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A.S.A. Harrison was a highly reputed author from Canada, particularly famous for writing psychological thriller novels. The name was just a publishing title used by her, while her actual name was Susan Harrison. Author Harrison was also a well known artist. She used to live in Toronto and was the wife of a visual artist named John Massey. Harrison was born on March 07, 1948, and died on April 14, 2013. She became famous initially with performance art towards the end of the 1960s. At that time, she used to collaborate mostly with Margaret Dragu. Later, author Harrison worked for the Toronto publications, being a typesetter. With this profession, Harrison published a few nonfiction works. The first novel that Harrison wrote is called as The Silent Wife. This psychological thriller was released in 2013 and immediately received critical acclaim from many. In this novel, author Harrison has told the story of a slow disintegration of an unhealthy marriage. This novel actually comes under the category of the Domestic Noir subgenre. Just before the book’s release, author Harrison died because of cancer at the age of 65. A few other books previously written by author Harrison include Orgasms, Revelations, Zodicat Speaks, etc. These books were published between 1974 and 1996 by different publishing houses. It is believed that Harrison was working on the development of another psychological thriller at the time of her death. In October 2013, the loved ones of Harrison organized a memorial for her at the Ontario Art Gallery, Toronto. This program was held to celebrate the life of Harrison as well as her various contributions to the society. Harrison’s husband, John Massey had invited 10 important persons on the podium, which included family, close friends, and colleagues. These people shared the stories and memories of Harrison and offered a glimpse into Harrison’s life, that she lived with purpose, tremendous intelligence, and curiosity.

Harrison was born as Susan Angela Ann Harrison. Her family belonged to the working class. Right from when she was a child, author Harrison was developed a powerful need and an independent spirit to interrogate and investigate her surroundings. She shifted downtown at the age of 18 and developed an interest in art. For a short duration, Harrison studied in the Ontario Art College. She learned dancing skills as it was very popular art form during the late 60s. Harrison used to hand around the art center run by the artists, called as A Space. She used to be in the company of people like Elke Town, General Idea, Margaret Dragu, and Tom Sherman. When Harrison spent a few summer days in Vancouver, she got immersed into a parallel situation, where there was congregation of artists at the recently started Western Front. Soon after, author Harrison got interested in words and moved back to Toronto, where she began writing art criticism, short fiction, and journalism. It was at this time that she adopted the pseudonym of ASA Harrison. The year 1974 saw the publication of her first book called Orgasms. This groundbreaking book told the story of 22 women. In 1986, author Harrison collaborated with Margaret Dragu to write her second book, titled Revelations. This book is an essay collection based on the issue of striptease. Later, Harrison started working for the C Magazines as an editor and after working for more than 10 years she had risen to the rank of senior editor. Her closest relatives say that she had supported her interest in writing always with word related jobs.

First, she started as a typesetter, working at the Coach House Press & Gandalph Graphics. Then, Harrison worked as a copy editor and graphic designer. Finally, she became an editor for galleries, artists, art publications, critics, etc. Harrison always knew about the power of words for conveying truth. With the help of her editing, Harrison helped & assisted others to clarify and redefine their language for making the best use of the words. Author Harrison’s pursuit of truth knew no bounds. She was a student of philosophy, occult, psychology, and astrology. Harrison was committed to her vegetarian style of living and was an active member of a number of local and animal rights activist groups throughout her life. For writing her book Zodicat Speaks, Harrison combined her years of interest in the esoteric knowledge along with her love for animals. In 2005, she co-authored a book with her psychotherapist friend named Elly Roselle that was based on the case studies of the transformational belief change therapy. And when she finally turned her attention towards writing literary fiction, Harrison came up with the masterpiece called The Silent Wife. She used her lifetime’s observation, experience, and insights for writing the novel.

The Silent Wife written by A.S.A. Harrison was released in the year 2013 by the Penguin Books. This chilling psychological thriller is a story about marriage as a way of life and a woman’s willingness to go as far as she can for keeping what belongs to her rightfully. Author Harrison has introduced the primary characters in this novel as Jodi Brett, Natasha Kovacs, and Todd Gilbert. The setting is done in Chicago, Illinois, The United States. At the start of the book, Todd and Jodi are introduced as a married couple going through a bad phase in their married lives. A lot is held at stake for both of them as they head towards a fallout. The most important of all is their affluent lives in the beautiful condo in Chicago. The climax of the story shows Jodi turning into a killer and Todd becomes the victim. Before that happens, many phases are both their characters are described by Harrison. Todd is always committed to cheating on his wife with his love affairs outside his marriage. He lives a dual life, and likes playing for the keeps. On the other hand, Jodi Brett breathes denial. She doesn’t seem to have any other option, but to live and tolerate her husband. In the end, she takes the decision of killing her husband, thinking that she does not have anything to lose. And when Jodi finally realizes that her precarious marriage could disintegrate very soon, she understands that she is about to lose all that she has. During this desperate moment, Jodi goes on to discover what she is really capable of. In addition to this novel, Harrison wrote several other books in her writing career. One such successful book is entitled Revelations. This book was released in 1989. The book contains several essays related to sexuality and striptease. It features numerous interviews, extensive research work, and anecdotes. The Fuse magazine praised the book by calling it a playful and provocative feminist text.

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