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No Third Choice (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A. J. Kohler
A. J. Kohler has had many beloved dogs over the years. A. J. has also had many plants and weapons, too.

A. J.’s debut novel, called “No Third Choice”, was released in the year 2013, and is published by Solstice Publishing.

“No Third Choice” is the first stand in the “Family” series and was released in the year 2013. Amy Youngston is Family, however it hasn’t done a lot for her. Until Raymond Escarton Fields, the Family’s head, hires her to figure out who is attempting to murder him.

The family’s got many lawyers, doctors, and other professionals, however, in all those thousands of cousins, Amy’s the only private investigator.

Amy takes the case on, however a party or parties unknown start bugging her office that same night, it is obvious that she won’t be able to handle this case by herself. The one person she is able to turn to is the only close friend she has (of two) that isn’t Family. The guy doesn’t even know about it, since it’s a secret. Until now, since Amy must tell him. She isn’t supposed to tell any outsiders, but he must understand what is going on, right?

Amy would be able to tell him if she married the guy, and they are definitely close enough, but she doesn’t really want to go there. Amy has some serious problems with intimate relationships, especially with Alec. Problems she’d much rather not think about, yet keep coming back.

Amy learns there is just as much of a target on her back as Fields has told her was on his, she starts to wonder. Did he hire her because Amy was his only choice, or because he had it in for her? Without some kind of handle on the bad guys, there wasn’t any way she could learn the answer to this question, except to just carry the investigation on.

The most frustrating part is that there doesn’t seem to be any apparent reason for anybody to want to murder the head of the Family. Of course, the same cannot be said for whoever is sending her messages that she is in their crosshairs, too. Particularly when they ambush her and Alec, tie them both up, and then torture them right in her kitchen. Like they say, expecting to be killed in the immediate future tends to get your attention. They certainly have Amy’s.

Fans found this novel to be an enjoyable story and so much more than just a mystery. The characters and dialogue are intriguing and believable. Readers also loved the twist at the very end of the novel.

“Ripped in Two” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2014. Reesa is not looking for any kind of relationship, she is tracking down a killer. Often, however, it is easier to think outside the box when you do not start inside it, and it is not like she does not have some involvement with these killings already. Jeff isn’t bad to look at either, and he is willing to settle for just heading out to lunch sometimes. That works for Reese.

Then again, as many times over as he has been involved with the killings, he could be the murderer. Possibly not.

Of course, life would be a lot simpler if the star local TV crime scene reporter did not insist on putting her front and center at all times, sneering at the efforts of both the Pima County Sheriff and Tucson Police Departments.

One way, Reese isn’t going to rest until this killer is apprehended. Better if he is a stranger, but if it is this private who is working on being her friend, so be it. Whoever this killer is, will be going down. You can bet on that.

Some reader began reading this one and didn’t want to set it aside. There is plenty of excitement and intensity all the way through.

“No Other Choice” is the third novel in the “Family” series and was released in the year 2014. Becky is in jail on a murder charge. There is also a very deep, dark place in her head that she has discovered and crawled into and pulled in after her. That is going to be even harder to get her out of than jail is, which is going to prove to be plenty tough itself.

Amy is doing all she can to clear Becky. She identified the real killer and works hard to get the goods on her. Amy knows just what she needs to clear Becky, if she can just get the crucial evidence in time. It would be tough enough to do for any client, however, when it is somebody Amy has internalized that she has Becky, both her best friend and cousin, she cannot even defend herself against all the agony and pain she goes through when she fears she isn’t going to be able to do so in time.

She ends up hauling the murderer into court, and she is lucky enough the victim’s widow screams in open court she will kill Amy just like did her no-good cheater of a husband.

That works, and gets Becky out of jail. Getting her out of her own mind will prove to be tougher.

Particularly when Becky confesses that she has become so fearful and introverted of making any new intimate connections with people that the only guy she could potentially have any sort of relationship now is Amy’s husband. He is also the only guy that Becky wants. It rips her up inside, since she cannot do that to Amy. Or, for that matter, Alec.

How much does Amy truly love Becky? Amy sees only one way out. However that means trouble.

Kohler delivers a fast paced, well-written, enjoyable, and believable read, that is sure to engage you right from the start of the novel. Readers found themselves flipping pages, just wanting to see what would happen next in the novel. The novel provides plenty of details about Becky’s dogs and her emotional conflict.

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