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A.J. Scudiere is a published author of fiction.

She first became inspired to become a great reader at a young age. When she was in kindergarten, A.J. failed to make the grade for a group for advanced readers. She decided that she would show others that she was a great reader and become one. She picked up a few books and got started, which included titles such as Carrie and The Amityville Horror before reaching seven years old.

She went from reading books to writing them at the age of eight years old. She had a notebook and a pen and put down her novella, which will likely never be seen by anyone due to the author’s choice. Her parents hold impressive careers, and she is the daughter of a lawyer and a physicist. Probably by virtue of this fact, the author wants to be sure that the stories she writes work, meaning that by the time the reader gets to the conclusion of the story they realize that they had the clues the whole time.

She has written several suspense and mystery novels and has even won awards for her writing. She has gotten over twenty awards for writing suspense or mystery fiction works. She has also gotten nominations for Audies as well as had her work optioned to become television and film projects.

A.J. has received an MS in the field of human forensic identification and another degree in the field of neuroscience and human physiology. She jokingly refers to herself as a nerd. She also thinks that the best written suspense stories have clues that were present to be seen the whole time as well as characters that remain intelligent throughout the story.

She does her best to get the readers to want to turn one more page to read more. Her own writing world is unique, an odd place where patterns leap out and catch the reader’s eye. In her world you can smell the scent of the state of Florida, a fragrance that can take weeks to leave your senses. It’s also a place with thick Dallas air where the planes can float to the runways instead of landing.

A.J. has lived both in the state of Florida as well as other places that include Los Angeles. She has also moved to Tennessee and lived in a relatively normal neighborhood that is located outside of Nashville. She enjoys texture and how things feel and smell. She also sees teaching as fun and rewarding and something that is satisfying no matter what level you teach at. She has served as a trainer, teacher, and curriculum writer and has received awards and recognition for her work.

A.J. Scudiere is the creator and the author of the fictional series of novels, the Sin Trilogy. This trilogy first got started in 2008 with the publication of the debut novel, Vengeance. The sequel would come out in 2014 and is titled Retribution. The third book in the series was published in 2015 and is titled Justice, rounding out the series and making it a trilogy.

Vengeance is the first novel in the Sin Trilogy. If you are looking for a great book to read that is totally unlike anything else out there, check out this book!

Claymore Beller attempted to do what was right nine long years ago. But in the end, it would be the very last thing that he would ever do. The mafia bosses above him decided to retaliate for his actions and destroyed his family. Cynthia, the youngest, was the only one that decided to fight.

Lee Maxwell was in a similar position and made the exact same mistake three years ago. His family also were the ones that would pay, his daughter and his wife. Drunk and regretting everything, Lee vanished into the middle of nowhere.

Owen Durham is trying to track the Grudge Ninja as he is called in present day. But all of the evidence that he has is wrong. On top of that, the profilers cannot seem to understand anything except that the Ninja is trying to get revenge for wrongs from long ago. He is growing increasingly bold and with every hour that he is out there only grows more dangerous.

Owen has to look in the mirror and try to see himself. He has to realize that when it comes to his life, he’s spent too much time attempting to be right instead of truly trying to make the right choices. He wonders whether, even now, the right path is to bring the ninja in or if he just wants to make his career a little stronger and more successful. Will Owen figure out what he needs to do? Read this book to find out!

Retribution is the exciting second book in the Sin Trilogy, also known as the Vendetta Trifecta. Check out this awesome sequel if you loved the first book!

Lee and Sin have returned, and they’ve decided that they’re going to leave the violence of the past behind them. But when it comes to the past, do they have any idea whether it is truly done with them?

They’ve done their best to keep a low profile. They’ve even come up with new identities. Now Sin is Diana Kincaid, a police officer, and Lee is Will Kincaid, an accountant.

Things start happening when the son of Kolya Kurev, mafia leader, is discovered dead. It’s in Diana’s district, and now she has to figure out whether she’s truly made it to a new identity without anyone knowing. More Kurevs are coming up in the place the couple left, and the family’s memory is not short.

Meanwhile, Diana’s precinct has concerns about the family and sees them as a growing threat. They’re also wondering what they’re doing in the area in the first place. Did Sin or her boss Nick Stelian bring them back? He was the one that recruited her. Diana’s trying to figure out whose side she is on and what to do.

Will she run or try to figure out what’s going on? Find out for yourself by reading this book!

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