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A Deadly Inside Scoop (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Game of Cones (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer Sundae (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Abby Collette
Abby Collette (a pen name used by Abby L. Vandiver) loves a good mystery. Having been born and raised in Cleveland, it is even a mystery to her why she’s yet to move to a warmer climate. She has lived for her entire life in Cleveland, Ohio.

Abby spends time facilitating writing workshops at local libraries, writing, and spending time with her grandkids, each of which is her very favorite.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime (Regional, National, and Guppies Chapters), and Crime Writers of Color.

Abby’s always loved writing, and combining that with her storytelling gift, and mystery she became an author. She likes writing cozy mysteries because they are fun, and allow her to show off her humorous side and she can set up clues for folks to follow.

She was a lawyer and college professor, and has a master’s in Public Administration, a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and a Juris Doctor. But she always wanted to be a doctor for much of her life. She has a minor in Biology as she had almost finished her undergraduate in this area before switching to Economics.

When she began writing, she had no experience writing, and had to learn a lot at first. She’d never taken writing classes nor had she been in any writing groups. Becky had to learn her craft at the same time she was learning to market her book. Publishing was the easy part since she did this herself.

Abby sets the “Ice Cream Parlor Mystery” series in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, which is an actual suburb of Cleveland that she lives in and is only the second time she’s done it in a series. The town actually has a falls and has a store over it, just like in the novel. It is quite the quaint little village and a fantastic place to go when you visit the place.

Abby’s hobbies include binge watching Netflix shows, good movies, and traveling. She’s been known to just wake up and decide she’s going to take an out-of-town trip that very day.

As Abby L Vandiver, she writes mystery and science fiction that are written as “what-if” alternative history stories, which make up the “Mars Origin” series. After she published these books, she switched over to writing cozy mystery novels. She found a lot of success with the “Normal Junction Cozy Mystery” series, the “Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery”, and “Tiny House Mysteries”, with each of her novels being Amazon number one bestsellers.

Her first novel published as Abby Collette, called “A Deadly Inside Scoop”, was released in the year 2020, it is the first of her “Ice Cream Parlor Mystery” series that stars Bronwyn “Win” Crewse. Abby’s work is published traditionally and she’s published her work herself, as well.

She’s also co-written one historical/women’s fiction novel with friend and author, Kathryn Dionne under the pseudonym Kathryn Longino. Abby’s also written a Kindle World, historical/science fiction novel, called “Countdown to Atlantis”, which was inspired by “The Atlantis Gene”, a novel written by A. G. Riddle.

“A Deadly Inside Scoop” is the first novel in the “Ice Cream Parlor Mystery” series and was released in the year 2020. Bronwyn Crewse, a recent MBA graduate, has recently taken over her family’s ice cream shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and she is returning to the basics. She is renovating Crewse Creamery to restore its old glory, and filling the menu with homemade and delicious ice cream flavors, many from her grandma’s original recipes.

However some unexpected construction delays mean that she misses the summer season, and the shop ends up having a literal cold opening. The first day she opens an early first snow descends on the village and it keeps the customers away.

Making things worse, that same evening, Win discovers a body in the snow, and it turns out that this dead guy was a grifter and he had an old feud with the Crewse family. Quickly, Win’s dad becomes implicated in his death. It isn’t easy to juggle a new-to-her business as she solves a crime, but Win’s determined to do just that. With the aid of some quirky best friends and her close-knit family, she’s going to catch this ice cold murderer before she ends up having a meltdown.

Win is an absolute treasure of a character, as she is brilliant, heartwarming, with an excellent head on her shoulders. The mystery here is fantastic and readers enjoyed following Win as she did her sometimes unorthodox and often illegal snooping. There’s also a ton of details of ice cream, which readers found enjoyable, as was the ice cream in general, making people want to have a big scoop on hand while reading the book. This is a tasty start to a brand new cozy series, with plenty of suspects, a bunch of motives, and has an ending some didn’t see coming.

“A Game of Cones” is the second novel in the “Ice Cream Parlor Mystery” series and was released in the year 2021. Bronwyn Crewse is delight that the ice cream shop her family’s owned for decades, Crewse Creamery, has been restored to its former glory and serves sweet frozen treats to the happy costumers in the idyllic small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. However when a big city developer comes to the tiny town intent on building a mall, a murderer with a frozen heart kills him.

After literally stumbling upon the corpse, one of Win’s closest friends is the prime suspect. To make matters worse, Win’s aunt has come to the town with intent of taking command of Crewse Creamery. Win may have a rocky road ahead to help out her friend and keep her ice cream shop, it is going to take more than just a sprinkle of murder to keep her from solving the crime and saving the day.

The setting of the ice cream parlor is wonderful and the small town characters are a ton of fun and interesting. Fans of the novel found the ice cream making to be very fascinating too.

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