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Publication Order of A Lady Fan Mystery Books

The Gilded Shroud (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deathly Portent (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Opium Purge (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Candlelit Coffin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mortal Blow (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fateful Marriage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dagger Dance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unwanted Corpse (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vengeance Trail (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hanging Cheat (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth Bailey is a published author of fiction that specializes in writing historical mysteries, historical romances, and romance in general!

Elizabeth was always an active reader, ever since she was young. She grew up in Africa in its colonial days, with theater being part of her family history and enjoying parents that were unconditional. Once the family was living in England, she would eventually figure out that she wanted to be a writer and discovered her skill in this area when she was in her thirties. She would then become interested in historical romance and even write some romance stories in this genre herself and getting them published while teaching drama and directing it on the side as her other career.

She says that when talking to others about herself, it can be difficult to do since you risk sounding dull or overly enthusiastic. Elizabeth says that like her characters, she often falls somewhere in the middle of the two. She says that sometimes life can throw you around, and it can be a struggle to keep going while pursuing your dreams when life throws you twists and turns.

Elizabeth recounts that she has discovered numerous paths that give her satisfaction and feels lucky that she has discovered them. She loves teaching, directing, acting, and writing. Some of the paths have even crossed with each other over the years, and her abilities in each realm would deepen as a result. She says that she has had the privilege of working with a variety of people in the arts and has felt lucky to have publishers that believe in her abilities. Bailey has also branched into independent publishing with the e-book’s popularity and now can release some of her stories that might not have been published through traditional means and enjoy all of that freedom that comes along with publishing her own works.

The author gets a sense of joy when she witnesses other writers starting to come into their own and grow. She believes that we all make it through the support and relationships we have with others in some form, and always feels rewarded when she’s been connected to another author that is starting to find their stride and some sort of success. She sees the main goal of the novelist as coming up with a world that others can believe in and even reside in for some time. She has never lost her love for reading and if she can pass on some of the enjoyment to others that she has had while reading, Elizabeth says that makes all of the effort worth it. She resides in England in Sussex.

Elizabeth Bailey is the creator and the author of the Lady Fan Mystery series of fictional novels. This series features the main character of Lady Ottilia Fanshawe as she attempts to solve mysteries despite being a novice detective. With Lord Francis Fanshawe by her side, this bold character investigates mysteries and does her best to solve them in this charming and engaging mystery series that first began in 1992 with the release of the first novel, The Gilded Shroud.

The Gilded Shroud is the debut story in the compelling Lady Fan Mystery series composed by author Elizabeth Bailey. If you are a fan of murder mysteries or historical drama and love books written by authors such as Georgette Heyer, check out this first installment and get right into all of the action!

The place is London and the year is 1789. Emily Fanshawe may be the Marchioness of Polbrook, but no longer. Her life has come to a violent end and the lady has been discovered in her bedchamber, dead from an apparent intense strangling. This causes quite the stir and family members are quickly looking for the culprit. It doesn’t take long before suspicions are pointed at those who are living at the Hanover Square grand house.

The main person being suspected is none other than Emily’s spouse. Her husband is Lord Polbrook, also known as Randal Farshawe. The man has made himself look quite guilty as he chose to flee the home sometime during the night and now is the main suspect in his wife’s killing. His relatives are upset at the idea that he’s being implicated, but it’s not as though anyone is coming forward and volunteering their guilt.

Meanwhile, Ottilia Draycott has been hired to be the lady’s companion for the Dowager Marchioness, Sybilla. She quickly finds that she is providing assistance more in the field of detective work as she helps Lord Francis, the young son, to investigate. She would like to help to clear up the matter and set the family name free of any ill associations. But can the two figure out what’s going on? Is the killer really living in the grand house, or is there more happening here than what appears at first glance? Read this novel to find out!

The Deathly Portent is the second novel in the historical murder mystery Lady Fan series by Elizabeth Bailey. If you love mysteries of any kind or stories set in the past, then why not give this awesome series a try?

Find out what happens in this sequel when a lovely young woman suddenly foretells a death. When that murder comes to pass, she may just be in danger as a witch hunt starts up. The time is 1790, the setting is England. Lord and Lady Fanshawe are back again.

When Ottilia and Francis’s coach suddenly stops working, the breakdown means that they are temporarily stuck in Witherley. The strange village is unfamiliar to them, but the Lady Fan becomes intrigued when she hears tell of a murder that happened in town. The only unique thing about this murder was that it was predicted before it happened by a woman in town, and the death was carried out just as she had said it would be.

Did the woman really accurately predict this, or is it a trick? Is she truly a witch and the villagers are correct, or is there some other reason why this happened? Read this mystery to find out the answer!

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