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Publication Order of Kate Hanson Books

Gone In Seconds / The Coldest Case (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coldest Clues / Art of Deception (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coldest Killer / A Little Death (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coldest Motive / Something Evil Comes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold, Cold Heart / The Coldest Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Will Traynor Books

Dark Truths (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil in the Detail (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dark, Divided Self (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reflections of Deviance (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

AJ Cross is a forensic psychologist who frequently works as an expert witness appointed by the courts in the United Kingdom. However, she has become popularly known as the author of the “Dr. Kate Hanson” series of novels.

The author published “Gone in Seconds” her debut fiction work in 2012 and has since penned several other works that have been just as popular.

Before she became a fiction author, Cross attended the University of Birmingham where she got her master’s and doctoral degrees, the latter on the criminal court system using children as witnesses.

Following her graduation from college with her Ph.D., she was an independent expert who did consultancy work, as she offered opinions on a range of adult offense behaviors including recidivism, sexual and physical violence, and substance abuse
A.J. Cross would later combine her love for crime fiction writing and her professional experience to pen the “Dr. Kate Hanson” series of novels.

She currently makes her home in Birmingham, where she lives with her husband who is her jazz musician.

Cross’s journey toward becoming a bestselling author began when she decided to switch from educational psychology to forensic psychology.

It happened that she had been doing an educational psychology master’s degree when one of the tutors gave a lecture on the demands placed on children by the criminal justice system.

She was aghast at what children victims of abuse were forced to go through and this is what led her to do her doctorate in forensic psychology.

A.J. Cross would then go on to become a successful forensic psychologist working on many cases in the British legal system.

Having been a voracious crime fiction reader since she was in her teenage years, she has always held a fascination with people who behave in wildly deviant ways.

It was in 2006 that she realized that she could combine her love for reading with forensic psychology. She was convinced she could do it, even though she hardly knew what she was doing.

The best investment she made was purchasing the “Writers’ Handbook,” which has a list of the major publishers and agencies that she could contact.

As for how she began writing, she has said that it started when her jazz musician husband went to Helsinki for work and she decided that the house had too many books and she needed to weed out a few.

What she was looking for while winnowing her huge collection was crime fiction. It was while she was doing that she became convinced that she could write works in the genre.
It was not long before she started coming up with a plot that would be very similar to what would become her debut fiction novel “Gone in Seconds.”
Once she began writing, she was shocked at how fast the characters came into being. While she made several subtle changes over the months, many of the characters have not changed much.

“Gone in Seconds” by A.J Cross is a brilliant debut fiction work penned by one of the best forensic psychologists from the United Kingdom.
At the opening of the novel, the police discover the skeleton of a young woman near a motorway in the West Midlands. The evidence suggests that it could be Molly James a teenager that had disappeared five years earlier.
Dr. Kate Hanson is a forensic psychologist who works with the Unsolved Crime Unit and together with a team, they are going to try to resolve the mystery of the crime.
But the more they dig, the darker the clues get. When they find another set of remains, she believes that they could be facing up to a very dangerous killer.
This may be a killer that will grow, adapt, and will not stop until they are ultimately caught. They need to untangle an intricate set of clues and try to stop the man before he can kill again.
What follows is a painstaking and fascinating investigation that carefully pieces together the evidence needed to bring to justice a resourceful and cunning criminal.
It makes for a well-written and compelling story with a very authentic feel.

AJ. Cross’ novel “Art of Deception” is set at the beginning of a New Year that had brought some new and very gruesome discoveries for Dr. Kate Hanson and the Unsolved Crimes Unit in Birmingham.
They are working on a case in which a mummified body has been discovered in a Wood Country Park lake house. The remains are believed to be those of Nathan Troy, an art student that had gone missing two decades earlier.
Looking at the evidence on the scene, it does seem that the killer has been coming back to the cottage to check up on his long-dead victim.
As Dr. Hanson begins her investigation into the dead man’s past, she finds a series of potentially toxic romantic liaisons.
Most of his housemates will not talk about their friendship with Nathan or the times they spent together. Just what is the connection to the promiscuous and beautiful daughter of his professor?
Soon enough, another local teenager goes missing and Kate thinks the killer may have made a comeback. It is up to Kate and her team to work hard to untangle an intricate web of lies and unmask a killer who has been dormant for at least two decades.

“A Little Death” by A.J. Cross sees Dr. Kate Hanson and her Unsolved Crime Unit in Birmingham having to face their most challenging cold case.
They had recently discovered the body of Elizabeth Williams a 19-year-old student who had gone missing. The body had been found on a large field near the college that she used to attend.
The badly decomposed body has provided several clues. But the witnesses they have found are proving to be either reluctant to talk or if they do they are very unreliable.
There is hardly any reliable evidence and Kate has come to the realization that if she is to find Elizabeth’s killer she will need to find the motivation behind the killing.
To do that, she will have to look beyond the information she is getting about the victim from her colleagues. She will have to dive deep into the psyche of a twisted killer she believes is going to kill again if he is not stopped.

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