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Publication Order of A Miss Dimont Mystery Books

The Riviera Express (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resort to Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Quarter Past Dead (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Died and Gone to Devon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Miss Dimont Mystery Series by T.P. Fielden
Author T. P. Fielden pens the “Miss Dimont” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “The Riviera Express” was released.

The series is set in the English Riviera in the late 1950s. Judy Dimont is a reporter with corkscrew hair. She writes for a local rag called The Riviera Express.

“The Riviera Express” is the first novel in the “Miss Dimont Mystery” series and was released in the year 2017. Much-loved heartthrob and silver screen star, named Gerald Hennessey, is never able to make it to the quaint Devonshire seaside town on the English Riviera of Temple Regis. He was killed on the 4.30 from Paddington, this great man’s loss tosses Temple Regis’ into total disarray.

Not least of which is Miss Judy Dimont. While investigating Gerald’s death, she is quickly called to the a second murder scene, and, going off on her trusty moped, Herbert, locates Arthur Shrimsley in what appears to be a suicide. It was on the clifftops just above the town beach.

Miss Dimont has to prevail, for why was a guy like Gerald showing up in Temple Regis to begin with? What’s the link between him and Arthur? Just how is she going to get any answers whilst under the mocking and watchful eyes of Rudyard Rhys, her infamously cantankerous Editor?

Readers found this to be unashamedly cozy, with some gentle humor and a pleasingly eccentric amateur sleuth. This is a fabulous new voice and his clever and dignified heroine is a compelling character. Readers liked how Judy’s past is only hinted at but never expressed fully, it’s only enough so you know it was secret and during World War II. The novel is a delicious adventure and makes for a fabulously satisfying addition to the canon of vintage crime.

“Resort to Murder” is the second novel in the “Miss Dimont Mystery” series and was released in the year 2017. Death is stalking the beaches of Devon.

With the aquamarine and pale waters and its golden sands, the shoreline of Temple Regis was quite a sight to take in. an unidentifiable body is discovered there one morning, the most gorgeous beach in Devon becomes a crime scene.

For Miss Judy Dimont, a champion of the truth, a fierce defender of free speech, and ace reporter for The Riviera Express, it is a case of the utmost interest. It is also the perfect introduction for her young new recruit, named Valentine Waterford. Even if their meddling is to Inspector Topham’s immense irritation.

Quickly, Miss Dimont and Valentine are deep into their investigation. Why is no one able to identify this corpse? Why would Topham, the local copper, suspect it was murder? When a second death happens, could the two potentially be linked?

Fielden’s prose is a delight to read with some a kinda odd period setting, some fantastic characters and just the right amount of love interest. This has a brilliant set of characters in it an outstanding and detailed plot to it, and is simply a fun read to boot. Readers liked seeing Judy Dimont, a fantastic character, return to solve another case in the novel and hope to read more about her.

“A Quarter Past Dead” is the third novel in the “Miss Dimont Mystery” series and was released in the year 2018. Murder can strike at any time. During the late fifties in tranquil Temple Regis, Devon.

This is a glorious time of breathtaking scenery, for holidaymakers, picnics on beaches, and flocks of tourists on their summertime vacations.

However, for Miss Judy Dimont, it’s all a bit dull. Being a reporter for the local rag, The Riviera Express, she requires intrigue and scandal. One morning, while the clock strikes the quarter hour, and she gets it. A woman’s been shot and killed in one of Buntorama’s upmarket holiday huts, the toffee-nosed nemesis hotelier next door rubs his hands with glee, and Judy, along with her trusty moped Herbert are off like a shot to survey the scene of the crime.

However, no one can tell her who the dead girl actually is and there is no clear motive. To have a story to write, Judy has to solve the case, and the intrepid Miss Dimont isn’t going to leave a single pebble unturned until the truth is revealed.

Judy is a likable character, as she is feisty, sassy, stubborn, and nosy. The novel is a fun read with some quirky characters and is a nice bit of sleuthing. It is a good and gentle read about the past. As always, there is a solid story line and a satisfying conclusion. Readers had a tough time setting this book down, enjoying the entire experience quite a bit.

“Died and Gone to Devon” is the fourth novel in the “Miss Dimont Mystery” series and was released in the year 2019. X marks the spot for murder.

Temple Regis, 1959. Devon’s prettiest seaside resort gets thrown into turmoil when a body’s found abandoned in the lighthouse. It is just weeks since another corpse was discovered in the library, and for Judy Dimont, there is an added complication. Her buddy Geraldine Phipps begs her to re-investigate a mysterious death from many years prior.

What is more, Judy’s job as the chief reporter is under threat when her editor takes David Renishaw, the hot-shot journalist, whose work’s just too good to be true.

Life is even busier than ever before for Devon’s most famous detective. Could Judy solve these two mysteries, and protect her job as the best reporter in Temple Regis, before the killer can strike again?

Readers like the glimpses of Judy Dimont before the war, as they serve to add to her legend, and her backstory in intelligence during both World War Two and the subsequent Cold War. The novel’s pacing is slow and the plot is complex. The characters keep with the period and have their own idiosyncrasies that make this setting much more realistic. Fielden’s visual writing makes it much easier for the reader to imagine all of these scenes, adding a lot to this atmospheric plot.

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