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Publication Order of A.M.Strickland Standalone Novels

Beyond the Black Door (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Ravenous Dark (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of the Undying Seasons (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About A.M. Strickland

A.M. Strickland stands out in the field of Young Adult fantasy with her acclaimed novels, transporting readers to fantastical settings brimming with enchantment and thrill. Her talent for creating vibrant characters ensures they leap off the page, staying with readers long after the story ends. Devotees of her writing are consistently captured by the dynamic realms she depicts, pursuing her narratives with zeal.

Strickland’s remarkable skill lies in sculpting main characters that deeply connect with those who dive into her books. These protagonists are far more than mere figures in her plots; they’re the heartbeat of the adventures. As these characters navigate their trials, they earn the audience’s support and investment, tying them closely to the unfolding events.

In terms of character development, Strickland’s prowess is apparent, presenting personalities that confront and overcome meaningful hurdles. The layered personalities she fashions contribute a significant dimension to her tales, fostering a genuine bond between readers and the fictional world. Her deft interlacing of character and plot not only engages but significantly enriches each reader’s journey.

When it comes to weaving stories, Strickland has a distinctive flair, conceiving narratives that ensnare readers’ affections and imaginations. Her stories are immersive, loaded with elements that spur curiosity and suspense. Excellently paced, her tales are challenging to pause, securing readers’ attention from start to finish. This harmonious blend of riveting storytelling and entrancing story arcs has rightfully anchored A.M. Strickland in the Young Adult fantasy genre.

Early and Personal Life

A.M. Strickland’s passion for books and writing emerged early in life, hinting at her future as an author. Her dream to write took root during her youthful years as she immersed herself in a world of stories. This love for narrative would grow to define her career and shape her works.

Now, Strickland divides her time between the scenic landscapes of Alaska and the cultural richness of Spain. Surrounded by her family, pets, and an impressive array of books, she draws inspiration from her dual homes. Both locations offer distinct backdrops that feed her imagination and contribute to her creative process.

Apart from her devotion to the written word, Strickland enjoys traveling, immersing herself in dance, and appreciating the art of tattoos. These varied interests reflect her dynamic approach to life and writing. She is particularly intrigued by nuanced characters, infusing her stories with intriguing ‘sympathetic monsters’ that engage readers and challenge traditional notions of character archetypes.

Writing Career

A.M. Strickland has made her mark in the world of Young Adult fantasy with the publication of several novels. Starting with ‘Beyond the Black Door’ in 2019, she introduced readers to her distinctive blend of dark fantasy and intriguing plotlines. Her books have since found a special place on the shelves of fantasy lovers who crave unique and immersive storytelling.

As her bibliography grows, so does Strickland’s impact on the genre. With ‘In the Ravenous Dark’ released in 2021, followed by her next addition, ‘Court of the Undying Seasons,’ arriving in 2023, her career as an author quickly flourished. Strickland continues to write, promising more captivating tales for her eager audience.

In the Ravenous Dark

A.M. Strickland’s ‘In the Ravenous Dark’ was published on May 18, 2021. The book was released by Imprint, with this Young Adult fantasy romance adding to Strickland’s growing repertoire of work within the genre.

In the magical city of Thanopolis, magicians are matched with undead spirits who both protect and dominate them. Rovan hides her magic to avoid the fate her father died resisting, but an accidental display of her powers binds her to an undead spirit and pulls her into court politics fraught with danger. While trying to flee, she grows close to Lydea, a captivating and defiant princess, and Ivrilos, her commanding spirit warden.

As they reveal a lethal secret capable of destroying their city, Rovan must lead a revolt in both the living realm and the realm of spirits, while navigating the complexities of her heart.

The novel’s richly constructed world, paired with a tapestry of complex relationships, makes for an absorbing fantasy. The intricate dance of power, control, and rebellion threaded throughout the story keeps pages turning. Those new to Strickland’s work will delight in the vividly painted realm of Thanopolis and its captivating characters.

Beyond the Black Door

Released by Imprint on October 29, 2019, ‘Beyond the Black Door’ is another Young Adult fantasy romance written by A.M. Strickland. This publication contributes to Strickland’s repertoire, enriching the Young Adult genre with her unique storytelling.

Kamai, a soulwalker like her mother, has always seen the black door in people’s souls, a mysterious presence she’s been cautioned to never open. Despite the warnings, curiosity and strange occurrences draw her closer— the door pulses warmly to her touch and whispers her name.

Facing a personal tragedy, Kamai gives in to the temptation. This fateful decision sets her on an unexpected and perilous path, as she steps through the black door.

Strickland’s storytelling once again weaves a captivating narrative rich with mystery and the allure of the forbidden. The novel delves into the depths of the soul with a fresh perspective that keeps the reader engaged. Those embarking on this journey alongside Kamai will find themselves irresistibly drawn to discover what lies beyond the black door.

Court of the Undying Seasons

A.M. Strickland’s Young Adult fantasy romance, ‘Court of the Undying Seasons,’ hit shelves on May 16, 2023. Published by Feiwel & Friends, it represents Strickland’s ongoing contribution to the genre.

Nineteen-year-old Fin bravely steps forward to take the place of her beloved in the village’s Finding, fully aware that she might be heading into peril. Ending up at Castle Courtsheart, known as a vampire academy, Fin is faced with the possibility of transformation, servitude, or not surviving at all, but her aim is darker: to master the art of slaying the undead for revenge. Her resolve is tested by the alluring yet treacherous environment and by Gavron, the captivating vampire responsible for her potential transformation, whose presence proves intoxicating.

Amidst personal discovery and newfound abilities, Fin encounters a series of murders tied to a dangerous rite, thrusting her to seek answers while navigating her own conflicting emotions.

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