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The Mirror of Diana (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sobs of Autumn's Violins (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Alchemists (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look Long into the Abyss (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Rome Falls (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Dark Clouds Shining (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Sow the Wind (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

A.R. Homer is a British author that writes war stories set during the era of World War II.


A.R. Homer is well known to history enthusiasts for fiction and nonfiction related to history and war. However, ‘A.R. Homer’ is the furthest thing from a household name. But that isn’t an issue of concern for Homer who writes more for himself than anything else.

A.R. Homer was born in Birmingham, England. He grew up listening to the stories of war from his parents. The tales were not just fascinating little anecdotes about far off places. His parents lived through harrowing times. And so did their friends and neighbors.

And as a boy, Homer had the opportunity hear firsthand accounts of the sorrows of war. He heard about the rationing that took place and the shortage of food, water, and books that occurred. He was most struck by the story of the bomb that almost destroyed his parents’ house.

Sufficing to say, A.R. Homer grew up with a healthy respect for the Great War. The fact that his father served in the Royal Air Force only added fuel to the fire. Homer found that he had a passion to learn about the Second World War.

It was a topic that consumed him. As a college student, no one was surprised that he chose to focus on History as his major at Oxford University. The author saw his obsession with the era take him to Normandy in France. There he would give the occasional tour of battlefields.

Though, the author did not persevere in that line of work. He chose to inject his knowledge and his passion for history into writing, a decision that paid off. Homer has been praised for writing unparalleled historical fiction based on the Second World War.

It could be argued that the author’s entire career revolves around WW II. And it might seem a little difficult to imagine how one might go about writing several books on a subject like WW II that has already been thoroughly dissected.

A.R. Homer’s strengths lie in his ability to bring a new perspective to the tired subject. As far as the author is concerned, the Second World War is the most important event to occur in modern times and its consequences have continued to ripple through the years and decades.

Homer’s books focus on different aspects of WW II. They are fictional tales featuring fictional heroes. However, they are heavily intertwined with historical figures and events.

The heroes in Homer’s books operate behind the scenes and away from prying eyes. Most of them are ordinary men and women just trying to survive the most traumatic event of their lives.

The things they see highlight aspects of the historical war that might have gone noticed by some people. A.R. Homer brings to life the tension and the drama and the tumult as it might have played out during those days.

He takes readers back to the days of Germany’s conquest of Rome and into the sanctuaries of Hitler as he strived to create the first atomic weapon. Homer believes that people are not as familiar with WW II as they should be.

He doesn’t think that people realize just how close they came to losing everything and the fact that one or two wrong turns could have brought about a totally different outcome.

There is no message of note in the author’s bibliography of historical fiction. Homer merely attempts to pass his appreciation for the Great War onto other readers. He tries to show his audience why he is so obsessed with that era and how he perceives it.

Homer’s stories are filled with action and drama and even a sense of adventure. They are also choke full of misery and sadness. Some readers believe that there are lessons in A.R. Homer’s books that people in the present day can learn, hopefully averting future disasters.

+The Devil’s Alchemist

It is 1942 and the lives of so many hang on the successes and failures of just a few names.

The Nazi war machine is marching forward. The Germans face opposition on all sides but they are undeterred. They believe that they have found the key to success. They only need to develop the atom bomb, a weapon so great it could end the war in one blow.

But Hitler’s physicists are hesitant to proceed with the project. SS Officer Max Heldorf won’t be denied. He looks to the one person he believes can solve the equations necessary for the atom bomb: an individual by the names of Hannah Goldman waiting to die in an extermination camp.

In Denmark, Jorgen Sorensen is leading a campaign of sabotage against Germany. But it isn’t enough. He will have to put everything on the line if he is to initiate an operation that will rescue all of Denmark’s Jews. But first, he must find the traitor hiding amongst them.

In New York, the Americans send Christina Lindgren to Sweden on an important mission. Christina uncovers a terrible secret about a deserted island situated between Denmark and Sweden. She is trapped with this important message and a suspicious stranger.

These stories collide in the Devil’s Alchemist, a book that draws upon history’s most devastating moment.

+Long Look into the Abyss

It is 1945 and the Third Reich is collapsing. And unfortunately, the rules of engagement are changing as a result. Looters are out to capture Nazi art. Nazi youth are sacrificing themselves in impossible missions and old men are deserting the German war machine in disturbing numbers.

Lt. Gina Cortazzo is in the field, following the Americans. She has been tasked with finding the art the Nazis stole and bringing it back home. Gina has her eyes set on a salt mine by the names of Alt Aussee which is supposed to hold a massive collection of artistic masterpieces.

SS Brigadefuhrer Reinhard Hofmann has also set his sights on the salt mine, determined to make it a Nazi stronghold. Reinhard will destroy the collection before letting it fall into enemy hands.

This A.R. Homer book looks at the last days of the Second World War through the unique lens of art.

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