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Aaron Starmer is a seasoned fiction writer from Hoboken, New Jersey. He was born in California in 1976 and later moved with his family to the suburban of Syracuse NewYork. He would later get a Bachelor of Arts degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. He further pursued a Master of Arts degree at NYU. He is well known for his first novel DWEEB which was as a result of his initial failure at becoming a playwright. Aaron had spent two years in his early 20s writing a book that was rejected by agents. He decided to focus on writing for a younger audience and the wreck that had once been dismissed by many put him on the writer’s map.

As a kid, Aaron was always a storyteller and soared with the help of his first teachers who encouraged his writing at an early age. Unlike the writers parading with typewriters on many movies, he turns his thoughts into books at the convenience of a computer, a quiet morning and the occasional mug or two of coffee. He has in the past in the past said that should there be a worldwide outage of electricity, then so would his writing career.

When not typing away a new book, he spends his time traveling or freelance writing for the tourism industry. He might be found hiking or doing some other outdoor pastime activity, but his spirit belongs to writing. Contrary to many authors and artists, Starmer does not go through his work after it gets published; this keeps him from regretting or wishing he could have done something a little different. He will, however, read an occasional chapter at a book event.

After college, Starmer worked in the travel industry. He had tried his luck screenwriting, but his productions ended up termed as “bookish” and nobody wanted to work with him. Starmer was eager to get famous and ended up writing anything that he thought people would read or watch. The young adult had not yet found his target audience despite having developed his career over the years. He indulged in lazy writing and would many times end up with many uncompleted ideas. The laziness turned changed during his mid-20s after having his two-year production rejected by anybody who had the eyes to read it. The rejection saw him nurture the idea of writing for a younger audience as opposed to his earlier target of adults. The writer is well convinced that he has successfully improved his writing over the years despite never going through his previous works.

His most critiqued work is The Only Ones. The book is an apocalyptic story which man think of as dystopian. The author is however not so enthused with this classification. Critiques have often mentioned that the story has logic flaws. However, the critiques are yet to point out a hole in the plot. The writer has in the past cited the book as being the hardest he ever wrote because it required careful examination of the logic so that all the pieces come to a graceful merge.

Some of his greatest works include The Riverman which is the first installment of The Riverman Trilogy, Spontaneous, and The Only Ones. The Riverman gets its plot from the life of a teenage boy called Alistair. He has earned the trust of everyone in that he is good at keeping secrets, better known by the modern teenagers as being a loner. The story kicks off when his childhood playmate Fiona Loomis shows up and hits him with a strikingly strange offer. She wants the young boy to write her autobiography. Alistair is soon to find out that his life could have ended up better off had he turned her down. However, curiosity gets the better of him – he is only a teenager! It turns that Loomis is a deeply troubled young girl who believes that there exists a portal in her basement. The portal leads to a magical world that is home to an evil creature that spends his day stealing the souls of children. At this point, the teen faces a huge dilemma. The claims put forth are at the very least absurd. He believes that she is crazy or seriously troubled. On the other hand, dismissing her without verifying her story would be betraying her trust. If he chooses to investigate her claims and finds out that she is indeed telling the truth, then Fiona would be in great trouble. The dilemma leaves Alistair Cleary with the heavy task of separating the fiction from the truth.

The second installment in the Riverman Trilogy is The Whisper. The story begins as curious Alistair washes up on a strange shore. He soon realizes that he has found his way to Aquivania, a realm where children can create entire worlds using the mere power of their imagination. Sadly, all is not well in this realm as the creators (the kids) have disappeared, and entire worlds are dissipating away. Alistair is however not amused by this. He has his mind set on finding his friend Loomis and find his way home. The author throws in a twist to the story by making it hard for the young boy to find his way home. On the easier end of the path, are the starlight animals and astronauts who peddle riddles. Cleary realizes that outwitting these constraints will be harder than he had earlier anticipated and this is only with one world. To locate his missing friend, he must travel across worlds and try to outwit the constraints from the world. The mistakes he committed in his past gang up on him, leaving him with no other option than to confront them. His old enemy from the first installment is not left behind. The Riverman together with Whisper, Aquivania’s merciless servant are among monsters that Alistair must confront while chasing his goal of saving Fiona. In another twist from the author, he ends up in an alternate world that has been created by Loomis. This particular world resembles his real world. It is here that he gets to learn more about his missing friend.

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