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A.V. Geiger is a young adult and children’s author who loves to describe herself as a social media addict trained in epidemiology. She is not yet a full-time author and during the day you can find her studying reproductive and psychiatric health. She spends most of her nights being a fangirl photo shopping the heads of band members and following people back on Instagram. Her first novel “Follow Me Back” was first written under the name @adam_and_jane on Wattpad and was read by millions of fans. Geiger currently has more than 300,000 followers and her fan base is growing every day. Her debut novel went on to become Wattpad’s number one thriller/mystery of 2015. She would then go on to expand the online version of the novel and published it through Sourcebooks Fire. While she writes young adult novels she is actually an adult and is married with a husband and children. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

As a young teen, A.V. Geiger was a voracious reader of contemporary romantic suspense. Growing up she lived off the likes of Linda Howard and Mary Higgins Clark though she got a taste for gothic fiction as she grew older. In her late teens, she started reading the likes of Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca” and Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.” It was from these novels that she learned how to weave the elements of romantic suspense which she then incorporated into the “Follow Me Back” series of novels. In addition to her reading, she also drew a lot from her experiences in online fan culture and social media. Geiger was very active in some music fandom group when she got the inspiration for her debut novel. In fact, a lot of the fan tweets that she incorporated into the debut novel are from real-life tweets from her Twitter feed. Back then, she was not using her real names in any of her social media accounts and she went by the nickname Viv. Her profile picture was also not her real face as she would change it to the album covers of whatever band or lead singer took her fancy in a given week. This element of a hidden identity turned out to be a major influence in her writing of “Follow Me Back.”

A.V. Geiger has often been assumed to be a teenager given how well she captures the teenage mind in her “Follow Me Back” series. Geiger’s journey started in 2013 when she got a huge crush on a singer which she believes was due to raging hormones. The experience came about after she gave birth to twins and frequently found herself with insomnia on many a night. She would spend hours of the night being a fangirl on Twitter and Instagram, dreaming of backstage passes and pleading and begging for follows from her crushes. She would write a four-book fan fiction romance series about a pop star that she entitled “Obsessed.” She never did publish the novel though. By 2014 she was over the fangirl obsessive period but the writing bug never left. Follow Me Back her second novel was written in three months and published online as a web serial. Geiger wrote it as a way of processing her brief encounter with internet fame and online fandom. She would post new chapters on Wattpad and at her best was uploading three chapters every week. It took three rounds of developmental edits with a literary agent before she published the book with Sourcebooks in 2015. She followed that up with “Tell Me No Lies” in 2016 and a children’s book titled “Scared Little Rabbits” in 2019.

The “Follow Me Back” series at first glance seems like an addictive yet cheesy Wattpad series that would not have any depth. However, you could not be more wrong as it is a surprisingly thought-provoking, and mind-blowing suspenseful series. Geiger tells her stories through a series of police reports, DMs, follows and unfollows that surprisingly makes for quite some good reading. Though it is a super cute story, the author raises the stakes to extraordinarily high levels. Each novel and each chapter seems more dangerous and thrilling that the past one though it also has some dark elements. The edge of your seat romance thriller will have the reader turning the page faster looking to find what is waiting on the following pages and chapters. Geiger is an expert with social media and she uses all the popular social media tools that young adults love to tell a great romance story. Eric and Tessa’s relationship is formed though Twitter DMs and proceeds to become a real thing that makes for a story that is super fun to read. She also portrays the fandom culture on social media and how they can become obsessive and extreme even if for the most part they are supporting and loving. Through her characters, Geiger provides a perspective on how to interact with celebrities and what celebrities may think of the people who worship them.

Geiger’s “Follow Me Back” is the story of a fan girl and a pop star who become friends online and then become something more. At the opening of the novel, Tessa is introduced as an agoraphobic girl that has spent months in her bedroom. She had a traumatic incident last year and now lives for the small world of online fandom of Eric Thorn a pop sensation that she religiously follows. Eric Thorn is paranoid, particularly since one of his friends who was a pop star was killed by some obsessed fangirl. After his PR team refused to let him get more men on his security detail, he decided to find his own bizarre way to keep himself safe. He would be the most obnoxious pop star which he believes would make the girls hate him. With no history, no profile picture, and no bio he creates a handle at @EricThornSucks and sets out to destroy his own reputation. His mission also includes trolling @TessaHeartsEric one of the most obsessed fangirls that he is especially wary. But things become complex when he unexpectedly develops a friendship with Tessa and they start DMing late into the night. However, online secrets have a way of coming out and theirs may just come back to bite them.

“Tell Me No Lies,” the second novel of the “Follow Me Back” series by A.V. Geiger is set a month from the events of the first novel. Eric Thorn has gone missing and the police believe that he may have been killed by Tessa Hart, his biggest and most obsessed fangirl. But the truth is that the two had planned it that way and are now living together in a camper in Mexico. Eric thinks Tessa’s fear of social media is distorted and sets up an anonymous Snapchat that he uses to communicate with Dorian Cromwell, a formerly pretend dead idol. Cromwell says he can help them though his methods soon have them back in the bright spotlight that Eric desperately wanted to leave behind. There are several reasons that make it inconvenient for Tessa to come out and tell everyone that they are now a couple and hence they decide to continue their relationship on Snapchat. Her agoraphobia seems to have vanished after staging what was one of the daring pretend murders though she still suffers from extreme anxiety. She had once been stalked by Blair and while the man is still at large, she cannot feel completely safe.

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