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Ruthless Hunter (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruthless Protector (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruthless Ruler (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruthless Lover (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Angel Lawson
Hunted by My Stepbrothers (With: Angel Lawson) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured by My Stepbrothers (With: Angel Lawson) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saved by My Stepbrothers (With: Angel Lawson) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

A.K Rose is the penname of Australian suspense, thriller and paranormal author, Kim Faulks. She also writes romantic suspense and paranormal romance under the pseudonym Atlas Rose. Rose has been an avid reader since childhood, with a strong affection for the dark and edgy works of famous authors such as Stephen King, Bram Stoker, and Dean Koontz. She began writing in High School. Faulks is the author of the Blood Ties series and Institute book series as A.K. Rose.

A.K. Rose Blood Ties is a bully reverse-harem romance book series. The first book in the series touches on sensitive themes, but it’s an intriguing stepbrother read full of steam encounters that exceed boundaries and desires. The more significant part of the novel focuses on budding relationships and character development, with the author reserving the last part of the story for more action. The book features lots of enticing characters and lots of suspense and mystery that guarantees to keep the reader hooked.

Meet Ryth Castlemaine, the main character in the story. She’s had her life turned upside down, and all she now wants is to begin a new chapter in her life. Her home was destroyed, her father sent her to jail, and worse enough, her mother takes them to a home she was unfamiliar with. A home with a man she has never met and his three sons who want to play once they set their eyes on her. She isn’t familiar with the game yet as she’s meek and timid and hence doesn’t stand a chance in this family. But for her survival, she will need her sass, or else she will get eaten up.

Meet the Banks Brothers, three boys popularly known in town for their exceptional reputation. The once good life they knew was turned upside down after their mother’s death, so their lives are just spiraling. Nick, Caleb, and Tobias are dirty, naught, and are not the boys for the faint-hearted. Even though the three boys are written similarly at the novel’s beginning, you get to see their unique and different personalities as the story progresses.

We have Tobias, focused on making Ryth pay for she has no place in their home. He considers her a nobody and is determined to do whatever it takes to make her see that. He just needs to lure his brothers in and let the hell loose. Then there is Nick. He is a protector and loves peace. But this should not fool you, as he has personal demons haunting him. He has an ex-girlfriend who causes drama and is also a damaged man trying to get some peace of mind in a messy world. The last of the brothers is Caleb, the quietest of the brothers at first but soon finds himself getting too much comfortable around Ryth. He portrays his dominance and a sex appeal that can bend any girl to his will. The three brothers are all possessive over Ryth, and they all want her badly but, at the same time, hate her as much.
However, soon the boys will realize that the mouse and cat game will mean so much more, as danger and secrets are readily waiting for them to drop their guards. Of the three brothers, who will fall, and who will remain standing?

A.K. Rose did a fantastic job with the story building and pacing, always keeping you hooked to the last page. There’s a great deal of tension and suspense, even though the themes are very dark with lots of trigger warnings. The author, however, does an excellent job of capturing the character’s individual personalities from their point of view. The Bank brothers and Ryth’s points of view didn’t blend together, giving unique personalities, which is rare in reverse harem romances.

Ruthless Hunter, the first book in The Institute Book series, is a dark mafia romance novel. It is also a part of the Blood Ties series but can be read as a standalone full-length with happily ever after that ends in a cliffhanger. The book is action-packed, intense, and fast-paced, with well-crafted characters that are easy to read. The story hooks you right from the start to the end, making it a great start to a series. Additionally, the novel contains violence, danger, drama, secrets, lies, twists and turns, revenge, deception, hatred, trust issues, opposites attracts, enemies, lust, pain, enemies to lovers, anger, surprises, murder, survival, money laundering, and so much more.

Meet Finley Salvatore, the man who inherits the Salvatore criminal empire. He is tasked with recovering the cash that was stolen from his father. Then there is Anna Eden, who did money laundering schemes for the Salvatore criminal organization. She stole millions of monies from the gang, thinking she was saving him. Anna is an intelligent woman good at numbers and making profits. Unknown to the criminal underworld, she is the true mastermind and money launderer for the Salvatores. She is the person the gang calls “the Ghost.” Finley is a stone-hearted man, just like his father, but as they always say, love ultimately wins, and his heart is soft for Anna.

Finley was never supported to have any romantic attraction towards Anna, but he can’t help himself but fall in love with her. Anna escapes to a private island to seek asylum from a dead mobster and killers. But little did she know there was no place she could hide without them tracking her down. When some ruthless and powerful men threaten to attack the island and kill her, Finley is left with no choice but to do whatever it takes to save her. The chemistry between them is explosive. For the greater part, the story focuses on Anna’s attempts to hide her imminent betrayal from Finley and Finley’s back-and-forth moves between family loyalty and claiming a love that is true to him. Meanwhile, the book also features many subplots of lies and betrayals, but they are all uniquely presented such that they don’t weigh down the main plot but help keep things rolling.

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