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Publication Order of A Stitch in Time Books

A Stitch in Time (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ballgowns & Butterflies (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Twist of Fate (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowstorms & Sleigh Bells (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Turn of the Tide (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghosts & Garlands (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Castle in the Air (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kelley Armstrong is a successful published author of fiction.

Kelley was born December 14, 1968. She grew up in a middle-class family with four siblings, being the oldest herself, in Sudbury, Ontario. She has been telling stories from a young age, since before the author could even write. Once she could write, though, it was off to the races. Kelley admits that her early efforts to write things ended up in disaster. If you asked her to write a story that involved girls and dolls, hers would have girls from the undead and evil dolls, which dismayed her teachers. Efforts to persuade Kelley to write more normal stories ultimately failed.

She attended The University of Western Ontario and graduated with her degree in psychology. She then went to Fanshawe College to study computer programming, mostly so that she could have time to write. She was a computer programmer but hopes to never go back to the corporate cubicle that she was able to escape from.

These days, Kelley has continued to pen her unusual stories and bring her own original voice to the world of fiction. She writes her own stories involving werewolves, demons, and ghosts, all while in her basement which she refers to as her ‘writing dungeon’. She is known for writing the best-selling paranormal suspense series Women of the Underworld as well as her Darkest Powers urban fantasy trilogy for young adults, among others. She is married and resides with her husband, kids, and pets in southwestern Ontario.

She thinks that experience is the best teacher, although she has been informed that this need not apply to penning murder scenes. To add to the craft of her books, Kelley has studied archery, aikido, and fencing. She is not very good at any of them. Kelley has also had adventures such as crawling through shallow cave systems and hiking up half of a mountain. She is an expert at drinking coffee and considers herself to be a connoisseur when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

Kelley’s work Women of the Otherworld has been turned into a Canadian television series called Bitten. It aired on Space and SyFy for three seasons beginning in 2014.

Kelley Armstrong is the creator and the author of the A Stitch in Time series of fictional novels. The first book came out in 2020 and is called A Stitch in Time. The series revolves around a place called Thorne Manor, which is hiding a very particular secret. There is a spot in a small bedroom where people can go through time, anywhere between the 21st century and the 19th century. A girl named Bronwyn Dale may end up being the first to go through and make it to another time, but she’s not going to be the last. There is a short novella that follows the first book called Ballgowns & Butterflies. The second book came out in 2021 and is called A Twist of Fate. This was followed by another short novella, Snowstorms & Sleigh Bells. The third book in the series completes the trilogy, came out in 2022, and is titled A Turn of the Tide. There is another short novella that came after it that is titled Ghosts & Garlands.

A Stitch in Time is the first novel in the A Stitch in Time series by Kelley Armstrong. If you are looking for an interesting new story to read, give this one a try!

The Thorne Manor is a house that has always been haunted. Likewise, it has haunted Bronwyn Dale for as long as she can remember. When she was a young girl, Bronwyn found out that her great-aunt’s house had a time slip that she could pass into. By stepping into it she could visit William Thorne. William was a boy the same age as her, but he was born two centuries before Bronwyn was.

As the result of a family tragedy, the house ended up being shuttered. Bronwyn started to believe that she had made the whole thing up and that the little boy William was only real as a result of her imagination. She is about to find out the truth. It has been twenty years, and she has since inherited the manor. When she goes back to visit and checks out the time slip, William is there waiting for her.

Once she meets up with him it turns out that he is not the boy that she recalls. William is now a difficult man, having gone through a life full of tragedy and scandal that had him going to a self-chosen exile in the moors he loves. He also remembers Bronwyn and is unhappy with her for just leaving him behind years ago.

As their friendship starts up again and maybe even becomes something more than that, Bronwyn also has to deal with the house in the present and the ghosts that seem to haunt it. She starts to find out that they are linked to William and the scandal that made him go back to Thorne Manor. Now, to make herself a future, she’s going to have to deal with the past. Can she figure out what’s going on and set everything right? Read this book to find out!

A Twist of Fate is the second novel in the A Stitch in Time series by Kelley Armstrong. Follow along in the second installment of this unique fantasy series to find out what happens!

Rosalind Courtenay will never forget how four years ago she went to the 21st century from the 19th century. Mostly because she was trapped there since that happened. But she’s been able to find her way back at last, destined to reunite with her family. When she left, she had a husband and an infant son.

Rosalind doesn’t know how to explain this to her husband. He might think she left him on purpose or have even gotten a new life or a new wife. She decides to put on a disguise to get her questions answered before going to his house. She ends up getting mistook for her son’s new governess.

Rosalind is going to tell her husband what happens when August gets back from being on business. She spends the time getting to know her quiet son who has been through a revolving door of governesses. The hauntings start, and Rosalind is starting to realize something wants her dead. Can she figure it out before it’s too late? Will her husband forgive her absence? Read this book to find out!

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