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AJ Wolf
AJ Wolf is addicted to adopting animals and loves reverse harem books. She is a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, and digs witchy things, crows, and anime.

She lives on a tiny hobby farm surrounded by her favorite people and her growing animal clan. She writes under the pen names Halle and AJ Wolf.

“My Heart” is the first novel in the “Bloody Business” series and was released in 2019. Beverly’s husband, Remy, shattered her heart. Squeezed it in his fist until it burst under all the pressure, and then wiped her tears away with his bloody hands, whispering some sweet nothings against her lips.

Yet he’s exactly what her heart so desperately wants, and will happily take once slice after another for even while thoughts of his betrayal pick at the edges of Beverly’s soul.

After three long months, Remy has decided it is time for Beverly to return home, sucking her back into the black void that is him. She is just a pawn in this bloody business, and not even her big bad husband can keep her out of its clutches.

This has just the right amount of drama and action to hold readers’ attention, sweet and tender moments that had them swooning, and left them all tingly and warm inside.

“Between Ash and Sea” is a stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Woodrow was Temperance’s once. The boy who hid his blue eyes behind bangs which were much too long and spun stories only for her. Life was perfect back then. When her one worry in the world was making sure her dad didn’t catch them sharing more than just words behind the barn.

He should still be Temperance’s. But they took him, ripping him from her as they also ripped her heart in two. Six years later and you would think that she had moved on from that blue eyed boy. Sometimes it is nice to pretend that she has.

Temperance was Woodrow’s once. The girl that smelled like summer rain and tasted like sunshine. Life was perfect back then. When his only worry in the world was making sure that her dad didn’t catch Woodrow’s hands on her pale freckled skin.

She should still be Woodrow’s. But she went and broke his heart in two, ripping the other half of his soul right out of his chest. Six years later and you would think that he had moved on from this cold-blooded woman. Sometimes he wonders if he should just forget all about her. Sometimes he thinks he should get revenge.

“Obsidian Star” is a novel in the “Twisted Tales” series and was released in 2022. Savage, heartless, and cruel. A few of the many words that are whispered behind palms while James Hook passes by. A very long time ago he quit caring what other people thought about him and began embracing their fear. Fear is motivation and power. At least it is for everybody but that snarky little blonde that has been caught in his snare.

Bellamy is nothing but collateral. Only a nuisance. Hook has broken more wills than this Tinkerbell wannabe could ever even count and she won’t be any exception. He’s either going to get what he wants or she will vanish like all the rest.

There is no Pan in this tale that can save her. She just has him and unfortunately for her, there isn’t any room for her in his obsidian heart.

Hook and Bellamy have strong chemistry with each other, and they balance each other out nicely. The two really shouldn’t work so well together, but they do. Their story is addictive and it was tough to put down once readers picked it up. There is also a lot of steam in this story, which had some readers panting the entire way through.

“Kismet” is the first novel in the “Kindred Soul Duet” series and was released in 2022. Amelia’s life is perfect. She’s going to marry the sweetest and kindest guy on Earth, her career is blossoming. She has been blessed with a life that she could only ever have dreamed about. Until it all comes crashing down around her and her legs get swept out from underneath her. In just a blink of an eye, she loses it all.

Thump, thump, thump. Each thud in Oliver’s chest is a banging reminder of his inevitable demise. An exhausting and painful torment which ticks like the second hand on a clock, whispering to him just how much time he’s got left. His one saving grace is to get a new heart, and each day that his name does not go higher on the list puts him one step closer to his grave. You are supposed to live your life to fullest, whereas he’s spent much of his in the hospital. Is he ever going to get the chance to actually live?

“Chastity” is a stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Chastity has got everything that a woman could ever ask for. Riches, men, and beauty. As well as a reputation that precedes her. She has dutifully played the narrative they have laid out for her, living her life with this silent goal: to take back the company that rightfully belongs to the Bordeaux women. It is time that the self-righteous bastards that are sitting on her fortune find their way to the bottom of the bayou. And nobody, not even the three guys that have unknowingly set their sights on tearing down her one shot at getting what she deserves can stop her.

Weston, the guy that can literally and figuratively bring her to her knees with just a simple little twist of his lips. Merrick, the old flame that still burns underneath her ribs. And Brooks, the carefree playboy that gives her own wanton ways a run for the money.

They’ve stumbled into her path of destruction and now she needs to make a decision that she never thought she would have to. Does she give up on her birthright all in the name of love? Or does she take them down with the rest?

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