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A.J. Steiger is an upcoming novelist from Burbank, The United States. She likes to read and write novels based on the young adult and science fiction genres. Steiger was born in Burbank, Illinois and was raised in the Chicago area. Before taking up a career as an author, she attended the Columbia College in Chicago and graduated with a major in FIction Writing. As of today, she 31 years old and likes to be in the company of pet dogs. Steiger loves craft beer and does not feel shy in considering the word ‘nerd’ as a badge of honor. She likes to take all the negative things in her life in a sarcastic way and always tries to find the right solution to her problems. She has successfully written a young adult debut novel titled ‘Mindwalker’ and is working hard to release its sequel. Steiger hopes of completing the sequel anytime soon and publish it in the coming days. Although, she has spent her whole life in the suburbs of Chicago, she likes to enjoy visiting other dimensions and galaxies in her dreams. In fact, she feels proud to be a day dreamer and believes that is the dreams that make her forget the troubles of life and focus on making her life full of passion and happiness. Steiger often works as a freelance writer and also as a transcriptionist. She has great enthusiasm for pancake and anime houses. A.J. Steiger state that her strong interest in psychology and the issues of social justice around her has allowed her to write her first novel, Mindwalker. Steiger lives in Illinois, United States, from where she attempts to write down the magical worlds of her dreams and build interesting stories around them. She has received great inspiration from the young adult novels and stories written by the noteworthy authors. Steiger often maintains the habit of reading some or the other book in her free time. This allows her to stay focussed on her target and at the same time helps her to think about the plots of her future novels and stories. The first young adult novel written by A.J. Steiger was published by the Knopf Books publishing house. This publishing house is also set to publish the sequel of the A.J. Steiger’s first novel.

The first novel of the Mindwalker series written by A.J. Steiger was published in the year 2015 by the Knopf Books. It was titled ‘Mindwalker’. The plot of the novel is based on the young adult genre and depicts the life of the main character, Lain Fisher. The author has described her to be about 17 years old. She has already aced the elite training program of the Institute for the Mindwalkers. The Mindwalkers are the therapists who try to erase the traumatic memories of a patient by using a direct neural link. Lain Fisher is a prodigy and the daughter of a well known scientist, who had died in an unexplained manner. Due to her father’s death, Lain was left alone in the world. She did not have any family members who could look after her. She seems to be driven by the need to save the people who are in pain or are suffering from some kind of disease. On one occasion, one of her troubled classmates named Steven asks for a favor from her. He asks Lain to wipe out all his childhood memories as they were very horrific and used to haunt him every now and then.

Lain wishes to help Steven, but is warned by her superiors to stay away from him. They tell him that the scars of Steven are very deep and that she will have to face a great risk if she wishes to help Steven in getting over his horrific past. Lain begins to like spending time with Steven and the more she spent time with him, the more she began questioning about the society. She does not pay any heed to the warnings given to her by her superiors and continues to explore the memories of Steven. Slowly she begins to realize that Steven might be connected to something huge. Lain becomes aware of the secret from the past life of Steven, which the Institute was trying to hide from others and has not let it get discovered by anyone until now. Although, she did not listen to the warnings of her superiors and went ahead with exploring the memories of Steven, she had never been a rule breaker and had not expected to become one. But, she got intrigued by spending some time with Steven. Lain also had no plans of falling in love with the boy, whom she was ordered not help. But, destiny had something else for her in her life and she fell in deep love with Steven. With the recent turn of events Lain has found herself stumbling into a conspiracy, one which had the power to ignite a revolution.

The novel became a huge hit among the readers and has proved to thrust the readers into action right from the first word. The author A.J. Steiger was also praised for setting the plot of the novel in a utopian and futuristic society, which had the traces of war everywhere. The place has been described by the author as full of crime and violence. The readers found the novel to be thought provoking and giving an incredibly strong message. Even the characterization of Fisher as a Mindwalker has been very well done by the author. The critics and the fellow authors have praised the efforts of A.J. Steiger in penning down such a beautiful young adult novel. This gave a huge boost to her and helped her to continue writing other novels. The motivation that she received from the success of the first novel was tremendous. Steiger is currently working on the sequel of the first novel of the series. She has already given the title of the second novel of the series as ‘Mindstormer’ and has said that it is going to be finished by 2016 and will be published in the early 2017. The readers are eagerly waiting for the second novel to get published so that they can once again cherish the masterpiece of A.J. Steiger:

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