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Publication Order of Mail Carrier Cozy Mysteries Books

Stamped Out (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Address For Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
All She Wrote (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return To Sender (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Class Killer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Post Mortem (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Delivery (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Letter Slay (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tonya Kappes is a published author of fiction. She also uses the pen name Maymee Bell for her stories.

This best-selling author is self-published and has had success on an international scale. She is a part of the Movers and Shakers of Amazon. She is known for writing fiction for women as well as cozy mystery stories with a touch of humor. Her stories frequently feature characters that are a little quirky that usually end up in situations that are similarly quirky.

She has had multiple novels nominated for awards. This includes the Olivia Davis’s series’, which was a double finalist in the categories of humor and mystery for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Amazon’s eFestival of Words also nominated Carpe Bead em for a novel award-winner in the category of Women’s Fiction, where it won!

Besides being an author, Tonya travels to different events and writer’s group so that she can speak about promoting and marketing books in addition to the world of self-publishing and how writers can do more, regardless of the place that you are at when it comes to your career. She hopes to help others start their own careers in the field of fiction and pursue what they can do with self-publishing.

Tonya Kappes is the creator and the author of the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery series of novels. This series first began in 2019 with the release of the debut novel, Stamped Out. This mystery debut was followed by the publication of the second installment, Address for Murder. There is a lot of fun to be had in this cozy mystery series that is perfect for those who love this lighter side of the mystery genre! Along with featuring the many eccentric and endearing citizens and mysteries, these books include recipes for readers to make and enjoy at the book’s conclusion. Check out this series for yourself and see how much fun these stories are!

Stamped Out is the first novel in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery series written by author Tonya Kappes. In this debut, readers get to meet the main character of Bernadette Butler for the first time. Bernadette lives in the South in Sugar Creek Gap and has a nice life. Everyone that lives there is a pleasant person, even if they may be unique, and the animals there are adorable. The citizens that reside there have nothing but good intentions and want to see Bernadette be happy.

To that end, it seems like everyone that lives there has attempted to try and make Bernadette a match. They know that she’s a widow and they love her for more than just bringing them their mail and so have involved themselves in her love life. She’s been on a variety of dates but nothing has worked out yet. They think that since she is not with someone, she must be lonely.

The thing is, the Sugar Creek Gap residents don’t know all that much about her life. Bernadette is the mail carrier and little do they know that she has plenty in her life to fill it up, especially if you’re counting all of the secret obsessions and tidbits everyone tries to keep under wraps. She also hears a significant amount of gossip these southern folks spread around.

One day, Bernadette is walking her usual route when she hears the news that the local country club is in the process of being sold. Once it’s sold off, it will be turned into a variety of condos. Unfortunately she knows the person that would be the developer. Once others find out about this plan, Mac Tabor isn’t exactly the most popular person in town. But he’s her best friend and she’s going to stand by him.

Everyone who lives in town wants to vote against the sale and any future development. They don’t want the club sold to Mac. Meanwhile, Mac gets into a fight in public with Chuck Shilling, who owns the majority of the club. The fight is largely over Chuck thinking over whether he really wants to sell him the club. So when he’s discovered dead, Mac is the top suspect due to the situation.

Bernadette wants to help find a killer and prove that her best friend didn’t kill Chuck. She knows that he would never do something like that, but everyone in town doesn’t know him the same way. Can she clear his name and keep him from going to jail? Will Mac be punished for something he didn’t do? Who is the real killer? Read this cozy mystery to find out!

Address for Murder is the second novel in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery series written by Tonya Kappes! If you loved the setting, characters, and events of the first story, be sure to check out everything that happens in this light and enjoyable sequel.

Bernadette Butler is back and still doing her mail route. When she delivers mail, she makes sure to look in on her older customers when the colder weather arrives. She likes to know that they are safe and it gives her a good feeling. She’s also doing all that she can to try and avoid the emotions that she is experiencing about a certain someone in town.

Mac Tabor was close with her husband and was his best friend. Now it seems like he’s hers, but she’s also becoming aware of her attraction to Mac. So she’s trying to distract herself with work and good deeds. When she notices a dog is out and brings the pet back to its owner’s home, she immediately senses that something is off. The door is ajar, and as she goes into the house, she discovers the man is dead.

The case clearly looks like murder. That means someone with very bad intentions is on the loose in this quiet town. Can this mail carrier get to the bottom of this killer case? Or are the residents of Sugar Creek Gap at risk from a serial killer? Read this mystery to find out what happens!

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