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Aaron Hodges is a young adult fantasy and pure fantasy fiction author that is best known for the “Sword of Light Trilogy.”

The author was born in Whakatane, a small town in New Zealand. He got his bachelor’s degree in Geography and Biology from the University of Auckland. He also got his masters degree in environmental engineering from the same institution.

Hodges then proceeded to work for two years as an environmental consultant but he soon got tired of corporate life and left to go become a world explorer. On his many adventures, he dug out an old manuscript that he started writing as a high schooler.

It was this manuscript that would evolve into his debut work “The Sword of Light.” Six months after that he published “Storm Wielder”, which was his first novel. Hodges now has more than two dozen titles to his name. He still travels to parts of SouthEast Asia, Europe, South and North America to hone his skills.

Hodges likes to refer to himself as an epic fantasy author that sometimes writes science fiction works.

The author got into fantasy when he was introduced to “His Dark Materials,” by Phillip Pullman. The work would become something of an obsession as he spent most of university and high school with his nose in fantasy novels.

It would eventually rub onto him as he became a fantasy author. The author for the most part loves to read novels with detailed and well written characters whether they are noble heroes or horribly flawed characters in a perfect world.

David Gemmell has always been his favorite author even though he recently got into the w0rks of Brandon Sanderson in 2020. Gemmel is his most significant influence when it comes to character development.

He always tries to write novels with magnificent villains and heroes who he believes bring her stories to life. As for his world building his most significant influence is Ian Irvine.

As a person that always enjoyed reading fantasy, it was not surprising that he would end up becoming a fantasy author. Aaron Hodges always loved creating new worlds from his imagination and hence when he got the opportunity he got down to it and has never stopped since.

The Sword of Light Trilogy, which was his debut, remains his most popular work of all time. The work follows the life and times of a young man who is struggling with some terrible magic he has been cursed with.

It is not long before he finds himself in the middle of an ancient battle between the darkness and the gods. The only way he will be able to survive is if he masters the powers that tried to destroy his life.

What is surprising is that he wrote the manuscript way back in 2010 but it was not until 2015 that he picked it up again. Even then he could not get his head in the right place and it was only by drinking copious amounts of coffee that he finally got the inspiration to start.

Aaron Hodges novel “Stormwielder” is the story of Eric, a young man who is on his way to a medieval town for a new start in life.
He has paranormal powers which become evident when three thugs try to mug him. Eric can generate intense storms complete with lightning, even though they tend to harm more than their intended victims.

When one of the storms kills an entire family save for their son Gabriel, he comes after Eric. But the latter is under the protection of an old wizened man with exceptional fighting skills.

Gabriel too comes with his own paranormal powers and is good at freezing things at will. However, Eric has a complication as the paranormal powers granted by the curse of the gods are fast fading.

Civilization is turning out to be very dangerous for him, as he learns that there are several other people with special powers.
It is an epic action packed adventure with overtones of “Lord of the Rings.”

“Firestorm” by Aaron Hodges follows on immediately after the events of the first novel of the trilogy. Eric had finally managed to locate the last of the Enala family in Aria though it had come at great cost.

Their small victory is dimmed when they realize that Archon and his followers have been unleashing darkness. What is even worse is that this is just the beginning and the darkness will soon come to be embedded in the minds and hearts of the people they once believed were trusted allies.

Eric and his new friend are being pursued by a possessed soul stealing demon zombie king. They need to get to the Sword of Light but their quest is made even harder when they are forced to split up.

Now that the gods are no longer helping them in their quest, the world could not be any darker as foreboding darkness begins to become the order of the day.

Aaron Hodges’ novel “Soul Blade” is a fitting conclusion to the tragedy. It comes with internal and external conflict, rebirth and death, love and loss and some awesome kick ass battles.

Our heroes are back together and could not be more prepared to protect the realm from Archon and his hordes waiting to rain down horror. Eric is stumbling through the desert hunting and searching hoping to find signs of his lost sister.

But the girl is nowhere to be found as she has been taken by the magic of the “Soul Blade.” Every hour that passes makes it harder to get her back as her spirit fades and the Soul Blade’s hold tightens. He will need to act fast if he is to have any hope of getting her back alive.

In the meantime, Gabriel finds himself suffocating in absolute darkness. Beneath the waves of despair have slipped his sanity, hope and time.

The only thing that remains haunting his dark existence is the unrelenting voice of a demon that mocks him and offers false promises of freedom.

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