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A.J. Stewart is an American author that writes detective novels. Stewart was once the new kid on the mystery block. He wanted so badly to fit in with his peers in the mystery and detective fiction genres.

But he wasn’t bringing anything new to the table. His books were like any other in the mystery and detective fiction genres: novels about private investigators solving crimes in some location in the United States.

Stewart realized that if he could not stand out in his concepts, he would stick out with his characters and his storytelling, and that is exactly what he has done over the years.

A.J. Stewart has always been a writer. It’s just how he defines and describes himself. The sort of writing he did often varied. But the author never strayed far from the actual habit. Before he began his journey into publishing, Stewart was writing marketing copy for Fortune 500 companies.

He spent decades doing research and putting together content for the promotional campaigns of different companies. He even had an opportunity to work for tech startups. And one assumes that Steward was happy.

After all, writing is hard work. And there is no way Steward would have persevered for so long if the work didn’t appeal to him in some way. However, as the years progressed and as A.J. Stewart grew entrenched in his career, he began to grow dissatisfied.

Steward wasn’t just a writer. He was a storyteller. That is what he had been doing all his life in one form or another. And while he was making a living as a writer, Stewart wasn’t living his dream. He wasn’t doing the sort of writing he desired.

Like most authors, he had allowed his day job to consume him. Fortunately for the author, his love for telling stories never went away. Because the author was always generating characters in his mind and creating stories around them, those tales eventually exploded from his head.

He could no longer take it. After so many years spent quelling his stories, the author finally decided to give the voices in his head free reign. The result was ‘Stiff Arm Steal’, the author’s first novel.

A.J. Stewart is best known for the Miami Jones Florida Mystery series. The books follow the exploits of Miami Jones, a private investigator with a curious background operating out of Florida.

Stewart has produced many novels in the Miami Jones series. He was driven to pursue the series because of his love for Florida Mystery novels. A.J. Stewart has lived and worked all over the world. This includes places like Norway, Japan, and South Africa.

But it is Florida that has always called to him. When his family moved to the state, Stewart remembers immediately falling in love with it. He was drawn to the casual nature of the region and its fun living people. He was amazed by the variety of personalities, the fact that some people were so thoroughly immersed in their convictions while others were largely insane.

It made all the sense in the world for A.J. Stewart to write stories set in Florida. In fact, the stories seemed to write themselves. Stewart’s most popular creation is still Miami Jones. The detective is a former sports star with a lot of bravado and amazing cunning. He’s cheekier than most detectives, constantly throwing quips at the people around him.

He likes to think he calls things as he sees them, and he can be rude. But he is the furthest thing from a hardboiled detective. Because Miami Jones has a baseball history, he is constantly talking about sports.

As such, some people have concluded that A.J. Stewart’s books are specifically geared towards men with an interest in sports. However, the author believes that his books have a wide appeal.

The sports elements are perfectly integrated into each plot and work to drive the different mysteries. The author’s protagonist is surrounded by strong men and women that keep him on the straight and narrow and who should appeal to different kinds of readers.

A.J. Stewart is married with children. Because the author has done so much extensive traveling, he never knows who to support during his favorite sporting events. Almost every team feels like a home team for Stewart.

+Stiff Arm Steal

BJ Baker is a media personality and blowhard who treasures the Heisman Trophy above all else. A prize awarded to the best American College football player of each given year, when the trophy is taken from Baker’s home in Palm Beach, he goes looking for help.

There are few people Baker likes less than Miami Jones, and it is no secret that Jones is no fan of his either. But Baker doesn’t know if he can trust the police, the sheriff or even the mayor to get his trophy back. And he already dragged them all into the search.

In taking the case, Miami Jones must deal with jealous husbands and grumbling cops, not to mention feisty ex-cons. Jones knows that there is more going on than meets the eye and that he must find Baker’s prize before the culprit evolves into something more dangerous.

A.J. Stewart’s first novel introduces the character of Miami Jones to readers. Jones has been described as a blend of characters like Myron Bolitar and Travis McGee. The private detective is hired to solve the theft of a Heisman trophy.

Because Jones is enthusiastic about sports, he uses the case to provide readers with insightful tidbits about the game of football. This is important because the mystery at hand revolves around NCAA football and the information that Miami Jones provides helps readers get better acquainted with that particular arena of sports. This ensures that they are better placed to understand the mystery and its twists and turns as they unfold.

+Offside Trap

When a star athlete at a university dies, Miami Jones is called upon to figure out whether the drug overdose that took his life was intentional or the result of foul play. Miami Jones is shocked to discover a connection to the Miami drug world.

He attempts to maneuver politics, academia and the machinations of a crooked politician to help out an old college friend.

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