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A J McCarthy
A J McCarthy is a mystery author known for her intense and suspenseful mystery stories. The award-winning author has been recognized for her work on several platforms, with her novel Cold Betrayal getting the top prize in the American Fiction Award in 2019. Her stories are either set in Quebec, which is her home province, or in British Columbia in Canada. McCarthy, who practices her finance and accounting career by day, enjoys writing in her free time. She finds joy in handling the diverse challenges in writing and learning new things from her own experiences. The author also enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their two daughters.

Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father stars Charlie Butler, a beautiful and successful woman and owner of the Downtown Montreal bar. After receiving a few non-threatening yet creepy messages sent to her house, Charlie decides to make a report with the police. However, the law does not seem too interested in her case. She wonders what steps to take before her friend Frank introduces her to a private investigator named Simm. Charlie and Simm start on the wrong foot. The PI cannot understand how Charlie expects him to help her when she is not ready to share her private life. How can Simm find the culprit when Charlie blocks any attempt of him digging into her past?

Things take an interesting twist when the threats escalate to break-ins, first at Charlie’s house and then in her bar. The culprit goes to the extent of kidnapping Charlie’s beloved dog, Harley. When the dog is returned soon after, there is a note asking Charlie how she would feel to lose someone she loved. Simm and Charlie have no choice but to team up and unravel the mystery before more damage is done. What follows is an exhilarating ride that involves the Canadian Mafia and the underground in Dublin. These two will realize that they are in grave danger a little too late, so they don’t have a choice but to keep fighting.

Follow Charlie and Simm as they work to find the face behind those creepy messages. As they interact more, Charlie will have to be a bit open, and it will soon become clear that Simm has his secrets too. It is odd that he rarely interacts with his brother, sister, and dying father. Whatever they discover not only shocks Charlie to the core but also makes her question everything she knows about her life. The journey to several United States prisons to Ireland comes with its fair share of challenges, but it is the only way these two can get their questions answered.

Sins of the Father is an entertaining mystery story with a great storyline, intriguing characters, and a solid plot. The few twists will throw you off guard while others will lead you in a surprising direction. While the initial tone is cozy, things get a little darker towards the end as secrets about Charlie’s life are revealed. There is also some historical, adventure, and romance elements in the story. Charlie is lovable, and her life in Montreal will make you put the beautiful city on your bucket list. Also notable is the author’s descriptions of places, characters, and events, and these will keep you turning the pages.

Cold Betrayal
Cold Betrayal stars Victoria Anderson and Danny Wilcox. Victoria, also known as Tori to family and friends, is loyal to Dann, a drug Lord on the run. Despite several attempts on her life, Tori believes that Danny cannot harm her. In this story, Tori makes an unplanned trip from sunny Florida to Quebec. The journey by road is long, and there are numerous challenges on the way. Tori also doesn’t anticipate the winter weather in Quebec, and it is only after finding a deserted cabin that she is rescued and provided with appropriate clothing for the weather. Tori is on a mission. She wants to convince Danny to come back to Florida with her. However, she will come to realize that she is not the only one looking for him.

The local police officers in Quebec are also chasing Danny, and after they realize that Tori is a step ahead of them, they try all ways to manipulate her. It is funny that Danny doesn’t want to be found and has plans different from what Tori has in mind. Will the tricks used by the police work and make Tori lead them to Danny? What is it that Tori wants to tell Danny so bad that she is willing to drive all the way, defy the police, and put her life in danger? You will have to read the story to find out. Sometimes Tori will fall into the trap of those who befriend her, but she also manages to save herself a few times.
Tori is a lovable character. While her devotion to Danny is tested almost at every turn, she never gives up. Towards the end, it will become clear why she is hunting for Danny. The element of suspense will grip you from the start, and the breathtaking landscapes described by the author will make you want to keep on following Tori even when there is danger in every corner. It is sad to see how far emotions can drive someone, and you will keep hoping that Tori comes out unscathed in the end. The main mystery here is why Tori wants to speak to Danny so badly. Fortunately, this will be revealed in bits towards the end of the book.

Cold Betrayal is a fast-paced story that follows a woman named Tori from Florida to Quebec. The author details her dalliance with crime and her conflict as she transverses Quebec City and the countryside. You will also get to meet Danny, the vicious criminal that Tori is loyal to. Other notable characters include Chantel, Mario, and Ben. This book’s pace picks up from the first chapter with its dramatic opening, and the journey to Quebec City and the countryside is quite exhilarating. If you are looking for a stylish yet smart thriller, this book is perfect.

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