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The Lightkeepers (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wildlands (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Last Animal (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Body Farm: Stories (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Abby Geni is an American author. She has won several awards and honors for her writing and has been a finalist several times. You can check her home page to see events that she will be appearing at.

Geni first became a published author with the release of her first book in print in 2013, a collection titled The Last Animal.

Abby has a long list of short stories that have made their way into publications. This includes anthologies, literary journals and contests where she has even won first place (and more than once!).

She attended Oberlin College, where she graduated with her degree in 2001. Abby has also been an honored recipient for writing with the Iowa Fellowship as well. Abby resides in Chicago, Illinois.

The Lightkeepers is her first fictional novel. When it comes to full length novels, if you love female main characters involved in dramatic situations, then check out this debut story that introduces readers to Miranda.

Miranda works as a nature photographer. She gets to travel to a lot of exotic places as a result of her work. She goes to the Farallon Islands this time for a new gig, but will it end up being everything that she hoped? This archipelago is exotic and located just off the Californian coast. It seems ideal, but is there danger lurking beneath a tranquil surface?

With a one year residency starting, she finds that the only people there along with her are the other scientists. They’re studying there and busy with their work, and together they form an odd outcast band because they are pretty much the only mainland people living like this here in the solitude of these exotic locations.

Busy with their tasks, they all get on with their work. The scientists get busy noting the island’s fish populations as well as the various sharks that are swimming through the waters as well as some of the smallest island residents, the tiny hummingbirds.

From the instant that she gets there, Miranda finds that the island is nothing but trouble. She gets assaulted by one of the people on the island and then the person that did it is discovered dead just shortly after. With all of this unfolding within the course of a week, she’s wondering what else this strange place has in store for her.

She decides to give it a chance and tries to open her mind to the beauty of all this nature. It’s quite a unique place, but she still can’t quite get over what happened to her. As Miranda starts to feel like she has a deeper connection to the people that she’s working along side, she’s also starting to wonder just how much she can afford to really trust them in the end.

Miranda knows that this place is mysterious, but could it really be as dangerous as she thinks it is or has she just gotten an extremely unfortunate first impression? When it comes this island, there are plenty of legends swirling about the history and the energy of this place.

When some more violent acts go down, no one in the community is immune from doubt. Suspicion is rampant, but are they truly to blame? Or is there a stranger sneaking around among them on the island that is taking people out one by one?

This island is as interesting as it is isolated. With a group of people that don’t know each other all that well and You will have to read this fun mystery novel from author Abby Geni to find out! With themes of loss, power, nature, danger, healing and more, you’re going to have to read all the way to the end to discover the enchanting character of this wonderful debut work to find out.

The Wildlands is the exciting second novel from author Abby Geni. If you loved the first book from this dynamic and talented author, you cannot go wrong by checking out her second book. Also be sure to check out her collection while you are at it!

Everyone knows that the state of Oklahoma is more than prone to getting tornadoes. The state is hit by this weather phenomenon on a regular basis and they always leave a trail of destruction in their wake. When a tornado that was a powerful Category 5 hit the town of Mercy, people lost a lot.

However, no one lost more in that event than the McClouds did. This family saw so much of their property just be ripped away in this tornado. The farm and the house were both destroyed almost instantly, and now the siblings are orphans.

Sisters Jane, Cora, and Darlene and their brother Tucker are all orphaned and their story has made the headlines of the media. The attention and having to deal with what came after the storm ended up causing too much tension between Tucker and the girls, so he split to who knows where.

On their own, the sisters have tried to make do with their lives ever since the storm hit. Now it has been three years ever since the twister hit and things are happening chaotically once more. Only this time, it’s a disaster made by man. Someone bombs a cosmetics factory just out of town. The good news is that the animals trapped in the lab were also released and not affected by that.

Then their brothers shows up and has an injury– but is it from this event? He only appears to his sister Cora, who is nine. She is happy to see him and says that she will go with him on a journey. Tucker’s goal is to take a solo act national. But is he putting Cora in far too much trouble?

Darlene is collaborating with authorities to help track her down. She knows that whatever she does, she can’t leave Cora in the care of her possibly crazy brother. Can they get to Cora before it is too late? The action is on in a thriller novel that hits the gas all the way to the end. Read The Wildlands to find out what happens!

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