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The God of Lost Words (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Uncanny Magazine Issue 24 September/October 2018(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

About A. J. Hackwith

A.J. Hackwith, an American writer, excels in crafting stories within the fantasy and horror genres. Under the pseudonym Ada Harper, she ventures into romance, diversifying her array of storytelling skills. She is skilled at constructing rich, captivating settings that draw readers into the tales she tells. Fans of riveting, imaginative narratives appreciate Hackwith’s flair for spinning engrossing yarns. Not only that, but she also has something important to say, providing a clear message in her work, all while entertaining and engaging the reader.

One of Hackwith’s strengths lies in her character development; she crafts protagonists who are both relatable and complex. Her ability to incorporate depth into her characters allows readers to connect with them on a personal level. This skill makes each journey through her stories an engaging and immersive experience. The fictional people who inhabit her novels are not just characters, but become friends to those who encounter them through her words.

Hackwith is not only talented in developing memorable characters and weaving stories that captivate from start to finish. Her stories are revealed through an enjoyable and surprising progression, making for an entertaining read. The skillful way she intertwines her audience in her story’s intricacies is a testament to her narrative talent. Her ability to blend relatable characters with absorbing storylines ensures her novels are a joy for readers to immerse themselves in.

Early and Personal Life

A. J. Hackwith is an author from the Pacific Northwest who writes fantasy and science fiction, as well as sci-fi romance under the name Ada Harper. Her experiences at the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop undoubtedly played a role in developing her writing skills. Engaging with a community of writers and instructors there, she sharpened her ability to tell captivating stories.

Her narratives have been featured in Uncanny Magazine and various anthologies, demonstrating her growth as a writer. These publications are respected spaces where her stories connect with a wide audience. Each publication is a stepping stone that cements her reputation as a skilled author.

As she continues to write and publish, her distinctive style and stories reach more readers. Her presence in noted magazines and anthologies helps to expand her influence in the literary community. With every piece, A. J. Hackwith solidifies her status as an engaging and imaginative storyteller.

Writing Career

A.J. Hackwith stands out in the fantasy literature scene and extends her talent into romance using the alias Ada Harper. The insights gained from her time at the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop have polished her storytelling techniques. With her stories appearing in Uncanny Magazine and an assortment of anthologies, she has established herself as a significant contributor to the literary world.

Her creative output includes the ‘Hell’s Library’ series, starting with ‘The Library of the Unwritten’ in 2019 and including two more books over the following years. Additionally, Hackwith expanded her literary reach by contributing to ‘The Dark Academia Library’ collection in 2022, co-written with Tori Bovalino and Victoria Lee. A. J. Hackwith’s writing career is ongoing, with readers eagerly awaiting more of her enchanting stories.

The Library of the Unwritten

‘The Library of the Unwritten,’ penned by A. J. Hackwith, made its debut on October 1, 2019, as the inaugural entry in the ‘Hell’s Library’ series. The novel was released by Ace Books, and would lay the foundation for a series that proved to captivate fans of fantasy literature.

Claire, the Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing in Hell, is tasked with keeping unfinished stories from becoming sentient and leaving the library. Her routine work is disrupted when a Hero character breaks free to find his creator, prompting Claire, her assistant Brevity, and the demon courier Leto to embark on a quest to retrieve him.

Their mission takes an unexpected turn when they are assaulted by the Angel Ramiel, who believes they possess the Devil’s Bible, a tome with immense influence over the celestial balance. The librarians must navigate this upheaval and locate the book that holds the potential to alter the realms of Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

Its blend of fantasy and adventure, wrapped in the unique setting of a library in Hell, makes for a page-turning experience. The dynamic characters and the high-stakes mission they undertake are skillfully crafted to engage and entertain.

The Archive of the Forgotten

A.J. Hackwith released ‘The Archive of the Forgotten,’ the second book in the ‘Hell’s Library’ series, on October 6, 2020. The novel, continuing the engaging franchise, was published by Penguin Random House. This installment builds on the series’ momentum, further enveloping readers in the author’s imaginative saga.

After averting disaster at the Library of the Unwritten, Claire and Brevity mourn the tales lost and grapple with their updated duties. As mysterious ink from the ruined books starts to seep out, it’s clear the Library conceals more than just stories. With the ink’s power drawing attention, Claire and Brevity clash on how to handle it, while forces both celestial and heroic probe its secrets.

The ink’s potential to change the afterlife hangs in balance, contingent on who ultimately wields its power.

Readers enjoyed the expanding mysteries and fresh conflicts that keep the narrative lively and immersive. The entwined fates of characters new and familiar add depth to the unfolding drama. With the inventive concept of ink altering the afterlife, it proves itself to be an engrossing read.

The God of Lost Words

‘The God of Lost Words’ by A.J. Hackwith, published November 2, 2021, is the concluding volume of the ‘Hell’s Library’ series. Released by Ace, this book wraps up the trilogy with a climactic finale.

To safeguard the Library of the Unwritten, Claire and her companions face a paradoxical choice of potential destruction to ensure its preservation. They’ve unveiled the essence of unwritten books, an extraordinary feat. Yet, this revelation has drawn Hell’s forces, eager to seize control of the library’s expansive knowledge.

This finale offers a satisfying conclusion to the ‘Hell’s Library’ series. Fantasy fans will be captivated by the unfolding drama and inventive twists that A.J. Hackwith masterfully delivers.

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