Before sending her work to her editor, Aalto does 10 to 15 edits on her own. In order to have a dedicated place for her writing work, Aalto has converted her dining room into her office and has filled it with books all around. Aalto feels that being surrounded by books makes her more productive. The authors who have influenced her writing include Janet Evanovich, Jim Butcher, David Eddings, Martin Amis, etc.

The Marnie Baranuik Files series written by author A.J. Aalto is comprised of a total of 9 novels and 4 novellas released between 2011 and 2017. It features urban fantasy, paranormal, mystery, romance, magic, and fantasy genre stories that revolve around the chief character named Marnie Baranuik. Author Aalto has mentioned the primary characters in the roles of Guy Harrick, Danika Sherlock, Marnie Baranuik, Ruby Valli, Mark Batten, Gary Chapel, Kristin Davis, etc. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Touched’. It was self-published by Aalto in 2011. The story opens by depicting that Marnie Baranuik has received the nickname Great White Shark from the media, though she doesn’t want to be associated with such a name. She is a forensic psychic and possesses a rare dual talent.

Marnie seems to have had experienced the touch of the Blue Sense on two occasions. As a result, she is able to feel others’ emotions as well as read impressions on objects. Also, she has earned a doctorate in the subject of pre-natural biology and possesses knowledge about the dark arts. The psychic community considers her without peer. When Marnie landed her first case with the FBI, she received a bullet in one hand and a chip on the other hand. The serial killer she was after disappears in the wind, leaving her with a flopped image in the public and a wrecked personality in her private life. To overcome her nightmarish experience, Marnie Baranuik moves to a remote location in the mountains. Later, the FBI unit of pre-natural crimes tracks down Marnie to assist them in a local murder case. Marnie feels that she is not going to have a quiet retirement soon. She is backed by her friends and doesn’t feel let down by her failures. It is only later that she realizes being Touched is not going to let her quit chasing rampaging ghouls, vampires, and serial killers.

Another excellent book of the series is known as ‘Last Impressions’. It was published by the Booktrope publication in 2014. The main characters of this novel include Marnie Baranuik, Combat Butler, Lord Harry Dreppenstedt, etc. Initially, it is mentioned that the FBI’s Pre-natural Crimes Unit faces an investigation of Internal Affairs due to a bureaucratic rivalry. As a result, Marnie Baranuik feels it is the right time for her to move out of town and provide her expertise to a Canadian cop. It turns out that the cop doesn’t want her to assist in his case or his love life. Coming back to the place where she spent her childhood, Marnie Baranuik finds herself chasing an exorcist and dealing with an old friend and a specter. Marnie wonders whether the series of unusual deaths are caused by ghosts. She also wonders why her revenant companion named Lord Dreppenstedt inform her that there was a Combat Butler under his command. Later, Marnie comes across a shifty man who offers redemption to her soul and she learns about a revelation that has the power to change her love life’s future. Marnie has her hands full and even though her first impression was not as she had expected it to be, she is all prepared to make a last impression like no other.

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