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A Vintage Magic Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Vintage Magic Mystery Books

A Veiled Deception (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Larceny And Lace (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death by Diamonds (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skirting The Grave (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cloaked in Malice (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tulle Death Do Us Part (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Annette Blair is a published American author of fiction. She is known for writing everything from cozy mysteries to paranormal and historical romance. She is a best selling author.

Born in 1970, this author, adventurer, and story teller is known for writing romantic comedy stories that are set in Newport, Rhode Island, and Salem, Massachusetts. She first started out writing historical novels set in Victorian, Regency, and Amish times and settings. She soon started to sell more books writing stories that were more of a contemporary comedy feel. Once working as a journalism advisor and a development director in Woonsocket, Rhode island for Mount St. Charles Academy, she left her position of over two decades so that she could work on writing and be an author full time.

Annette first started becoming interested in romantic comedies after a visit to Salem and a root canal. The author said once upon a time that she would never sit down and write a contemporary comedy, but that trip helped her to become a witch writer, however accidentally. She notes the irony of going back on her earlier statement and having to ‘eat her words’ despite having an aching jaw. Whether it was destined to happen, made by magic, forged by hard work, or a combination of all three, her romantic contemporary comedies are undoubtedly part of what has helped launch Annette and her books to national best selling status.

Blair has been at the top of the best seller lists for publications such as USA Today and the New York Times. She also belongs to a writing group called Jewels of Historical Romance that is made up of a dozen authors that have come together for writing and readers to work through a new publishing paradigm. She has been nominated for countless awards and has won many of them including LORIES Awards, Booksellers Best Awards, Colorado Award of Excellence, Write Touch Readers’ Choice Awards, Orange Rose and Winter Rose Awards, More than Magic Award, and more.

Annette Blair is the creator and the author of the Vintage Magic Mystery series of fictional novels. The series first started off with the publication of the debut novel, A Veiled Deception. It was followed by the publication of its sequel, Larceny and Lace. From then came the third novel Death by Diamonds, followed by Skirting the Grave, Cloaked in Malice, and the sixth novel, Tulle Death Do Us Part.

A Veiled Deception is the first novel in the Vintage Magic Mystery series written by Annette Blair. If you enjoy stories that are fun, engaging, full of mystery, the paranormal, and set in New England, this series is a must-read!

When it comes to fashion, the right dress has the ability to transform and make magic happen. Of course, the wrong one can often be murder. Main character Madeira Cutler goes by the name Maddie. She loves all things vintage clothing and is into fashion so much that she went to school to become a fashion designer. She’s done it, too– she’s followed up on her dreams and is now designing clothing in New York.

Right now Maddie has a different challenge on her plate. She’s about to come to help her sister to plan her wedding. That means going over the details and hearing her sister out on every single thing that she wants or envisions. But when it comes time for the engagement party, things go disastrously wrong. There was a woman that was rumored to be attempting to snatch Sherry’s fiancé away from her. That won’t be happening anymore because she’s discovered dead at the party. She was strangled using a veil.

Obviously this is horrible news since it means someone at the party was most likely the killer. Worse yet, Sherry is the main suspect as it was her party and she had the most apparent motive. Now Maddie’s got to try and track down the woman’s killer. She also has to alter the wedding gown Sherry will be wearing, which is vintage and must be handled carefully. In the groom’s family for generation, Maddie is touching the gown when she has a vision that could possibly relate to the past and even the murder.

Maddie finds out that she is a psychometric. Her mother was too, and it was a gift passed down to her. As it happens, apparently her mother was a witch, with a broom and all. Maddie is doing her best to try and solve this case so that her sister can have an amazing wedding. She also buys the Underhill Funeral Chapel Carriage House, which may come with its very own ghost.

Mystic, Connecticut is full of surprises. Can Maddie transition into her new role as psychic girl detective and crack this case? Or is she in over her psychic head? Read this book to find out!

Larceny and Lace is the second fictional novel in the Vintage Magic Mystery series by Annette Blair. If you loved the first book or enjoy light mysteries with a hint of the paranormal, check this sequel out!

Maddie Cutler is under a lot of pressure. She’s decided to open up a store specializing in vintage clothing, and it’s stressing her out trying to get everything up and running. So much so that she almost forgets that it’s in a renovated morgue. But when she finds some bones accidentally revealed by an intruder in an old drawer, she’s looking at some true vintage goods. Dante Underhill, the morgue’s ghost, claims that they’re some very old bones, but Maddy could have told you that by looking at them.

Did the break in at her store have something to do with the drama at the local playhouse with its curator? Maddie’s trying to stay focused on getting the store open, all while she’s solving crimes and planning parties on the side. With the witch’s costume ball upcoming at her store, will the drama upend her life and the future of the store along with it? Read the fun second book in this series to find out!

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