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Axe to Grind (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tangled Web (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Dead (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind the Walls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Second Chance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Balance of Power (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Doll Killer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About A.L. Fraine

Going under the pseudonym of A.L. Fraine, the British writer Andrew Dobell has been writing for quite some time now. Usually highly regarded for his fantasy and science-fiction novels, he uses his Fraine pen-name to put out his mystery novels. Intriguing readers worldwide with his intriguing and engaging premises, he sets himself apart from other writers in his field. There’s a lot running underneath each novel and storyline, as he writes in a manner that’s engaging and to the point, allowing his worlds to come alive.

Really well-regarded for his thrillers, Dobell aka Fraine has a true gift for keeping his readers held in a constant state of suspense. Letting his work essentially speak for itself, he manages to create a real sense of ambiance and atmosphere for his audience. Pushing each concept to its full potential, he creates stories that are easy to pick up, yet just as difficult to put down for the reader. Because of this he has become a household name for many around the world, seeing his work read far-and-wide by many from all over.

Over the years, he’s created a brand of mystery thriller that is very much his own, as Dobell crafts his own voice and style. From this he’s also created a set of compelling characters, many of whom ensure that the readers return time and time again. Staying with the audience long after they’ve put the book down, he creates a lasting impression for the reader, constantly keeping them guessing throughout. With so much more to come still, his work and writing will carry on for a long time yet, as there’s plenty more on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Andrew Dobell would grow up with a strong passion for storytelling. Using his creative streak to help inspire him, he would nurture his talent, allowing it to help him navigate his love of literature. Refining and honing his craft, he would build upon it, taking it in new and interesting directions as time went on over the years.

This would eventually lead to him becoming a full-time novelist, as he would draw inspiration from the world around, largely focusing on science-fiction. Role playing games would also inform him greatly during his adolescence, leading to him becoming more adept in his genre. Currently living in Surrey just outside of London with his wife, he continues to write to this present day, with far more to follow yet.

Writing Career

Publishing his first novel back in 2017, Dobell would begin his career writing mainly fantasy and science-fiction genre books. Later, in 2019, he would write his first mystery title under the name of A.L. Fraine, as he would go on to become widely regarded for his thrillers as well. His first novel as Fraine would be the book ‘The Upper Hand,’ and this would also become the first in his ‘DC O’Connell’ series of novels.

Over time he would go on to write a few other series, including the ‘DCI Pilgrim’ series, along with the ‘Detective Loxley Nottinghamshire Crime Thriller’ novels. Creating enduring characters, he’s managed to craft a set of books that stay with readers long after they finish, as they look to read more. A gifted writer, he continues to write regularly using his A.L. Fraine pen-name, as more books are planned for the future.

Idle Hands

Published on the Kindle platform in 2019, this would first come out on the 19th of October to an already eagerly awaiting audience. Marking the third title in the ongoing ‘DC O’Connell Crime Thriller’ series of novels, it would carry on with another self-contained mystery thriller. An engaging story, it manages to capture the essence of the previous three books, while giving the series an intriguing spin of its own.

Having been on the Murder Team for several months now, Kate is typically used to working run-of-the-mill cases alongside Nathan. Now it seems that they have their work cut out for them, as four models are kidnapped, with a photo and note landing on Kate and Nathan’s desk. Investigating the photography community throughout Surrey, they work together against the clock, struggling to find them before it’s too late. Where did they all disappear to, can they find them in time before it’s too late, and what will become of otherwise idle hands?

There’s a lot to enjoy here, as the world of the series really comes to life once again, with a rich and evocative atmosphere throughout. The characters themselves are all brilliantly realized, with a strong lead at the center of it all driving it forwards with a clear motivation. Fans of the series and of the genre as a whole wont be disappointed by this, as it really works on several different levels.

A Second Chance

This book was first published in 2021 on the 11th of October, and it was the fifth in the ‘DCI Pilgrim Thriller series of novels. Following the character of DCI Jon Pilgrim, each book provides a different mystery featuring him and his team, as they solve various different cases. Published through the Kindle platform, it would feature a self-contained story, with a strong narrative arc running throughout.

Four children were killed fourteen years ago, while two survived, as the killer vanished, not to be heard from for a long time. That’s when a boy goes missing from a quiet suburban estate, and the mother is one of the survivors from all those years ago. DCI Jon Pilgrim remembers the original case, and he and his team commits themselves to finding the boy before it’s too late. Will they be able to solve the case in time, can they find the boy before it’s too late, and is there such a thing as a second chance?

Engaging and compelling, this really is a page-turner, as it has a lot to offer the reader, keeping them glued every step of the way. From its characters to its story, Fraine aka Dobell makes full use of his intriguing premise, providing an ultimately satisfying conclusion. It’s story works on multiple different levels, and it’s a book that definitely doesn’t leave anything out, firmly grounding the entire story.

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